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  1. It just occurred to me that I made that first video, “Everybody,” during my free trial. When I exported it, I purchased the software (9.04). That could explain why that first video did not have a noise problem, and everything subsequent did. Just wanted to pass that on lest it might be useful knowledge in future— Thanks for everything!!
  2. So for some reason, I get a 1/2 second sync error and a tremendous lot of noise (except no noise on that first project!!), although you do not. --Also, the Audio tab -> Audio Effects->Noise Removal slider/FX icon on audio track does not make any change in the noise, whether I position it at 0 or -40. Might that be a clue of some sort as to what is wrong? I have re-booted; no difference.--I will try the new version. I so appreciate your help and suggestions, and the time you have taken for me! -0-0- Oh! That's Version 8.97. Is that preferable to 9.07, which NCH suggests?
  3. Borate, thank you; you are amazing! This is exactly what I needed! Can you tell me the steps you followed? What I did was: unlink the video-audio tracks and drag the audio where I want it. But then I right-click on audio track, click Restore Linked Video, and the video snaps forward to meet the audio track. Or if I right-click on video track and click Restore Linked Clip, the audio snaps back to meet the video. I have tried holding down “ALT” or “SHIFT” while dragging; same thing. The same thing happens if I go to “Clip Preview” and click “Relink”. I finally figured out that if I high
  4. Thank you, Borate! Here is "Everybody", as I originally exported it. Seems fine except for the 1/2 second lag of video. At about 1 minute in, the actor comes into closeup and you can clearly see the lag. A little bit of noise. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Insi1c7fWuLeIppepxv8WRlchmy9sDfo/view?usp=sharing and this is that same video, re-loaded into VideoPad, without additional editing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10z2iEs0XGzGvvp4B2HA7ZIsFitaogh3X/view?usp=sharing Don't know if you can tell without a timeline to look at, but it is now lagging 1 full second, and
  5. I recently made a 12-minute video (“Everybody”) on VideoPad, using mp4 clips from various Zoom recordings. Everything worked splendidly, it looked great, except that it was ½ second out of sync (video lagging audio). I submitted it as-is. I subsequently learned how to sync, and have been experimenting with other Zoom clips. All were originally in sync when I played them on Windows Media Player, but when I bring them into VideoPad they consistently come in ½ second out of sync. I reloaded the exported “Everybody” into VideoPad and found that it was now out of sync by 1 full second, and the
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