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  1. Hi B Very Odd. I've done this several times including just now as a test with 53 images without any problems. Does this mean that the default time can't be relied on? I have to say I've never noticed differences before but then I usually alter clip durations in slideshows manually as I edit, either to match music or commentary. One thing then to find out is if the thing is reproducable and if the odd durations always affect the same image. I'll try it with another set of images..different sizes etc and see if it comes out the same. Nat
  2. Hi Moving cursor line works fine with both methods. To Insert a clip... Step cursor line to insert point or join Select clip in the bin and use the option Place on Sequence at Cursor (Ctrl+Shift+Insert) The clip will be inserted at the selected join and everything to the right will be shifted along Alternative Step cursor to the chosen join in the timeline Select clip in the bin and use the option Overlay on Sequence at Cursor Grab the clip on the overlay track and pull it vertically down onto Track 1 The clip will be inserted at the selected join
  3. Hi Your reasoning and procedure would seem correct but the arithmatic is a little out 5 minutes 16 seconds = 316 seconds. Each of the 53 images must have a duration of 316/53 = 5.96 seconds So... Open VP In Options/Media enter 5.96 into the box labelled Default still image duration Load images and drag and drop onto Track 1 (If they are in order in the image bin just use Ctrl+A to select them all and drag/drop then in one go onto the track. They will retain their order.) All images will have a duration of 5.96 seconds and appear of equal length on
  4. Hi All It would seem that transparency in the image in this case should be ignored. Although the png already has transparency as shown by the top image and the desired "ghost" effect is there by simply using it as an overlay. The problem MummyPazuzu had was adding a Scale effect to make it smaller or any movement effect like Position. The already existing transparency being apparently lost as soon as Scale is selected even before any values are entered or sliders moved. In fact this doesn't matter..It's just an an unwanted effect that is a bit misleading (in this case.)
  5. Hi After you have added a specific effect to one of the grouped clips, and setting it so all the selected clips get that effect,check what effects have been actually added (or are present) in the ones that seem messed up. We have reported a problem here where the default values are NOT deleted from the associated clips so these end up with duplicated effects one being the default and the other being the required one. Nat
  6. Hi Your image as downloaded has transparency. Overlaid on a clip without any changes the transparency is retained. As soon as Scale is added to make it smaller it does indeed lose all transparency even though the timeline shows that this is apparently not the case... Adding a Position effect does the same thing so what you describe is correct. Not sure how Borate managed to get his result though. The png as downloaded was already transparent and as used had the 50% VP default value applied. Nat
  7. Hi "....I'm still having issues at the moment with saving audio clips. ...." Right click on the Video clip in the Clip bin. From the menu select Save Audio Clip as a New File.... The Audio attached to the clip will be saved as a wav file in the Audio bin.... A further copy of this wav file will also be saved in the folder set up in Options/Disk It's the second box down named Captured audio. You can set up any file you like for captured images/and other clips by using the Browser tab on the right.. even the Desktop. If you STILL can't find it Right click the f
  8. Hi If you know beforehand you need 50 images that have a total duration of 3:12 you should have done the calculation 192/50 to get the duration of each image(= 3.84 seconds ) and then set it in Options/Media/Default still image duration. If you didn't do this each image will use the default value whatever that was. To change them in the image clip bin before you add them to the timeline.... Place the cursor in the bin Press Ctrl + A. This will select all the images in the bin Right click on one of the thumbnails and select Change Clip Speed Left click the Du
  9. Hi Alternative.. Go to the frame before the framein question Split Click Next Frame Split Change to Storyboard mode Click on and Delete Ripple the Frame you separated with the two splits. (It will have a duration of around 0.033 seconds at 30fps)... Nat
  10. Hi Some things to check Under Options/Editing what is the Default Transition Duration set at? Under Options Editing what is the Video Clip Transitioning option set at? Under Options/Media what is the Default Still Image Duration set at? Here I have: 4 seconds Always Ask 10 seconds. Generally no problems. Nat
  11. Hi It should be pointed out that when you have completed projects copies of all the files associated with those projects remain stored in the cache and unless the cache is emptied from time to time it can fill up with a large quantity of unwanted (or unused) data. If you do this when VP is empty the cache will be totally cleared, including, however files you may be currently using. The correct (?) way to use the cache is to first load the project and THEN clear the unused cache files. Old files are then cleared leaving just the current project files. Loading a project to a complete
  12. Hi Still. a bit odd. After finishing with a project the contents of the two caches are as shown.... After reopening VP and without loading anything (leaving it empty,) when the Option/Disk/Clear Unused cache files is clicked, the folders are in this state... All VideoPadCache files have been cleared.... All VideoPadSoundCache files have been cleared and just the VideoPadSoundCache folder (empty) is left. But as mentioned even if this is manually removed it is regenerated when another project is opened. This is with V
  13. Hi Note also that if you select the sound clip from the audio files bin (top left) you have a choice of placements including the Start; End; the red cursor or an overlay track at the cursor position. The default placement is set under Options/Media Existing timeline clips will be moved depending on the choice made. The overlay track shouldn't move any of the upper clips along. Direct dragging and dropping of the audio onto a lower (overlay) audio track also shouldn't disturb upper tracks. Practice a bit with the options on a few clips to see what happens. Nat
