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  3. Hi, I hope I am at the correct site. I am using NCH accounts.. I know I can view , save and print separate journal files but how do I get it all in one (instead of individual?) I have clicked every button there is to click I still can't get to it. It is kind of troublesome for me to send the journal in separate files instead of in 1. Frustrated. Can someone help?
  4. Wait no longer... https://www.nchsoftware.com/download/videopadsetup64.exe Official release, being phased in. Under the hood, significant changes that better utilize GPU, for faster response. Give it a thorough workout and report any glitches.
  5. That's my experience. Increment 30 times and you should see the counter advance 31 frames. Record_2021_02_27_16_04_40_203.mp4
  6. So you can only get smaller by using the manual method I stated above?
  7. Yesterday
  8. Yes, the smallest available via a shortcut. The cursor counter displays the increments, which look to be about 33/34ms.
  9. When you say 'frame' bump - Do you mean the arrow keys in your diagram above? If so I've found this isn't the smallest increment - I have to zoom in and out and drag the red marker and i can get smaller increments - I think 1 frame equals about four and a half milliseconds or increments. This is my solution I found out through experimenting. Though it would be easier with a keyboard shortcut.
  10. The frame bump is the smallest increment. However, by expanding the timeline via the slider (bottom-right), precision can be improved. As for those 'parts' - let's take a look. Upload a sample project for analysis, per the instructions in your other thread. Use the edge buttons for insertions to ensure that the edit is being made at the junction. To see gaps or fragments on track one, switch to Storyboard mode. Did you test the latest version?
  11. Hmmm, it doesn't seem to me a big problem. the video is interesting))
  12. I need to add a clef change mid-measure, but every time I try to add a clef, it changes the clef on the entire staff. This isn't what I want. I need the smaller clef that is usually shown on music within the measure. Piano music often has clef changes in the bass, but you need to keep the bass clef overall.
  13. These don't advance in milliseconds though - leaving unwanted parts of clips . Is there a keyboard shortcut to advance in milliseconds?
  14. The frame buttons offer the most precision... or use the right and left arrow keys. The edge buttons go to the next clip join point or use <shift-right/left arrow keys.
  15. What version is being used? Try the latest. For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months from purchase date. After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest. Retain your old install file and registration info. No better? Sharing your project is the best way to solve the issue. The process is easy, quick and can be done privately. Just follow these steps... Back up --- With your project on the timeline, click on MENU at the top-left. Click FILE|BACK UP PROJECT FILES TO FOLDER. Choose a folder and SELE
  16. Hi is there a quick keyboard shortcut for precision editing? - I want to advance to the next part of a clip in milliseconds to get perfect cuts. Thanks Nate
  17. I own some versions of VP, and from time to time I have been critical regarding actual bugs and "what I consider as bugs", that being weird choices made by the programmers. I have whined about delays on exit, repetitive parts of audio, etc. And of course, last but not least, the leftward "magnetism" of the track editor... And just when I gave up and accepted my fate, NCH hit me with a new 64bit version! I couldn't resist to download and install the beta over my official version. And what I expected to be a test, proved to be a pleasant surprise! Whoa my friends! It is fast
  18. I have a video with various clips I'm splitting into different parts. At the timeline as I press next frame (RIGHT) or the button on the player at the end of the clip where I've split it looks fine (shows a black screen) I've spread the clips a good few seconds apart to test. Yet when I play the file It shows a milli-second of the next (unwanted) clip. Is the next frame button literally the next frame? Is this a bug in the program or am I doing something wrong - I've noticed this happen on a few video editors. Thanks Nate
  19. Hi there, I downloaded Voxal Voice changed recently. I use Voicemeeter Potato (virtual mixer) to control all my audio. When I open Voxal, it starts up correctly and detects my mic. But when I go to preview, it doesn't alter my voice. When I open a program that uses my mic, it says; An application is using the microphone. Voxal is successfully applying the "Demon" voice effect to the audio stream. Background noise is Off. The microphone is no longer being used by any applications. Voxal is waiting for an application to use the microphone. It says it twice in the sp
  20. We used a separated data set for each export progress. Editing the project will not changes previous export result. We will investigate these areas.
  21. 64-bit is feeling way better Long overdue - good to finally have it
  22. For what it's worth, when I finally get around to exporting, that tends to go about as fast as it usually does. Exporting at 1280x720 @30fps typically exports at a 1-to-1 speed (that is to say ... it typically takes 1 second in real time to export 1 second of video with those settings). Then again, the exporting phase is already the phase that I'm least involved in. Once a video is exporting, there's literally nothing I can do except wait for it to finish. It's everything else - the adding of transitions and effects, the trimming out of unnecessary clips, the settings in the export w
  23. I have all 100 MB 16-bit TIF file that I want to reverse mirror and produce a 16-bit output TIF file and it seems like it only downsize it to 8 bits and converted to a 23 MB 8-bit TIF file. The filter and the structure of the folder works great but it seemed like it only outputs an 8 bit TIF file not as 16-bit TIF file. Is this true?
  24. It seems your bad experiences are mostly because of the performance of the user interface rather than video processing. We will investigate these issues and work on improve them. Thanks for reporting issues to us.
  25. Thanks for the info. May I ask what kind of graphics card you are using? v10.16 introduced a redesigned GPU acceleration pipeline which support encode and decode video files using your graphics card. In most cases we've tested this will help boost performance. If you find the issue persists please use the last stable version v10.12 instead.
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