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  1. The installer currently on the website is indeed an old version. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll get it updated ASAP.
  2. Make sure you configure the speech-to-text options first, as the conversion is done when the dictation is loaded. And don't give up too soon - the conversion takes a very long time for long audio files, and there's no indication it's working until the entire text appears when it finishes.
  3. Have you tried v5.10? Did something change in your setup around that time? e.g. Did you install any new hardware, run Windows Update, install a new version of Scribe, etc.? Is your computer configured to go into sleep or stand-by mode that quickly?
  4. Unfortunately, Express Scribe doesn't have native support for that model, and I'm not aware of anyone who has written a custom driver (pedaldrv.dll) for it either. You can see a list of compatible hardware in Scribe v5.10 by clicking Options -> Controller -> "List of compatible controllers".
  5. Please provide more details. Is it a serial or USB device? Did it used to work in an older version of Scribe? Does it work in Express Scribe v5.10? What commands are mapped to which pedals? Do the correct pedals show pressed in the controller test dialog? Have you tried running the controller setup wizard again? etc.
  6. Express Scribe v5.10 has now been released and is available from http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/.
  7. Please see this post for details. Release notes are maintained here.
  8. In Options -> Display you can change the position format to h:mm:ss and add a custom prefix and suffix.
  9. Each language is provided as a separate installer. The French installer can be downloaded from http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/fr/ . As apcloic mentioned though, translated versions are often several versions behind the English version, and unfortunately there's no way to work on a translation without access to the source code.
  10. Options -> Playback -> "Auto backstep on stop".
  11. Tool-bar buttons are enabled / disabled depending on what, if any, dictations are selected in the dictation list.
  12. Do you still have the original file? Does it play to the end in Windows Media Player?
  13. Does the Play button stay down or pop up? Does the position keep moving or stop? Does the volume display keep moving or stop? If you pause and play again are you able to resume listening?
  14. When the pedals stop working, are you still able to control playback using the mouse or keyboard? Do the pedals start working if you run the "Controller Setup Wizard" again, without restarting the PC or Scribe? Would you like to test your pedals with Pedable, to see if the problem lies in Express Scribe or somewhere else?
  15. Are you looking at the "Total duration" field? That's the duration of all the dictations that were selected when you opened the "Dictation Information" dialog, which won't effect the "Time offset" field.
  16. Select the dictation and click File -> "Dictation Information" and it's called "Time offset". (Must have Express Scribe v5.03 or later.) You may also need to change Options -> Display -> "Time mode".
  17. Which dialog are you having problems with? When does the error appear? Is you email address in the format user@subdomain.topleveldomain / user@subdomain2.subdomain1.topleveldomain / etc.?
  18. Currently none of NCH's products can read the DSS Pro (DS2) format. If you have access to the recorder, keep in mind that some DS2 recorders have a lower quality mode that produces DSS files.
  19. Several people who reported the issue have been emailed an installer of a test build of Express Scribe that uses reworked foot pedal code. If you'd like to help test it and haven't received an email today then please send me a personal message (PM) here on the forums.
  20. Unfortunately v5.06 was only for Windows. I believe an OS X release with the CPU usage fix is still pending.
  21. From the Web Dictate GUI, open Options -> General -> "Service settings" and have a look at the "Service Account" setting. The account you choose to run the service determines whether or not Web Dictate has access to network folders. Clicking Help in that dialog gives more details.
  22. Just following up on this old bug. Did it ever get resolved? Has anyone seen the problem in v5.18?
  23. The auto-import process ran but didn't find any audio files. What file extensions do your audio files have? From the Express Delegate main window, in Options -> "File Types", are those extensions enabled?
  24. We've been looking through the code and identified a possible culprit. Please stay tuned...
  25. In the Web Control Panel, click About on the top-right of the page. What does the line starting with "Express Delegate ..." say? Again, in the Web Control Panel, logged in as a manger, in the Auto-Import tab, what does it say in the Result column? On the server machine, in the application's main window, are there any error messages in the log?
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