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  1. Hi With the unlicensed version ofExpress Burn for Home Use Only, the disc options shown are... Nat
  2. Hi You have come onto the NCH Videopad forum. You need the NCH Debut forum. Try here... https://nch.invisionzone.com/forum/54-debut/ Your topic has been transferred. Nat
  3. Hi In order to reconstruct your project so as to look at the problem we need to get a copy of all the constituent files as well as a .vpj file. Using the VP option Menu/File/Backup Project Files to a folder you will end up will a numbered folder containing everything needed to reconstruct your project. That's as far as VP goes.....It copies and saves all the files together in one folder. This is the folder that you need to upload to Dropbox etc. Borate has included a link to both Google Drive and MS OneDrive in his post. (They are different hosting sites but work in a similar way.) C
  4. Hi From a practical point of view and without any project in the works, i.e all previous work completed and exported, open VP and initiate Options/Disc/Clear unused cache files. This action will delete everything in the cache leaving it empty for any future project. (The VideoPadSoundCache folder however will remain but will also have been emptied. When you start a new project and load clips/images etc to VP the cache will fill with copies of these. As you work it's a good idea to Save Project AS regularly. It's also useful to have a dedicated named folder for these saves. Eac
  5. Hi I still think this may have been connected to VP deleting the autosaved cache files when both were present.(i.e. when the above message appeared ) and the vpj was chosen for loading. I've not seen the deleting message again when I tested the idea with a single 40 min project clip so it may also be related to having a large autosaved cache with multiple clips. Under normal use the cache will continue to grow with successive projects if it is never cleared under the Options/Disc/Clear Unused cache Files. It's probably prudent that it is cleared before a new project is started and
  6. Hi "...However, What I have noticed is that if you close down leaving an autosaved project VP will remind you that there is an autosaved project and ask if you want to reload the Autosave/Reload the vpj/Cancel. At this point the routine cache is untouched. If you opt to reload the vpj file that you saved VP will clear the autosaved cache which (I think) is in Appdata/Roaming and that is what you see being deleted. The routine cache will remain untouched and will be used to reconstruct the project as normal....." It was only whilst playing with the subject of this post that I managed
  7. Hi Using VP 10.43 32 bit there is no automatic clearing of the cache on exit (Using the X). It's easy to manually clear the cache as with any Windows folder with no problem as the VP sound cache folder is regenerated with the next new project. The usual way is of course by using Options/Disc. However, What I have noticed is that if you close down leaving an autosaved project VP will remind you that there is an autosaved project and ask if you want to reload the Autosave/Reload the vpj/Cancel. At this point the routine cache is untouched. If you opt to reload the vpj file that you sa
  8. Hi "........but I want an option that it always chooses to save in the same directory as the source file. ...." Your particular way of working would seem to suggest that your source files are all in the same folder. That's great and in my opinion it's probably the proper way to go and it's tidy. An option like you suggest could be made to work if that was always the case. However I'm pretty sure many users have source files for a video they are creating in different folders, perhaps because they need to actually keep them separate.(Once selected and in the bin, VP knows where they ha
  9. Hi "....Soo my biggest suggestion is: Please could you realize that videopad exports the video file automatically to the same folder as the source and with the same name but with _a or _1 behind it? ...." Under Options/Export it is you who define the export folder for your finished video. Once this is done VP will use this as the default export folder. This could be the source folder for the clips used in the project. It is up to you to decide on this. It is more than likely however that source clips are held in several different locations or folders and so your suggestion to us
  10. Hi Instead of using subtitles which have to scroll at the same speed as the sound, (being linked to the video this speed can't be altered without altering the video) it would be better perhaps to create blocks of simple text and place them one at a time under the clip. They would be stable and could be changed in time with the audio. e.g. Transferred from the NCH Videopad English language forum. Salut Normalement il s'agit d'un forum en Anglais.. N'importe..Au lieu d'utiliser des sous-titres qui doivent défiler à la même vitesse que le son (étant lié à la vidéo,) cette v
  11. Hi Personally I don't use the Preview effect box and leave it unticked. I also as a routine have Dual displays set up. (Options/Display) It should work like this..... Set up your Zoom keyframes and you will see the selected Zoom rectangle in Clip Preview (on the left with dual display. ) The Clip Preview will NOT display the zoom but when played and paused should show the progress of the Zoom rectangle If the Preview effect box is now ticked the Clip Preview will show the actual zoom without the rectangles. The Sequence preview window will show the effect depend
  12. Hi As part of a clip........ Play to the start of the section to reverse. Split clip Play to the end of the section to reverse (e.g. 10 seconds further) Split clip Right click the section between the splits Select Reverse Clip from the menu As a complete clip.... Right click the clip on the timeline Select Reverse Clip from the menu. The section between the splits (or the complete clip) will play backwards. (Note that the audio will also reverse unless you unlink it first) Nat
  13. Hi "....the cursor control keys only work when working with the video track of the clip, not the audio track. ...." This is normal. If you are working with just an audio clip, the next Frame I> and Previous frame <I buttons under the preview windows do not operate (as there are no frames to jump to) They should function normally with an unlinked video clip or a video clip with no audio. One way around this if you want to work on just an audio clip and you do want to step along it, is to place a silent video clip on an upper track (an image or blank won't work for this.)
