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  1. Express Scribe is testing your free disk space against the value in the "Warn me when my hard drive space is below (MB)" setting, not the size of your dictation. In v4.23 you can find that setting on the Disk Usage tab of the Settings dialog.
  2. Express Scribe should use your system's default email client. How To Change Default Email Client [Microsoft Support] How to compact PST and OST files to eliminate deleted item space in Outlook [Microsoft Support]
  3. The channel volume and mute controls do actually work, but not in real-time. You have to press Play again for them to take effect. It's a bug in v4.23.
  4. It wouldn't be fast if it was less than 100%, so that makes sense. Not allowing speeds below 25% might be a sound quality issue.
  5. In the Email Settings dialog you should see three send methods (MAPI, SMTP and "Send directly"), several SMTP settings (server, user-name, etc.), and the Default Reply Email. I don't know of any problems with MAPI and Outlook Express, although you probably do need to fill in the reply address. Also, configure any virus scanning software you have installed so that it doesn't add text to outgoing messages. I've seen a couple of virus scanners that corrupt outgoing mails that have attachments. Just as a simple test, try sending a mail with a Word attachment to the same recipient normally, using Outlook Express. ie. Take Express Scribe out of the equation. You may find that the recipient's mail server is rejecting your mail just because it has the attachment.
  6. Have you clicked on "Email Settings" in the Dispatch dialog and double-checked all the settings there?
  7. The "Auto backstep on stop" setting in the Playback tab of the Options dialog should behave the same for both keyboard and pedals. Unless you have access to a spare foot-pedal for testing (even a USB joystick would probably suffice), trying the keyboard short-cuts and experimenting with different dictation files seem like the easiest experiments to narrow down where the problem is.
  8. The normal Play, Rewind, etc. keyboard shortcuts should work if Express Scribe is the active window, regardless of whether you have global hot-keys enabled or not. We just need to determine if you can reproduce the playback problems using anything other than pedals.
  9. Do you get the same sound "bouncing" problem if you use a keyboard shortcut instead of a pedal?
  10. Unfortunately it's a bug, not a configurable setting.
  11. Do you mean the "Variable Speed Slow (%)" and "Variable Speed Fast (%)" settings? Are the settings you tried to save below 25% or greater that 225%? The Options dialog doesn't mention it, but Express Scribe will limit the values to this range.
  12. Does the file load in WavePad? If so, try re-saving it and loading the new file into Express Scribe.
  13. The DSS format is only supported in the Windows version of Express Scribe, and even then it's not 100% reliable. Wider file format support and speech-to-text conversion would be two of the bigger things missing from the Linux build, just off the top of my head. Also, keep in mind that the Linux version is probably a port of an older version of Express Scribe. You can check http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/versions.html for Windows release notes. I'm not sure if there's similar information for the Linux version.
  14. v4.02? Did you mean v5.02? What is your "Data Folder" option set to? (For v5.02 it's in the User tab of the Settings dialog.) Do you know if you're using Windows roaming profiles by any chance?
  15. When you say it does "nothing", does that mean the hot-keys are still visible in the list? Do they reappear in the list next time you open Scribe? There was a bug in older Scribe installers on Windows Vista that would add the default hot-keys in such a way that you could only delete them if you ran the application as administrator. (Right click on the Express Scribe shortcut and select "Run as administrator"). Might be worth a try. NB: NCH doesn't recommend using "Run as administrator" for normal usage, so make sure you quit Scribe straight away and run it again normally after you try this work-around.
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