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  1. Have a look in Help -> About. If the "Licensed User" entry says "Unlicensed software" then go to Windows "Programs and Features" control panel (or the equivalent on XP) and choose to "Uninstall / Change" Express Scribe. In the uninstall wizard, select the "Downgrade to the free version" option and click Next. If the About box says "Unlicensed Basic Free Version" then the program will work indefinitely. If you still have time left on your Pro trial, the program will just downgrade to the Free version automatically when the trial expires.
  2. In Options -> Display you can change the position format to h:mm:ss and add a custom prefix and suffix.
  3. Did you try running Scribe's controller setup wizard? Help is bundled in the application file as HTML files which should launch your default web browser when viewed. How did you try to launch the help? By using the application menu? The tool-bar button on the main window? A help button on a dialog? A keyboard short-cut?
  4. The DSS format is only supported in the Windows version of Express Scribe, and even then it's not 100% reliable. Wider file format support and speech-to-text conversion would be two of the bigger things missing from the Linux build, just off the top of my head. Also, keep in mind that the Linux version is probably a port of an older version of Express Scribe. You can check http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/versions.html for Windows release notes. I'm not sure if there's similar information for the Linux version.
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