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  1. Everyone has different CPU families, versions of Windows, 32 / 64 bit, sound hardware. I can't see a pattern here yet, so I think we need to widen our investigation. Is Options -> Pedals -> "Enable foot pedal controller" enabled? What peripherals do you have plugged in? Could it be a software conflict? e.g., What anti-virus software (if any) is everyone using? Can you see high CPU usage during that 30 to 40 seconds? Or hard disk thrashing? Does everyone find that Scribe becomes responsive again after waiting a while?
  2. You can't print at all, or the result isn't what you expect?
  3. Sorry, I don't know the time-frame for that. In the meantime, you have a couple of options. Firstly, some hand-held recorders that default to outputting DSS format have an option to use MP3, WAV, or WMA instead. Or secondly, if the number of incoming recordings isn't high, you could add a conversion step on your end (e.g., to MP3) using something like Switch.
  4. DSS is not supported in Express Delegate yet. From the main window, see Options -> "File Types" for the list of formats that can be enabled. If you want to track who each of the recordings came from then yes, you'll need to create a Speaker account for each client, and each account will need a unique email address. The clients don't have to upload directly to Delegate though. For example, you could run an FTP server and configure each FTP account to have a different home directory, then create a Delegate auto-import source for each.
  5. Could you post details of the sound hardware you tested with, and what the entries were in the Options -> Playback -> "Sound device" pull-down menu? Also, what CPU do you have? Based on the above replies, we know the problem happens on both Windows Vista and Windows 7, and on both 32 bit and 64 bit flavours of Windows. (Assuming you both have the same problem.)
  6. Is the 32 or 64 bit Windows? Do you have any more details about the sound hardware? e.g., If you open Start -> "Control Panel" -> "Device Manager", what are the items under "Sound, video and game controllers"? If it's an off-the-shelf PC, could you let us know the manufacturer and model name / number too?
  7. Are you able to transcribe any other WMV files? Do you have an example file that demonstrates the problem that you're able to provide to the programmers? If so, use Help -> "Send bug report" and carefully follow the instructions for uploading a sample file. If you can't do that, it might be worth running a program like MediaInfo and posting all the details of the codec, number of channels, bit rate, etc.
  8. Could you please provide details of your computer, operating system, and printer?
  9. This problem was marked fixed in Pedable v2.01, which was released just over a year ago. If you're still using v1.01 or earlier then please upgrade.
  10. No, Express Delegate is only one of the send / receive methods available, and is designed to help organise work-flow when there are more than a couple of people on the team. You can't use the File Copy method if you're working remotely, so that leaves FTP or Email. FTP has fewer limitations than email, and is easier to use once initial setup is done, but initial setup is easier with email, especially if you don't already have access to an FTP server.
  11. First, you need to decide how the dictations will be sent. The available send methods in Dial Dictate are Express Delegate, FTP, Email, and File Copy. If you use Express Delegate, FTP, or File Copy then you can configure an Incoming Source in Express Scribe to automatically load the dictations when they arrive, or when you manually Sync. If you use email then the Express Scribe user will have to save the email attachment to the disk before it can be loaded. Once you've decided on a send / receive method, then you can ask specific questions about how to get it working.
  12. The speech-to-text conversion is started when the file is loaded, not when it is played. It's unfortunate, but if you want to re-run the speech-to-text conversion (e.g., after choosing a different engine) then you have to delete and re-load the dictation. Maybe send a suggestion (Help -> "Send Improvement Suggestion or Feedback") to add the ability to start speech-to-text conversion manually?
  13. Could anyone experiencing this issue post the following: Hardware details (CPU, sound hardware, etc.). Software versions (Windows, Scribe, etc.). Make sure to mention if Windows is 32 or 64 bit, and what (if any) service packs are installed. The contents of the Options -> Playback -> "Sound device" pull down menu, along with which device is selected.
  14. By "played", do you mean "loaded"? And by "Speech-to-text" window, do you mean the Notes window? Did "-- Speech to Text" appear in the Notes window, or nothing at all?
  15. First, make sure that Windows' file associations are set correctly for the file type you want to use. i.e., If you double-click a file of that type, does it open the correct word processor? Then, if you don't want to use a DOC file, in Options -> Other -> "Template Documents" you can add a new template document and set it as the default template.
  16. Have you tried reselecting the playback device? Options -> Playback -> "Sound device" then OK.
  17. Express Scribe supports the IN-USB-1 or IN-USB-2. I don't think it's compatible with the IN-DVI-USB.
  18. Have you enabled Options -> Pedals -> "Enable tap lock"?
  19. That's not actually one of the supported models but it might be possible to get it working. Could you run Options -> Controller -> "Controller setup wizard..." -> Next -> "Show plug and play controller diagnostics" and post the output here?
  20. If the stenomask audio and the free-standing microphone audio are being recorded by separate devices then Express Scribe won't be able to play the two recordings simultaneously without extra work. e.g. By using some audio editing software (like WavePad) to combine the two recordings into one recording, as the left and right channels. On the other hand, if the two microphones are being recorded by the same device as a stereo recording then you can use Scribe to play one or both channels, however the channels will be treated as left and right and muting one will not cause the other to play on more than one output channel.
  21. Please don't add unrelated questions to an existing topic. Anyway, click the "Effects..." button, change the Scaling mode to "Keep aspect", and type in the maximum width and height in pixels.
  22. You can set the watermark text on the command line (see the "Text" argument in the command line help page), but there's no automated method of using the file name as the text.
  23. What SpeechMike model number(s)? v5.23 is the latest English release. v5.24 was a French-only release. v5.25 was a Spanish-only release.
  24. There are links in this post to instructions for changing file associations.
  25. Express Scribe will not read SMTPE timecode at all. In Options -> Display, do you have "Time mode" set to "Recording time"?
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