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  1. i have version 5.03. How do I put brackets around the time stamp?
  2. Does Express scribe play dvd's? Anyone know?
  3. Is there a way of turning on sound when reversing or fast-forwarding in version 5.06? I used that to figure out when to stop. Thanks.
  4. Guru - thank you again. I now understand...i probably had a 45-minute file in the queue at the time. Thanks!
  5. I downloaded the latest version of ExpressScribe 5.06. Is there a way of turning on sound for rewinds/fast-forwards? I like the sound because it helps me find a spot I need to relisten to. But in this latest version, the sound has been turned off.
  6. Thank you, Guru. Is there a time limit to the offset? I see there's an entry in that window that says 45 minutes long.
  7. Does anyone know how to get timestamp offset? That is, sometimes we get video with burned-in timestamps that don't start at 0. They start at, say, 19:01:10. However the timestamp in ExpressScribe starts at 0. Does anyone know how to get an offset so the timestamp starts counting from 19:01:10?
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