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  1. The project file format changed between v2.41 and v3.00. You won't be able to load a v3.00 or later project in v2.41. Same for auto-saved data.
  2. The slider was the only way to adjust the font size of a text overlay in v2.41. The Text Attributes dialog, with the numerical input, was introduced in v3.
  3. Upload to where? For example, Flickr has a 90 second limit on video duration.
  4. What do you mean by "duplicate strip"? The subtitles are appearing twice?
  5. We're trying to reproduce these two. This might be configurable in the future, but for now you can right click on the gap and select Close Gap. Is that different from Windows' Control Panel setting for mouse cursor speed? Finally, some good news!
  6. Have you ever used v2 on that machine? If so, did the clip / sequence preview show correctly? Could you let me know the output settings you used? (Disc or file, format, resolution, etc.) Also, what are the machine specs like, and how long did you wait?
  7. When you split and delete clips from the sequence, the original clip in the clip bin is not modified. And even the clip on the sequence does not actually have anything deleted from it - it will just have it's In / Out points adjusted to exclude the "deleted" segment. And the clip preview will still allow you to play the whole clip, not just the region between the In / Out points. If you're playing the clip preview, I'd check if the In / Out points match the position where you split. Or if you're playing the sequence preview, I'd check if there were any other clips on video tracks below the one you split.
  8. You're not running in a virtual machine, are you? What version of DirectX do you have installed? (Click Start, click Run, type dxdiag in the Open box, and then click OK.) How far did you get? Did you see the Video Output Setup dialog?
  9. They're not exactly nightly builds, but a new one did go up just a few minutes ago. Same URL. Let us know if it helps with the crashing problems.
  10. In VideoPad v3, you can animate video effects using keyframes. For example, you could add keyframes to the Negative effect to start the clip off normally, make it negative part-way through, and back to normal again shortly after. You can also use keyframes to move clips around the screen, gradually adjust brightness, create custom fades, apply varying amounts of noise, and many other uses.
  11. v2 had a single video track and a single overlay track. v3 has an arbitrary number of video tracks. Just drag any clip to video track 2 (or higher) and it will be overlayed on top of video track 1. Clicking the small up arrow to the left of the help button will hide the application menu to give you back a bit more space. And as mbcgwen mentioned, the edges of the panels can now be dragged to resize them.
  12. This is now fixed for the next build. Import will work with v2 project files, just as Open already was. We're looking into this. This was due to v2 treating Files and Media as different clips. In the next build, v3 will no longer load duplicates, providing they have all the same properties. (e.g., You'll still see two clips if they had different In/Out points.) I'm a bit unclear what you mean here. In the bug report, it sounds like you were clicking on different thumbnails in a clip bin? Thanks for the feedback!
  13. The extension check might be case sensitive. A work-around might be to rename the file from *.WMA to *.wma. If that fixes it then we'll get a proper fix into the next release.
  14. As the website says, you should still be able to load MP3 files after the Pro version trial expires. We did find a bug in v5.45 (which has probably been present since v5.40) where it was doing case-sensitive instead of case-insensitive tests on file extensions. e.g., It would accept file.mp3 but reject file.MP3. A fix for this will be available in the next release.
  15. We're testing another potential fix for this problem. If you'd like to try it out, send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you the installer.
  16. Yes, even though it is a 32 bit application, it does run on Windows 7 64 bit. Please use the Help -> "Send Bug Report" menu item to report this issue, giving as much information as possible about your machine.
  17. Have a look in Help -> About. If the "Licensed User" entry says "Unlicensed software" then go to Windows "Programs and Features" control panel (or the equivalent on XP) and choose to "Uninstall / Change" Express Scribe. In the uninstall wizard, select the "Downgrade to the free version" option and click Next. If the About box says "Unlicensed Basic Free Version" then the program will work indefinitely. If you still have time left on your Pro trial, the program will just downgrade to the Free version automatically when the trial expires.
  18. A new layer is created each time you insert text. Select the text element you want to delete to highlight that layer in the Layers list (near the top-right of the main window), then delete it by clicking the red cross icon for that layer.
  19. Each client could have one speaker account (with one auto-import source), where all files from all doctors from the same client come from the same folder. But then you wouldn't be able to keep track of which doctor each dictation came from.
  20. Maybe Kaspersky alone isn't the problem? Maybe it's anything that puts a heavy enough load on the CPU? In the Processes tab of Windows' "Task Manager", are any other processes using significant CPU when Scribe hangs, or is Scribe alone using nearly 100%? What sort of CPU usage do you see when Scribe is open but not playing anything? What about when playing without hanging (if that ever happens for you)?
  21. If you're just transcribing, not recording, then I think Express Scribe would be better for you than Express Dictate. And recent versions of Scribe do have the ability to jump to the previous or next dictation using foot pedal presses or system-wide hot-keys.
  22. Sounds like a completely different issue from the three year old thread you resurrected here. If the client allows it, you can submit a bug report and follow the instructions for uploading the problematic file to NCH for examination.
  23. Delegate doesn't recognise archived / compressed files. Perhaps if each dictator had an auto-import source loading from one of your local folders? You'd still have to manually unzip to the right folder when you received each ZIP file, but at least you wouldn't have to manually import each recording into Delegate.
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