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  1. Nothing should happen to the original file. A new file should have been created with the new extension, possibly in a different directory. What was Save to Folder set to?
  2. If you installed the driver using the old version of Debut then installed the latest version of Debut over the top, it may not have upgraded the driver automatically. Assuming you still have your registration key, I'd recommend uninstalling Debut (which will also uninstall the driver), rebooting the computer, and doing a clean install of the latest version of Debut. Note that the driver is not installed by the application installer - it's only installed when you first check the Options -> Audio -> Speakers check-box. In other words, it is possible to use Debut without installing the driver, as long as you don't need to record from speakers. Finally, If you do try a clean install of the latest version and still see crashes, make sure you report them using Help -> Send Bug Report. If the developers only see bug reports from old versions of Debut, they may mistakenly believe that the problem has already been fixed.
  3. PhotoStage v2.24 for Windows has now been released. It includes fixes for a couple of problems that cause symptoms like those described above. Please give it a try and let us know if you're still having problems.
  4. Click Save Slideshow and select Computer / Data. Change File Format to .avi, then click Encoder Options. The Video Compressor pull-down list shows all the compatible encoders found on your machine.
  5. There was a new release of FlashLynx last week (v1.23) which fixed problems when downloading from YouTube. I can't test with the above video though, as it's been removed from YouTube.
  6. Are you in Storyboard mode? There might be a clip on another track which would only be visible in Timeline mode.
  7. The Network camera radio button has to be selected before you can type in the URL. For most cameras, you'll need to type in the full URL to the MJPEG stream, not just the URL of the camera. e.g., http://x.x.x.x/mjpg/video.mjpg instead of just http://x.x.x.x. The actual format of the full URL differs between manufacturers and models.
  8. artwin appears to know the exact time of the frame they want. In that case, it would be quicker to click on the current time display under the sequence preview (keyboard short-cut: Shift+G) and type in the desired time. This works in both v2.41 and v3.02.
  9. A couple of crash bugs reported in v3.02 have been fixed in v3.04. The latter hasn't been released yet, and there's no guarantee that you're seeing one of the same bugs, but you can try the beta if you're feeling game: http://www.nchsoftwa...eta/vpsetup.exe
  10. Is this a live stream or a pre-recorded file? If it's a live stream then BroadCam will be streaming HLS to the iPad. HLS requires more buffering than the Flash stream that your computer will be receiving, which could explain the delay. If this is the case then I don't think there's anything you can do on your end to reduce the delay.
  11. Do you mean in Options -> Devices -> Webcam / Capture Device -> Device Settings? The dialog you see when you click that button is provided by the drivers for your device. Debut doesn't have any control over those settings.
  12. Damian Lettie


    You can't get any better quality than the original recording, and that's what you're getting from the SD card.
  13. Strange. I see Webcam or Video Capture Device and Network Camera in v2.25. Are you running an older version?
  14. There were some changes to the way YouTube works which prevent FlashLynx from working properly. We're looking into a fix.
  15. H.264 video can be in many different profiles. Debut uses the High profile. More recent Apple devices can play High profile, but earlier ones can't. Unfortunately, there's currently no way to configure this in Debut. That might not be the only factor preventing playback either - it's just the first one that comes to mind. Regarding optimising for the web, some things you can do to reduce bandwidth are: In Video Options, check the Shrink or enlarge check-box and choose a lower resolution. In Video Options, use the Limit frame rate slider to choose a lower frame rate. In Encoder Options, move the Quality slider towards Low quality.
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