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  2. Sorry I've got to this too late and it has already gone. Would you please repost?
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  4. @DannRUnfortunately your solution did not solve my problem.
  5. Better wait https://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/33515-updated-mac-to-big-sur-os-data-gone/
  6. OK, discovered how. You have to end the session (start a new task) then you can edit the previous one. However adjusting the ending time on one task does not adjust the start time of the following task. Also I can edit an end time and have it later than the start time of the next task. Is there a setting for automatic corrections?
  7. Try doing a clean instalation of the program check the Control Panel/Sound, and make sure that you have all update. Uninstall your software first, then go to the folder location below on your computer then delete the Voxal folders: C:\ProgramData\NCH Software C:\Users\(Your computer profile)\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Voxal If you can't find the AppData folder, set Windows to show hidden files and folders with the steps from this link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14201/windows-show-hidden-files. After deleting the Voxal folder, restart your computer then install
  8. Hi - we rcently updated to Big Sur version of MacOS. All of our data is not showing up in ExpressInvoice. The Shared folder is in the correct place. I created a new customer and cannot find where this data is now stored. Please help!
  9. I'm creating my first Photo Essay for a competition at my camera club. Unfortunately, they have not provided much detail on the dimensions for submitting the video. The clubs standard size for still image competitions submissions is 1920x1080. My thoughts/questions are: I think I should export my still images, to be loaded into PhotoStage, in 1920x1080. Will this size be respected in PhotoStage or will it be downsized? I am thinking I should export 1920x1080 HD as the judges will be reviewing them on their own computers. Is this a correct assumption? Export as MP4.
  10. I'm testing Hour Guard before buying. I started a new task entry. However I started working on the task earlier. How do I edit or change the start time? For instance I'll answer a phone call and the time is billable. After I finish the call, I start a new task but need the start time to be when I answered the call, say 15 minutes ago. In other situations, I decide a task should have taken less time than it took, so I will set the end time to be earlier so the task duration is less and fairer to the client. Thanks.
  11. Two ways... Drag the clip to the desired location on the timeline OR First lock the video track - right-click to its left for that drop-down menu choice
  12. You can normalize the volumes levels of the audio tracks added to Express Burn. This means the volume of the tracks will be adjusted so that the loudest part of the song will be at a certain percentage of the maximum possible volume. By default volume levels are not normalized.You can normalize the volumes levels of all tracks added using This Disc menu, Normalize Level, and select a level you want, or through the Normalization pull down list. All tracks will be normalized when they are burnt to disc.
  13. New to Dreamplan, and suspect this has an obvious solution. Using Windows 10. As the plan walls are edited, some of the work area gets covered by solid blue shapes. View modes get variably corrupted. For example, adding one wall: - 2D Blueprint View turns light blue in NE quadrant and royal blue every where else - 2D Rendered shows floor plan but right quandrants are mostly black, left is mostly white except for horizontal grey band. - 3D View makes a perspective that has a white ground plane with solid black walls originating at plan NW. What's going on?
  14. Peter Mount


    How does the reverb work on Mixpad please? I'm just trying to set it for a very slight reverb, but not one of the presets. I highlight the track, load "reverb" from the add effect button on the reverb window, and set the decay and diffusuion at 10 each (leaving the wet and dry at 0db) Do I press exit on the window to load this? Seems to be the only possible option. On playcback it gives the wrong sound, and back on the reverb tab it's got decay at 100 and diffusion at 20. Any help please. Clearly missing a trick. Many thanks.
  15. Hi, I'm testing out Hour Guard before I purchase a license. Two questions 1. Hour Guard is always on top in Windows. How to get Hour Guard to allow other windows to be on top, I need to work in other windows. I would like Hour Guard to behave like other Windows that what ever Window has the focus that window is on top. 2. Others have commented that task notes are not printed in reports. Has that been resolved? I need to provide detailed invoices and I use my notes to summarize into a few lines what I worked on. The notes are my reminders. thanks,
  16. Hello, When I copy a sound-file into the audio track the video clips above are shifted to the right, How can I prevent this?
  17. If the invoices you want to pay are from one single Customer, then yes, you can pay multiple invoices at the same time. You can go to View > Customer > click the customer from the list > click the Payment icon > make sure that the Amount matches the due amount for that customer > click Record
  18. Fred, I just reloaded 8.18 from an NCH website and IT NOW HAS THE PANEL COLORS BACK !!! Oh Wow, This is a great day indeed !! (Thought I was losin' it) joey
  19. Hi You can clear (manually delete) everything the cache folder even the sound cache folder. It will be regenerated when you start another project. However tests here show that if you use Option/Disk and delete the unused cache files (and assuming you have closed VP and not retained anything...i.e. you want to completely wipe the cache) then all the files in the cache are deleted including the sound cache files. The sound cache folder remains however but it emptied. If your sound cache is not being emptied and VP has no open project when you go to Option/disk then there would see
  20. One would think so, but it doesn't. Bug? File a report by clicking the chevron at the top-right of the VP window.
  21. An NTSC ISO was created in VP, then burned with Express Burn and another program. Both results played fine on a Samsung BR-DVD player. Here, for a short while, is the ISO. Click DOWNLOAD, then burn it. Choose ISO from the Express Burn toolbar and then Write ISO. If you create your own ISO, or burn directly in VP, try specifying NTSC, instead of PAL. For your tests, use a DVD-RW rewritable, so money isn't wasted on duds.
  22. In order to uninstall the program completely follow the steps in this article (depending on your operating system): https://www.nch.com.au/general/uninstall.html
  23. Yes, that is the latest version for Switch. The best I can think of is for you to uninstall and install again to see if that changes the background, but I'm also using version 8.18 and my background is completely white. So that might just be how the version 8.18 looks. The only other option is for you to test older versions to see if you get one with a dark brackground. I wonder how yours looks, would you mind sharing a screenshot here? You can contact NCH Tech team here if you have more questions: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html
  24. In this case all you guys need is to make sure you have installed the correct versions of the programs that are compatible with the licenses you own. If you guys are not sure what versions you are supposed to have installed you might want to contact NCH Technical Team, they should be able to provide you the specific links to download and steps to register the licenses you already own. You can create a ticket for them here: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html
  25. The original post was in August there are newer versions you might want to try those, @zen89 if you are having issues you might want to file a support ticket for the NCH technical support team here: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html
  26. v8.45 I am starting a new project and so I originally cleared the cache as mentioned in other threads: tools->options->disk and click "Clear Unused Cache Files". I notice that this clears the immediate folder in C:\Users\myNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\VideoPadCache But within this folder there is another called "VideoPadSoundCache" which doesn't get emptied and seems to contain about a GB of related audio information. Shouldn't this sound cache also be cleared?
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