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  1. Do the problem MSV files load and play properly in Windows Media Player on the Windows 7 machine?
  2. To state the obvious, have you looked at Options -> Playback -> "Sound Device"?
  3. The only way I can get the "Invalid user name" error is by leaving the "User name" field blank. Is there anything else you can think of that would help us reproduce this problem? It certainly wouldn't work correctly, if it worked at all.
  4. The write test will be failing because your FTP account doesn't have the needed privileges. Ask the FTP server administrator if they can allow writing and deleting using your account. This sounds like a bug in Express Scribe, but we'll need more information to reproduce it. Which version of Express Scribe are you running? What operating system? Just to confirm, the "Invalid user name" message appears when you click the OK button on the "Incoming Source Properties" dialog? How many characters are there in your FTP user name? Does your FTP user name contain any non-English or non-alpha-numeric characters?
  5. After you've downloaded the templates using your web browser, you need to load them into CardWorks using the File -> "Open template..." menu item. The new templates will then appear in the scrolling row of template previews.
  6. I just did a quick test of v5.13 and was able to play back some test files in both MOV and WMV formats. If you're having problems then make sure your system is up to date. (e.g. For WMV, make sure you have a recent version of Windows Media Player installed.) If you're still having problems then you can send us a sample file that demonstrates the problem by submitting a bug (Help -> "Submit bug report" in Scribe's menus), checking the "I can provide an example file", then following the instructions on the next page to upload the file.
  7. The feature only works with commercial audio CD's. It won't work with CD's that you've authored yourself.
  8. It doesn't play whole DVD's. It can play individual VOB files, but only if they're not encrypted / copy protected.
  9. Could you trigger the play/pause, stop, previous track, and next track key codes from the dedicated keys on a multimedia keyboard?
  10. You can't import a profile directly into Scribe - you need to import it using the tool relevant to your speech recognition engine. e.g. For Windows built-in engine, try the instructions here.
  11. Express Scribe v5.13 has now been released, with a fix for this problem.
  12. The speech-to-text conversion should start automatically when the dictation finishes loading. There's no need to click or double-click. Unfortunately, Scribe doesn't give any visual indication that speech-to-text is working in the background. That's obviously too long. Something must have gone wrong. v4.23 is very old though, and there have been changes to the speech-to-text code since then. Can you try a more recent version? Speech-to-text output is pasted into the Notes window. I'm not sure about your old version, but recent versions have a File -> "Export notes" menu item. Or you could just copy and paste the text into a word processor document.
  13. My apologies. I just did a test with Express Scribe v5.10 and it forwarded the dictation using the PCM codec (i.e. a huge file). We'll look into fixing this in the next release.
  14. You need to import the speaker profile using Microsoft's program in order to make it available to Scribe.
  15. I'm not sure what you mean by "placed another speaker profile in the same location". You'd either need to create a new profile using the speech recognition software and get the speaker to train it on your PC, or use an export / import tool to transfer a profile from their PC to yours. When a dictation arrives and speech-to-text is enabled, Scribe tries to match the speaker's user ID to one of the user-specific profiles. If no match is found, it uses the default profile. Using the default profile for a different speaker will decrease the accuracy of the speech-to-text conversion.
  16. In Options -> "Speech to Text", check "Enable speech recognition" and select the Windows speech recognition engine and speaker profile. If you don't have a profile for the doctor (i.e. the doctor has not trained your speech recognition engine) then the accuracy of the conversion will suffer. Click OK. Now, whenever you load a dictation, the speech to text conversion will happen in the background. Wait a while (it can take a long time for long recordings) and the text will be pasted into the notes window when it has all been converted.
  17. What happens? Do you get an error message? Are you having trouble loading or playing other audio / video formats, or just MOV files?
  18. Forwarded DCT's are always created using GSM codec, which should create much smaller files than you're seeing. Are you using Windows? Which version of Scribe?
  19. Currently not, unfortunately.
  20. greythecat, you should have received an email with further instructions. Post again if you don't get it. PS: Sorry for the delay.
  21. Damian Lettie


    The only place where MSRS integrates speech-to-text engines is in the "Speech Search" tab of the "Find and Play Recordings" dialog. Dragon NaturallySpeaking should be compatible, although I don't think anyone here has test version 11 yet. If you're asking about using speech-to-text to generate a draft transcript then please have a look at Express Scribe, which can be used to transcribe recordings made in MSRS.
  22. How long was the dictation? What audio format / codec options did you set for that recipient? Depending on the above settings, it may take a while to convert the audio before starting the upload.
  23. Can I get you to report the bug officially using Scribe's Help -> "Send Bug Report" menu item? Please make sure you supply your email address with the bug report and we'll contact you directly to try and resolve this.
  24. Could you give some more details: - Which version of Express Scribe? - Which make / model of foot pedal? - What are your machine specs? - Does Messenger usually play a sound when you receive a new message? - Are you able to reproduce the problem without using the foot pedal? e.g. By clicking the Play button with your mouse when a message arrives?
  25. Sounds like this is a problem with the stability of Express Scribe in general, not something specific to foot pedals. What are the specifications of your PC?
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