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  1. And for anyone who wants the instructions for Wavepad, we found them. How to lower or raise the volume Install file Make sure you are on "Home" at the top Off to the right is volume Then click on amplify Under Gain % use the arrows to lower or raise it. It changes the decibels, not the % Then hit apply. Save file as Leave the settings as a default & click ok
  2. I think you made a mistake. You said if we aren't recording there is no option. I think you meant to say if there is ONLY an option if you are recording. Thanks
  3. Hi, Is there a way to lower or raise the volume on an audio track that I recorded? Thanks
  4. Thank you. I will show this to my website coder so we can test it. I had to do it fast so I found a workaround. Take care
  5. Thank you But why can't I just tell it to zoom one small portion of the entire video? And if not, is there not a repeat button so I don't have to do the steps over & over & over again? Thanks
  6. Hi, So PicMonkey has a zoom animation effect, but then the video only lasts 5 seconds & I need a video that lasts 2.5 mins. In NCH with an image I tried to click on effects & attempted to do the zoom, but it's not doing anything. Can you help please. Are there zoom & other animations somewhere? Thanks
  7. Thanks I did restart my computer after that b/c I had a feeling it was that. It's still on the slow side, but not as bad. I hope you are well.
  8. Hi Nat, Yes it was quite simple once I figured it out & we figured out the background color was right there, including the shadow checkbox which is way better than the text effects shadow, so all done. My only issue now is that I made that into its own video, added it to another video & it's taking FOREVER to export that video. Do these videos with scrolling make the exporting a lot longer? When I exported the scrolling video which was around 35 seconds, it exported right away. I don't know why this other video is taking FOREVER. Almost an hour & it's only at 35% & it's roughly an hour or just less. Thanks
  9. Hi there, So I want to have text that just sits there, then the credits scroll at the end like they do in a TV/movie & I can't figure out how to do it. I was looking for it in the video affects & it's not there. I like the Spotlight one, but I still wanted the text to scroll. Can I have both somehow? I do see the text affects, but I've tried it before & it's too complicated, plus having to type it all in manually when I already had the text on an image with a colored background. I wanted some color or texture to the text, background or both, not just plain white on black. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. Hi, So I dragged music to a new track below my talking audio & it separated my talking audio & the images I had on other tracks creating gaping holes where they used to be.. Then I pushed the audio back over to the left to join up with the other audio pieces, but then it did it again, moving stuff around on other tracks. I then locked the other 2 tracks & tried to move the pieces over & that worked except for the LAST track & the last piece, it won't move over. Help Thanks
  11. Well there is no way for me to know that a new update is available. Any software I use & I use a lot, ALL prompt me when there's a new update. Why NCH doesn't is beyond me. That's poor coding IMO. So I tried to redo the first project that wasn't working with the transition after deleting the other 2 & AGAIN, it won't ask me if I want to keep the files together, etc. This is such a waste of my time & so frustrating. And no, if I put a video into track 1 first & then split it & then add an image to the beginning of it, it pushes it to track 2 & I have to waste time moving it down to track 1 & wasting time deleting it. Not liking this new version that's causing a new set of issues, but what is MOST important is that the transition still isn't working.
  12. Ok, so we just found out that my NCH hasn't been prompting me to update, & I was on a somewhat old version 8.84. I'm paying by the quarter, not for the yearly price. Now that I updated, it's working, but that was just a quick test. I still have to do it on the real files to make sure it works. My website coder tried it on his computer & it also didn't work for him, but that could have been b/c his updated & he was opening the old project files. Isn't the software supposed to prompt me to update when I launch it? I normally have it open all the time, but when I restart my computer it should ask me. Also, why is it loading 2 video tracks? That's very confusing b/c when I pull the video or image down, it puts them in video track 2, not 1. I only want one track unless I pull more files down. My website coder thinks it's b/c I pulled down an image first & it assumed I wanted that on a separate track (I didn't.) Thanks
  13. Replying to borate - I'm sorry you didn't understand me. I never said the file was overwriting anything. I said the location where it normally saves changed & I never changed it. For freeze frames, the option that was checked off was Ask me. That didn't work, so we changed it to freeze frames. It's not doing that either, it's overlapping. Like I said, it was working before, now it's not working or it's not working on every video I'm working with. -0-0- Hi Nat, Not sure how that will help solve the problem, but I didn't realize those were there, so I did edit them for what I normally use. Thanks
  14. Hi everyone, So I've been using Videopad for around 5-6 months now, & all of a sudden the transition feature isn't working properly where I get the Video Clip Transitioning popup that asks me if I want overlap or whatever. It's working on one video, but not on 2 others & I've never had an issue with it before. I normally cut a video & then add a slide & transition between the two with a fade. Also, the location where the VPJ files go when saving suddenly changed & I never changed anything. Those files always went into that location every single time. Is anyone else having these issues? A couple of months ago I learned that tech support isn't REALLY tech support so I'm paying for nothing, & they don't understand English or do their job properly. I tell them what's wrong & they ask me a few days later what's wrong or constantly tell me there's nothing wrong or that I have do look everything up myself instead of JUST telling me or at least giving me a link to the right article. sigh I'm so frustrated that they offer no support that I'm ready to start looking for another software if anyone has any suggestions. I'm a newbie pretty much, so nothing very complicated & I'm on Win 7. Or maybe you can tell me why the software is suddenly causing issues. Thanks
  15. No I didn't want to make the video longer, just make sure I have enough images to show up during the video b/c it's a podcast, not a video. I did end up figuring out that I have 20 images so I should have enough for the 1 1/2 hour podcast, but I would like to know for the future just in case. Thanks @Nationalsolo & @borate
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