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  1. Interesting, interesting. --In my case, there will be like 100 "existing clips", is that right? Each image is a "clip"? I'm not clear how I select those I want. I tried moving the cursor over a few and turning them blue, but when I right-clicked on one it gave me the option to Delete/Crop or Export the selected region, or to split all tracks, but not to Change Clip Speed. If I didn't turn them blue with the cursor, I could Change Clip Speed. How do I select more than one? This is all quite fun; I wish I had more time!
  2. Yes! Thank you! I knew there was a way somehow. (Nice to see Alfred E Neuman again.) I plan to be uploading about 100 separate images to make a short animated film. I'll be photographing an evolving drawing. My camera makes images at 16 x 10.64. I'm probably just gonna go with that and accept the black edge, instead of trying to change the aspect ratio on 100 images. I see that there is also a way to change the aspect ratio on the whole sequence as it's playing (I'd been doing it in the Clip Bin) and might try that, BUT it looks like it doesn't stretch the image to fill 16 x 9, but just adds the black stripe along the edge. Would this be helpful in any way? I opened a new topic to ask a question about the animation, but better I should ask you: the images upload into the track at 3 seconds duration. I will probably want them at 0.5 seconds. Is there any way to group them together and change the duration of all at once, rather than one at a time 100 times? Thanks!! I guess that's all for the moment--
  3. I am making a brief animated film. I will download probably 100 images and put them into a sequence. My question is: is there any way to control some or all of them as a group, and give each one a duration of 0.5 seconds, or will I have to change the duration of each of them individually? Thank you!
  4. Thank you for such a thorough response, Nat! But I'm unclear--when I perform Change Clip Aspect Ratio on a 10 x 6.65 image in the Clip Bin, and change it to 16 x 9: then regardless of whether I say "stretch" or "crop" the resulting image fills the 16 x 9 frame, with no checkerboard on any side. In the first case it is a little stretched, in the second, cropped a little top and bottom and then enlarged ever-so-slightly to fill the 16 x 9 format, rather than filling the cropped area with checkerboard. I'm assuming that the checkerboard will always be black (or invisible) in the export. You say this will be the case on Track 1; do you imply that this may not be the case on lower tracks? And my real question is, is it acceptable in a professional presentation, for viewing on computer, to have the band of black on each side? Or had I better stick with the 16 x 9? Incidentally, how do I add a second video track? I think I've had more than one in the past, but can't now figure out how to get a second. Thank you!
  5. Thank you! Really, what I was concerned about was whether it would HAVE to be 16:9 to look professional, so you've answered that question. A variation on the question: I have a sequence of photos: the first one I trimmed myself to slightly taller than 16:10; it presents with a narrow black band on the sides. The second I trimmed via Change Clip Aspect Ratio to 16:10; it presents with the checkerboard. The third I trimmed myself. I'm trying to add a crossfade between each. The second, 16:10 to my own ratio, is no problem. The first, however, from my ratio to 16:10, will not permit a "crossfade" of longer than 0.056 seconds. I tried deleting the clip and re-entering it, same thing. Any thoughts on that?
  6. Ok...I see that Change Clip Aspect Ratio offers 3 convenient ways to attain a specific aspect ratio. But WHICH aspect ratio should I aim for, when I am making new art? The 16:10 is close to what I was using before; I assume that this would leave a narrow strip of black on each side of my video. Is this acceptable in what should be a fairly professional 2-minute video, to be viewed on computer? Thank you, Borate!!
  7. I am making a video which will incorporate still photos of original art. The photos have a ratio of 10:6.65; when I add them I see the checkerboard area on each side indicating that they do not fill the screen horizontally. I cropped one to a ratio of 16:9. No checkerboard areas, but when I put it into the video with the other photos and played it back it did not fill the screen VERTICALLY, but left a black band at top and bottom. Would this appear in the export? I will be making a few additional drawings and want to make them to suit the ratio. What ratio should I use? I find the 10:6.65 more visually pleasing; is that acceptable? Is 16:9 preferable? The video will (probably) only ever be viewed on a computer. Thank you! I have a deadline of under a week, so hope I may hear back soon--
  8. It just occurred to me that I made that first video, “Everybody,” during my free trial. When I exported it, I purchased the software (9.04). That could explain why that first video did not have a noise problem, and everything subsequent did. Just wanted to pass that on lest it might be useful knowledge in future— Thanks for everything!!
