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  2. this is very helpful. however please see this screenshot that points out what happens. there are black spaces above and below the image. kind of filler. see link image is on the left
  3. Also, I don't know if this is helpful .... <a href="https://ibb.co/zFGQP1s"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/NrZtWXx/Clipboard01.jpg" alt="Clipboard01" border="0"></a> https://i.ibb.co/NrZtWXx/Clipboard01.jpg
  4. Hi It's an old version but if it worked OK when you installed it, it ought to work OK now. I would first clear the cache files out using Options/Disk and then see how it performs. If you never done this before it may be huge. Has there been any changes to your PC e.g. new background tasks running...malware etc? Have you changed the type of videoclips you are using e.g. are they now 4K etc.? Nat
  5. Hi all, as you can likely tell by my user name and the title, I'm using VideoPad 7.3 and it's destroying my sanity. I bought it a few months ago so I could do better editing than what was possible with Windows Movie Maker, but without spending my life savings for a program like Premiere. At first, it all worked great! I could edit an hour long video with multiple clips, text overlays and extra effects in only a few hours! Lately though, it's all gone completely downhill. Even doing a simpler level of editing, if I have to change one line of text within an hour long video, VideoPad restart
  6. Does anyone know how I can record using Express Scribe software?
  7. It's not totally clear what result you expect. But... Trim video 1 in the bin by first clicking on it Under the preview window move the scrubber (red-line) to where you want the clip to begin. Click SET IN. Move it to where you want the clip to end. Click SET END. Click the ADD button and the trimmed clip will be placed on the timeline. Do the same with the second clip. Then add a transition between them. That's about as automatic as it gets. Alternatively, keeping in mind that higher video tracks take precedence, you might place video 1 on track one, and video 2 on trac
  8. Hello, is it possible that if I have 2 videos, the 1st goes to the middle (eg 0 - 1 min) and the 2nd starts just before the middle to the end (0:50 - 2 min), the VideoPad automatically detects where it must separate, between video 1 and 2? So that a smooth transition is possible? And the user does not have to do it manually? If I would do it manually, you never get a perfect transition in.
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  10. Before exporting, a right-click on an image in the bin has a Change Clip Aspect Ratio item. The effects menu also has several options... For example, choose "Crop to Aspect Ratio" and click the chevron to see a drop-down menu similar to the one above. This forum is peer support - primarily users just like yourself, sharing. Don't know who emailed you, but chances are it was from a 'no reply' address.
  11. I am able to do this, but then there are big borders around the images. It would be best if the recording can be done at this format. Is this making sense? then no wasted space or blacked-out areas around the usable image. BTW I responded by email and was told my email address is not in your system, but I got an email notification from the system at that address.
  12. I have this same problem. When I first built my 3D model of my floor plan layout the 3D view and 2D blueprint were showing the floor and allowed me to edit material/color. However after many months of success with this, when I upgraded to version 6.15 all I now see is grass and can't make the Floor function aufofill or free draw the floor the is missing. How do we solve this? A reported problem for 3 years with no fix? COME ON NCH!
  13. Higher tracks take precedence over lower so place your pictures on a higher (overlay) track. They will replace the underlying band video. If the new images need to be sized to fill the frame, use the SCALE and ZOOM effects. The original audio/video shouldn't be disturbed by this, but just to be sure lock the band's video track. Right-click at the left of the track and make that choice.
  14. v8.63 pro I have a clip of a band playing and want to substitute in pictures in place of the band playing but dont see any options to do so. Is there a way to do it?
  15. I have Items downloaded in the Library I no longer wish to use. I can not find a way of deleting in the Dreamplan program. I have tried to locate the file on my computer where they are stored to delete that way but I cant find it. Any Ideas Please Thanks
  16. Hello everyone,, i need a simple "click to record/stop" recorder that will capture a single windows audio device, i've found trial software (recordpad) and malware coupled (freesoundrecorder, it has "relevant knowlage" which is malicious, one of the worst i faced back in the day) which looked good, but obviously aren't acceptable here's a visual of what i'm talking about http://i.imgur.com/NWv06rt.png hotkeys, quality settings and such are all good, and it spits out an auto generated name https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/ thanks in advance
  17. Is It Possible To Create RingTones With The NCH Swiftsound Software , If So , Can I Get Any Tips & Tricks On This Situation ? WavePad Is The Software I Am Useing. I Have An Verizon LG Bluetooth enabeled cell phone https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/. I Hear I Am Only Able To Get Ringtones Thru My Cell Phone Company . However I Can Load Music With The SDHC Card . Please respond . Thank You.
  18. I have been trying to render a midi from a track by right clicking on the track and clicking render midi. The first time, I clicked on it, but couldn't find the midi track to edit. I tried right clicking on it again, and the option was grayed out. I highlighted the track and tried again, but nothing. Can someone help me figure out how to do this?
  19. I would like to know if I can record y own voice and use it to text?
  20. Hi, Is there a way to lower or raise the volume on an audio track that I recorded? Thanks
  21. Following the steps in my last post should solve the issue for any version. Your file plays correctly now, after unchecking the "ÔÇťAutomatically normalize audio volume of external audio/ video files" box in OPTIONS | MEDIA tab. As shown in version 10.43 Maxence's issue may be different, but no file has be submitted for testing.
  22. Hello Maxence and Borate. I am sorry to hear that Maxence is having the same problems I was having except he is dealing with French version numbers. It would seem like it doesn't really make a difference what version Maxence or I am running as long as we can get proper sound files for each .MP4 that we create. I am so grateful to Borate that he brought me down the path of using an older version in order to find a version that works. It seems like a sad comment on the Development side that the sound is broken in the newer versions but I am not able to do anything else about it except rep
  23. Thank you. I will show this to my website coder so we can test it. I had to do it fast so I found a workaround. Take care
  24. Last week
  25. Hi Apply a zoom as Borate describes. Remember that you must have start position for your first rectangle and then an end position for your second rectangle. These are set with keyframes. "........But why can't I just tell it to zoom one small portion of the entire video?...." You can .....but this will involve using keyframes to essentially isolate the part of the video you want to zoom. Effects (including Zoom) only work on a single clip. If the clip is actually the entire video and your zoom is a tiny section of the video then you might need to split the video so as to isolate
  26. Zoom in or out to any area of the image (such as the nose in the above). Just adjust the handles or use the numbers in the effects box. Also experiment with the SCALE and CROP effects. Once the effect is set, click the SAVE icon on the effects toolbar and give it a name. Your custom effect will be just another icon, at the bottom of the effects box. You can also right-click another clip and APPLY LAST USED EFFECT.
  27. Thank you But why can't I just tell it to zoom one small portion of the entire video? And if not, is there not a repeat button so I don't have to do the steps over & over & over again? Thanks
  28. On the sequence timeline drag the image borders to the desired length, then animate the ZOOM effect. http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/videopad/win64bitpaid/effects_animating.html With the effects box scrubber (red line) at the start of the clip, adjust the Zoom parameters either by dragging the handles in preview or with the numbers. Click the small green + to create a keyframe. Move the line to the end of the clip and adjust Zoom to where it should end up. This should automatically create another keyframe. Note the Aspect Ratio box, where a drop-down menu offers many ch
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