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  1. Hi, the doctor for whom I do transcription simply sends me his audio files via a file transfer program such as Opentext. I download the file onto my laptop and drop it into Express Scribe. Easy peasy
  2. you know, i moved to the paid version FOR A SECOND TIME and it still didn't recognize my pedal.... I've had to uninstall and reinstall the program several times to get it to work... and have paid for it TWICE...
  3. I have a paid version of ExpressScribe. I just upgraded to El Capitan and it doesn't recognize my pedal.....
  4. Express Scribe keeps crashing since I've upgraded to Mavericks. Quite frustrating.
  5. Hi, I've been using Express Scribe for a few years now with not a problem to report. Just when i think i've convinced my boss to switch to your dictation software and he's trying it out, the sound quality of the 2 test files he has sent me is absolutely horrible, to the point that I can't make out whole sections of what he is saying. Did anyone else on this forum ever experience this? Desperately looking for a solution! gigi
  6. Hi, I've just downloaded Express Scribe version 5.02 and it's working but I can't seem to fin where I could set auto backup on stop. Could someone give me a hint? gigi at wits end in CT
  7. I would love to be able to use Express Scribe on both my iMac and MacBook Pro. I've downloaded the program for Mac and tried opening a dictation wav file. I simply get a message saying "Opening audio file failed". I am NOT a computer genius and would greatly appreciate guidance in plain English please please please! gigi
  8. I feel your pain whitehrl, i also make half my income doing transcriptions and i have yet to resolve my pedal problem. I'm on iMac though but Express Scribe does NOT recognize my usb pedal. Very very frustrating! gigi
  9. I do hope I'm posting to the right section. In the hopes of replicating the transcription work I've been doing using FS-USB transcription software on my PC, I've downloaded Express Scribe to my new Mac OS X. If I try to open a wav file sent to me via a PC, I get an error message saying Unable to open wav file because audio compression codec is not installed. What can I do, other than return to PC? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! gisele
  10. Thank you. I've just downloaded it into my new Mac. Only problem is: it won't open a wav dictation file and gives me a message that it is unable to open the wav file because audio compression codec isn't installed. Could you enlighten me as to what I should do? Thank you. g
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