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  1. You're right, I've just posted this workaround to help other users like me but of course, NCH Team still have to correct this stupid bug !! Regards
  2. Hi, Finally, I've found a way to make it works with the latest ED version. What I've done is simple : 1- Find a PC where ED install went fine (my own PC which is only member of a network workgroup and not a domain) 2- Export the whole ED registry branch (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NCH Software\Express) using regedit 3- Copy the reg file on the not-working PC (probably a PC which is member of a domain) 4- Edit the reg file to change the paths (BackupFolder, WorkingDataFolderPrevious, WorkingDataFolder) 5- Import the reg file 6- Done Regards
  3. Hi, Same problem for me, it appears on Express Dictate but also on Express Scribe. One interesting thing is that the problem occurs with some PCs but not for all. Only difference I saw is relative to network configuration : Working : Win7 x64 Pro / Workgroup (no domain) Not Working : Win7 x64 Pro / Domain (Windows 2003 domain controller) Workaround I've found is installing Express Dictate on the Win7 X64 which is not member of a domain, configuration went fine. Then I go to --> start menu --> regedit --> export the configuration key (HKCU\Software\NCH Swift Sound\Express\SendTo1) Finally, I have to import the reg file to the Win7 x64 PC (member of a domain) and then it works !! However, this procedure doesn't work with the latest version but it's ok with ED 5.24 I don't know why it doesn't work with the latest ED 5.54, only difference I've noticed is in the registry, latest version use HKCU\Software\NCH Software\Express\SendTo1 instead of HKCU\Software\NCH Swift Sound\Express\SendTo1 But if I import the reg key in HKCU\Software\NCH Software\Express\SendTo1, ED ignore it and ask me to create another one and I get back to the awful popup "invalid email address" 'hope it helps NCH Team because I've just buy another ED licence and I can't use the latest version (fortunately I have a ED 5.24 backup) Regards,
  4. Hi, With the help of NCH Technical Support, we've managed to make FTP working over 3g. We've simply had to uninstall / reinstall Pocket Dictate from iPhone and then problem solved. Thanks a lot to NCH Technical Team for their help. Best Regards. EDIT : After a few more tests, it appears that sending dictations via FTP over 3g works 10% of the time, so it's not really usable. 'Hope NCH will release an updated version soon.
  5. Hi, Thanks for your answer, I've just submit a ticket using Pocket Dictate Technical Support. Best Regards, loic
  6. Hi, Still no answer from NCH Team...FTP upload is not working when using 3G connection, any help would be really appreciated. Best Regards, loic
  7. Plz, is it normal behaviour or not ?
  8. Hi, I've just give a try to Pocket Dictate on iPhone and I'm unable to login to my FTP server while using 3g connection. It works when using a Wifi Access. Error message is : "FTP server is OK, unable to logon..." Any idea ?
  9. So, did you reproduce the problem ? Is there any update to correct this issue ? thx
  10. Another test : Windows 7 / Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.51 / Express Scribe 4.36 (found on a Chinese Website) --> Works great + I am able to use Express Delegate with this version Best Regards.
  11. Hi, I would like to use the speech-to-text feature of Express Scribe, i've never been able to make it work...since I give a try with an old version of ES (4.01) and then suddenly it starts to do the job. Here's what works and what doesn't work, all tests have been made with the same Dragon User Profile and the same dictation file. Windows 7 / Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 / Express Scribe 5.01 --> natspeak.exe process starts and then stop after 30 sec., nothing is pasted in notes Windows 7 / Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.51 (XP SP3 compatibility mode) / Express Scribe 5.01 --> natspeak.exe process starts, nothing in notes Windows XP SP3 (vmware / Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.51 / Express Scribe 5.01 --> natspeak.exe process starts, nothing pasted in notes Windows XP SP3 (vmware) / Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.51 / Express Scribe 4.01 (can't find a version 4.37) --> Works perfectly...but no Express Delegate Integration I would like to test with version 4.37 but I can't find it. I'm not sure if someone from NCH read the posts but if so, please could you fix this issue. Best regards.
  12. Hi, Same for me here under Windows 7, the process ends 30 seconds later regardless of the duration. I've tried to run Dragon Naturally Speaking in Windows XP (SP3) Compatibility Mode (and check Run As Administrator), now the Dragon Process seems to work fine but no transcript appears. Did you find a solution ? Any help from NCH Team would be really appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Ok, too bad, so I won't buy it. Thanks for your answer.
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