  9. So for some reason, I get a 1/2 second sync error and a tremendous lot of noise (except no noise on that first project!!), although you do not. --Also, the Audio tab -> Audio Effects->Noise Removal slider/FX icon on audio track does not make any change in the noise, whether I position it at 0 or -40. Might that be a clue of some sort as to what is wrong? I have re-booted; no difference.--I will try the new version. I so appreciate your help and suggestions, and the time you have taken for me! -0-0- Oh! That's Version 8.97. Is that preferable to 9.07, which NCH suggests? -0-0- Yay!!! I downloaded 8.97 and have perfect sync and normal noise! And the Noise Removal slider works. WHATEVER was wrong with 9.04, and why the noise problem only occurred belatedly, I have NO idea, but it looks good now! (not compatible with Windows 7?) Thank you so much for all your help!!
  10. Borate, thank you; you are amazing! This is exactly what I needed! Can you tell me the steps you followed? What I did was: unlink the video-audio tracks and drag the audio where I want it. But then I right-click on audio track, click Restore Linked Video, and the video snaps forward to meet the audio track. Or if I right-click on video track and click Restore Linked Clip, the audio snaps back to meet the video. I have tried holding down “ALT” or “SHIFT” while dragging; same thing. The same thing happens if I go to “Clip Preview” and click “Relink”. I finally figured out that if I highlight both tracks on all clips and click Menu > Sequence > Group Selected Clips, it will stay put, but I don't think that's how it should work. Various other insanity was occurring, like the video snapping to beyond the audio track, but I expect that if I know the proper procedure I won't have that problem. Re the noise--I am puzzled. When I play the two "Everybody"s that I attached above, in the 2nd one the speaker definitely begins with "NOW, ..." rather than "And now ...". And if you listen at minute 00:18, the actor says "What is that laughter and to whom does it belong?" followed by a loud rumble in the 2nd version, which is not there in the first. The extra noise continues throughout, for me, but that is an easy place to spot it. I do have version 9.04. I am using Windows 7; will the version you recommend work on it? I forgot: you had inquired about the original Zoom recording. I will attach here the one I used for the first of the video, through minute 03:25, and again from 04:21-07:52. Other than that I used pieces of other recordings. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y1Byhc77E3VmQgjbpQXC2fiH9AqZtulV/view?usp=sharing
  11. Thank you, Borate! Here is "Everybody", as I originally exported it. Seems fine except for the 1/2 second lag of video. At about 1 minute in, the actor comes into closeup and you can clearly see the lag. A little bit of noise. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Insi1c7fWuLeIppepxv8WRlchmy9sDfo/view?usp=sharing and this is that same video, re-loaded into VideoPad, without additional editing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10z2iEs0XGzGvvp4B2HA7ZIsFitaogh3X/view?usp=sharing Don't know if you can tell without a timeline to look at, but it is now lagging 1 full second, and the first word "--and" at the beginning has been cut off. There is also a lot more noise; I was going to ask about that in a separate question. I had minimal noise when I first downloaded the zoom clips to make "Everybody", but since then, every clip I download has a lot of noise, sometimes thunderous, as well as the lag. I have closed and re-opened VideoPad several times, though I haven't re-booted my computer. I greatly appreciate any suggestions. I've read a few of your posts, and they are always thoughtful and helpful.
  12. I recently made a 12-minute video (“Everybody”) on VideoPad, using mp4 clips from various Zoom recordings. Everything worked splendidly, it looked great, except that it was ½ second out of sync (video lagging audio). I submitted it as-is. I subsequently learned how to sync, and have been experimenting with other Zoom clips. All were originally in sync when I played them on Windows Media Player, but when I bring them into VideoPad they consistently come in ½ second out of sync. I reloaded the exported “Everybody” into VideoPad and found that it was now out of sync by 1 full second, and the first ½ second of its audio was now chopped off. I conclude that each time I download a clip into VideoPad, it moves the audio track ½ second to the left, which chops off the first ½ second of audio, and leaves the last ½ second of the audio track empty and black, to meet the end of the video track. Could you please confirm that this happens, and tell me if there is any way to avoid it? I can allow for it in the future by leaving a few seconds of silence before I begin the action, but I cannot go back and re-sync “Everybody”, because the first actor begins speaking within that ½ second, and her first word or two has been cut off.
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