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  2. Is it possible to add radio buttons to select/deselect Mute and Display for all Voices/Combos like you've already added for Voice Selection. If more than one Voice selection, mute and display voices were simultaneously possible, then you would have total flexibility (with instrument selection for each voice/voice combo) total voice flexibility......... just what any SATB, TTBB arranger needs........... a true winner! Thank you
  3. Please can you add the capability to select different instrument for each of the Voice selections/unison combinations of Voice selections Thank you
  4. Thank you for adding the possibility of having 4 different voice selections. What would make this extremely useful would be to all the user to select a measure or group thereof and switch from (say) voice 1 to voice 2 of. You could be ultra savvy by linking to the "Add Unison Facility" allowing move than one voice to be unison linked across one or more measures (wow!!!) Thank you
  5. Thanks for adding the "Add Unison On" facility but it should be application for all music stave features including rests. It also doesn't work for all notes, e.g. crotchets and there may be others. It would be extremely useful to be able to switch this facility ON for all new additions to the measure and then off when you are going back to a harmony section Thank you
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  7. Given that you need files in midi format to import to Crescendo, would it not be a good idea to have an audio file to midi converter available? I have spent literally hours trawling to find such a converter I can use easily and, although I've found a couple online, they seem either very complicated to use or the results don't import to Crescendo very well.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to convert wma file to mp3, and keep geeting this message : "coversion ignored" what is the meaning of this ? what should I do ? Thanks
  9. Fantastic! Thanks for your help again, Nat.
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  11. Go to OPTIONS | DISK tab and Clear Unused Cache Files, then attempt to load the project once again. Be sure that you are using this 64-bit VP version. If the project crashes, upload both the file - separately - and the project, which apparently does not yet contain the file. The process is easy, quick and can be done privately. Just follow these steps... Back up --- With your project on the timeline, click on MENU at the top-left. Click FILE|BACK UP PROJECT FILES TO FOLDER. Choose a folder and SELECT FOLDER. Upload --- Use a free server - Google Drive, MS OneDrive, etc.* - to upload the saved, numbered FOLDER. Do NOT upload the individual VPJ or export file. Get link --- Get a public link. If using Google Drive click GET SHAREABLE LINK. If necessary change "restricted" to "anyone with the link can view" Share --- Click COPY LINK | DONE. Paste that link here, or click the folder at the top-right of this forum to message it privately to me. It won't be shared. * Before uploading, right-click the folder, click PROPERTIES. Look at the File Size to confirm that it's not too big for the free space on the server.
  12. Processor - AMD A6-9210 RADEON R4, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+3G 2.40 GHZ I should also note that I JUST updated to 10.95, and it crashes while opening my project
  13. Seems that the file itself is in question. Try that - alone - first. How was the file created? What are the PC's specs: CPU / RAM / GPU?
  14. Upload the video file I'm attempting to add? Or upload the project file entirely?
  15. Let's take a look. Please upload the file and link it here. What are the PC's specs: CPU / RAM / GPU?
  16. Current Version = 10.88 (Already tried the 10.95 beta, but it kept crashing, so I went back to 10.88) The video file I'm trying to add is MP4
  17. I am trying to design my dream backyard and I'm running into the same issues where I've run out of items, so it won't really let me do anything. I tried to delete my past projects and even deleted and redownload the software altogether, but it still recognizes that I've used it before. Do you have any recommendations on what I can do to solve this issue?
  18. What version of Videopad is being used - look at the bottom-left corner of the window.? Install the latest. For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months from purchase date. After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest. Retain your old install file and registration info. What's the format of the file? Upload it so others can take a look, or send it to me privately. Use a free server, such as Google Drive or MS OneDrive, get a shared (public) link, copy the link and paste it here or to me in a Private Message via the mail envelope in the top-right corner of this forum. When using Google Drive, if necessary change "restricted" to "anyone with link can view."
  19. I want to add a 20 minute file to the project. I add the clip to the library, and it SAYS it's 20 minutes long. However, when I try to preview the clip or add it to the timeline, the entire clip is now only 20 SECONDS long... I tried opening the file in Wondows Media Player, and it plays the entire 20 minutes, but in Videopad, I only get 20 seconds.
  20. I can't find out how to create a menu in Express Burn Plus.
  21. I thought I should be able to record from cassettes from my stereo, the sound is set to Soundtap, yet it doesn't recognize the streaming audio that I happen to hear; have I configured the system incorrectly? i could have sworn https://showbox.tools/ I got Soundtap to accomplish this when I first ran the program, have forgotten what I did then and my manual isn't coming up when F1 is pressed. I'd appreciate any and all input on this problem.
  22. When saving a recording as an MP3, a huge chunk of it gets cut off. For example, a 1.5 minute recording saves only 9 seconds and deletes the rest. I can save as a WAV, but even when I do that and then save as an MP3 https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/, it cuts off more than half of it. I upgraded to the latest version last week. Would appreciate your help.
  23. Last week
  24. Sadly, the program does not offer an option to run a report with the info you have mentioned. Here you have the list of the reports you can run: http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/expressaccounts/win/tasks_reports.html NCH Software formally takes suggestions or feedback about products through the form at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/
  25. GOT IT: Created a CLEARING ACCOUNT in Assets, same principle as Petty Cash. It allows direct entry from A/P and A/R windows for existing payables/receivables which can later be cleared out through shareholder loan.
  26. I started Express Accounts and the beginning of a new fiscal year. I had an accounts payable that was expensed last year and it was set up with an opening balance. This is paid by a personal credit card and normally I would post that payment to my shareholders loan account (liability) and expense it to the right expense account in the General Journal.. I can see no method of posting this payment through A/P in order to decrease the opening balance. I've tried adding another deposit account in the the A/P entry window but I cannot add any account other than an asset account. I can do a journal entry by crediting Shareholders and debiting A/P account but that doesn't change the opening balance of the supplier. I can zero out the opening balance of supplier but that affects A/P. The main problem is that I can't expense it again as it was expensed last year. Anyone have a solution that I'm not seeing? Many thanks.
  27. Yes, 42 is asking a lot of a PC. You might take a look at the Proxy Editing sticky post above for some ideas on working with large files.
  28. My tests were done with the largest files (images) I have and I realized the biggest was 42 Mb, this is far too much to be edited easily. So reducing the size of images also helps. 5 or 6 Mo files are correctly treated which is wonderful.
  29. I would like to have a report of the total payment made to suppliers for the year. Similar to the Sales Payment Report - which shows all the sales you had with customers for the x time period, I would like to do the same for suppliers (i.e., how much did I spend with this supplier for the year). I have looked high and low and cannot seem to get such a report. Does one exist or do I have to maintain it outside the system in Excel? Thanks for the reply.
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