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  1. I'm not sure if you have come to the right place. PhotoPad doesn't have a cartooning effect, or a plug-in architecture for effects. You can ask the developers to implement a cartooning effect, or any other feature that you'd like, by using PhotoPad's Help -> "Send Improvement Suggestion or Feedback" menu item.
  2. In Express Scribe, open Tools -> Options -> "Speech to Text" and click on Help to get information about using a speech-to-text engine to generate a draft transcript.
  3. Web Dictate doesn't have any features like that, but it might be possible to do something similar, depending on what you want. Approve the recording or the transcript? At what stage of the process? Would the electronic signature just be a file attachment, or are you after some kind of tamper prevention?
  4. We've been made aware of this issue. So far we haven't been able to reproduce it, or determine the cause. It works well on the 64 bit machines that we have available for testing. No, that shouldn't be necessary.
  5. What happened three weeks ago? Did you upgrade to a newer version of Scribe? Did you start using a different file format?
  6. Sorry, there's currently no way to enter custom card sizes. If the North American size (89 mm x 51 mm) isn't working for you then try making a suggestion via the Help -> "Send Improvement Suggestion or Feedback" menu item.
  7. Express Scribe currently does not support the DS2 format.
  8. Express Scribe is free. There is no licence.
  9. It's hard to guess what the problem is without hearing what you're hearing, but changing Options -> Playback -> "Volume auto-adjust" to None might be a good start. There's no paid version of Scribe.
  10. Not in the current version, sorry.
  11. I think the temporary file is deleted when the custom command exits, and thunderbird.exe is exiting as soon as the compose window is opened.
  12. Please see this topic for details. This isn't related to the above. Are you able to play the video in Microsoft Media Player?
  13. What did the Duration column say?
  14. You can probably load the audio by renaming the file from *.wmv to *.wma before you load it into Scribe. That's obviously a terrible, short-term work-around though. In the long term, I recommend you use the Help -> "Send bug report" menu item and follow the prompts to upload one of the offending files so we can try to fix the problem.
  15. How old is your colleague's version of Express Scribe? Does she only get audio, or both audio and video?
  16. I recommend you report it as a bug (Help -> "Send bug report" from Scribe's menus). Make sure you include the exact make and model of the recorder and any information about how it's configured (such as file format, quality setting, etc.). Please also upload a problem file with the bug report - if you can't send the original due to privacy reasons, could you make another 46 minute recording of the radio / TV? Finally, please include your email address in the bug report, so we contact you for more details if needed.
  17. In Options -> Pedals -> "Command map / test", the command mappings are customisable. It's not obvious, but you can click on any entry in the Command column to show a pull-down list of commands. The same can be done in the "Controller Setup Wizard".
  18. The problem's obviously not with the foot pedals then. Could it be a problem with your sound drivers? Have you tried running Windows Update, or does the sound card (or motherboard, if it's on-board) manufacturer have updated drivers available on their website?
  19. Express Scribe v5.10 for OS X was released on November 5th.
  20. Are you able to play the file in Windows Media Player?
  21. What happens if you use the mouse or keyboard short-cuts instead of the foot pedal?
  22. Scribe's system-wide hot-key for getting the current playback time just copies the time to the clipboard, so you can paste that into any text editor / word processor.
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