  14. Hi You can clear (manually delete) everything the cache folder even the sound cache folder. It will be regenerated when you start another project. However tests here show that if you use Option/Disk and delete the unused cache files (and assuming you have closed VP and not retained anything...i.e. you want to completely wipe the cache) then all the files in the cache are deleted including the sound cache files. The sound cache folder remains however but it emptied. If your sound cache is not being emptied and VP has no open project when you go to Option/disk then there would see
  15. Hi You have tagged on to a REALLY old thread. (2017) It might be better to start a new one for a future query. In answer to your question re. location of Cache file. Open Options/Disk and note the location shown in the lowest box. navigate there to fine the cache file. You could also browse to another location...e.g. the desktop and set that as your choice. Close VP and then reopen it. The cache file should then appear in the new location. You can physically empty this (delete the contents) like any folder. No need to have VP open when you do this. I use a PC so assume that the Mac
  16. Hi Try these...... Create your text Add your effects to the text Save your project. (Just the text). You will have a vpj file. Load this vpj file before you start your next project. Create your text Add effects to your text Export the project. (Just the text) as an mp4 etc. At any point during editing of your new project, load the saved mp4 clip of the text. Green screen the text clip using black to render the background transparent. Unfortunately, although you can import clips (including text clips) from another project. an
  17. Hi Video of 1hr 13 mins 43 seconds. Played OK in VLC but although the first 39 seconds plays sound (Opening squence) it is at a very low volume. Following that audio seems fine. Using Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E4500@ 2.2GHz, 2.0 GB RAM NVIDEA GeForce GT 730. From an empty cache file, your video loaded to VP clip bin in 7 seconds.and it loaded FULLY to the timeline (full green bar) in around 20 mins, although it could be played with no hangups from almost the start. Audio track appeared immediately.The CPU was running during this time at
  18. Hi Obviously if you increse the speed of a clip x2 (200%) you should note that the duration value halves. Does this happen? At the same time the length of the visible clip on the timeline halves... Does this happen? Using version 8.94 the exported duration of this clip is now 11 seconds (as shown) instead of 22 seconds If this is not happening then something is not working correctly. Upload and lets take a look. You didn't possibly change the speed and then press Reset instead of Set? Nat
  19. Hi 1) Have you tried simply using the time line to move the cursor line backwards or forwards a specific amount. Its marked in seconds and you can simply click on the value of the subtracted (or added) time value which will move the cursor to that point. If you want you could also do the calculation manually and enter the value obtained into the time box under the sequence preview window. This will also move the cursor the position desired. 4) On the top toolbar click the option Suite. This opens a toolbar with the various NCH video add-ons. Select the one you want and if you don't
  20. Hi Unlike film where individual frames can be marked VP cannot set a marker on an individual frame on an individual track; something which could be very useful. A suggestion was put in to NCH quite recently that this ought to be implemented. As you have found Bookmarks are no use in this context and off hand I can't think of a work around that is practicable. I have re-suggested it. Currently you might possibly have to split each track in question and then group each one and then line up the splits in the different tracks using them as markers. I think you would need to work along t
  21. Hi Go to VP Options/Disk. The second box down (captured audio) is the address of the folder in which your audio files are saved. You can change this by browsing to another folder (or even the desktop) and selecting that folder as the destination. Nat
  22. Hi If you are cutting different tracks , linked or otherwise I find it more logical to use the Split button under the Sequence preview window as you then have the option to select specific tracks. Not known any part of a cut clip to self destruct. Nat
  23. Hi "....And it's not generating cache files, because that process start the moment you drag a clip on to the timeline...." Clips are loaded to the cache as soon as they start loading to the program. This involves indexing the clip, copying the clip and loading the audio The first to be loaded is the videoFileIndex.cache. As soon as the clip is complete and in the bin with the preview windows "alive" copies of the video as video.cache and the videoINDEX.cache are generated and loaded to the cache folder.The audio is then loaded to the VideoPadSoundCache... and this is befo
  24. Hi It does behave as you describe, ending up with blank image, and I also would have thought that you could snapshot an animated text frame. However if you want just a simple scroll of a line of text you might as well apply a Position effect and using keyframes start and and stop the animation where you want to and then fade out from there or do a full scroll with Position effect; setting start and end keyframes and then snapshot the required frame at the end..as snapshot works in this scenario. The still frame is then easily faded out. The first option is the simplest. Nat
  25. Hi "...but when I press play only the text on one of the layers shows. ...." Are you pressing "Play" on the Clip Preview screen?? This will only show the specific clip on a track (e.g. a text clip) if it is selected. Usually though, you would have the Sequence preview visible by default or possibly dual displays, so it's only a suggestion. Pressing "Play" under the The Sequence Preview screen should show all the tracks exactly the same as when you move the red cursor bar along the timeline. So what you describe is a bit odd. Nat
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