  14. Hi If you can't find the default folder for audio. Set up one you can find. To set up a folder for your saved audio - Click Options/Disc......and under Captured Audio browse to a suitable location that you know you can find. (e.g. Desktop) To save the entire timeline not just a selected clip, open the Sequence bin and right click the sequence (usually Sequence 1) Select Save Sequence Audio as a New File. An audio file will be saved in your Options selected location that you set up. (e.g. Desktop) At the same time it will also be placed in the Audio bin as Sequence 1.wav The tim
  15. Hi What version of VP are you using? It's not too clear what you are describing. Are you loading your clips using the Add Files tab or are you dragging and dropping clips to the bin area? When released (or added) do they appear in the bin as thumbnails At what point do they disappear? Bear in find that there are different bins for each file type....Clips...Audio...Images...Sequences. You won't see any clip TNs if the Image bin is the one you have open etc. You might try a re-install. Nat
  16. Hi You should be able to drag Clip 2 on Video Track 1 along to the right..(or left) ..Just grab it in the middle and move it. If it's a complete clip then you won't be able to make any longer except by making it run slower. Nat Moving clip to right.mp4
  17. Hi It's not clear what your project actually is. Is it meant to be a slideshow of 5 images? When you created your project what did you use, Images or Video clips? Nat
  18. Hi Error noted using your clips. My own clips work OK. tried various combinations and only found the spurious frame when your Clip 1 and Clip 2 were used. It gave the same result when the blank image was changed for my own image etc. Also showed the fault when the timeline was set up with your files without using the vpj. Odd result though after snapping using your files.. Cursor line clearly over Clip 2 but Clip 1 is displayed in the Sequence preview. As Borate has reported this perhaps NCH can fathom it out. Nat
  19. Hi Didn't see this with my version but if you drag the image on track 2 back to the left out of the way then move the timeline cursor over to the middle of clip 2 and then use II< to step back to the join do you get the same position value under sequence window if you do the same with image snapped to the join? i.e. is the right hand end of the image on Track 2 the same value as the join on Track 1 Nat
  20. Hi gdog Sorry, I can't find a problem here. With the setup you describe, dragging the Time line cursor along to the right always cleanly moves the Sequence Preview to Clip 2. The only thing possibly a little incorrect (but it's not a problem) is that whichever part of the timeline has the focus, Clip 1 or the image on track 2, and you then drag the Clip Preview cursor line along to the right to review it , when it gets to the end, the Sequence Preview shows the first frame of Clip 2 even though, on paper you haven't actually got to clip 2. To my way of thinking it ought to simpl
  21. Hi Re camera. Similar problem here for a start. Try a different order when you connect up. i.e.... Plug in camera. Open VP and click Record/Record Video If camera not immediately listed click down arrow again. It may show it defaulted to the PC camera. Here I don't have a camera built in but it listed my previous webcam. Down arrowing again showed the inserted USB webcam for an instant. Try this a few times until you can "catch" it. Once it appears in the list go back to the main screen and then repeat click Record/Record video. The new camera should now show as the
  22. Hi Here's another.. Place the video on Track 1 Play to the start of first section and split the track Play to the end of the section and split the track Grab the section and drag it vertically to Track 2 Do the same for all the other required sections. Right click at the head (left end) of Video Track 1 and Delete the track Right click the head (left end) of Audio Track 1 and Delete the track Close the gaps in Video Track 2 Your selected clips are now all together with their sound on Video Track 2 PS you can do this reversing the tr
  23. Hi The short reply is yes. However the choice of export formats may be limited with the free version. Try exporting as AVI if others won't work. Nat
  24. Hi Clips on upper tracks will obscure the clips beneath them unless they are smaller in size or have a different AR or have transparent areas. In which case the lower clip will only be partially obscured. Film 1 on Track 1 Film 2 ove it on Track 2 Both clips will play but only the upper track will be seen. The overlay film can be scaled down in size, partially faded or re-positioned to show part of the clip underneath on Track 1. Nat
  25. Hi You could use the Split Screen effect. Place Vid 1 on Track 1 Place Vid 2 on Track 2 Click the FX for Track 1 and select Split Screen/ Horizontal 2 / Click Region A /Fit to region Click the FX for Track 2 and select Split screen/ Horizontal 2 / Click Region B /Fit to region. The result will show Vid 1 on the left and Vid 2 on the right. If your clips are 16:9 then there will be bands at the top and bottom. Experiment with the controls and layout to suit yourself. Nat
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