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  1. Hi With the cursor line set at the start of the project, what is seen when you preview? Nat
  2. Hi "....Hey, I would of thought there was an Options menu as well. But I can't find it--remember from my PC days. The tools menu does have, Batch Video Editor and Subtitles in it but not Options. However, I was able to download a third party program CCleaner on a suggestion by my brother. I used it to to clean out all of my cache files. ..." AFAIK CCleaner won't clear the VP cache. However, to clear the cache.... Click the chevrons on the extreme right of the toolbar...(NOT the down arrow to the right of the question mark) This opens a menu containing
  3. Hi "....If you are trying to recreate this problem, it happens when you unlink audio from video then start inserting still pictures and linking it up to perhaps a new music track then start to " close gaps" ...." This should be pretty basic. You have your video clip on Video Track 1 with audio on Audio Track 1 ..... Click either track and Unlink it. If you don't want the audio you can delete it... .......and add a new one........ To insert new still images load them to the clip bin. You have the option to Place on Sequence at Cursor Th
  4. Hi I am beginning to agree with you. There is a lag with zoom on a 4480 x 2520 jpg which doesn't get better with the undocked window contrary to what I first found. Ive checked this again and it lags just the same. But again, it's pretty well straight away with a 1920 x 1080 jpg so it does seem to be a matter of image size. Nat
  5. Hi B Sorry. Like all clips posted direct to forum...... ------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- When I tried I ended up with an active link which I think you saw. (But I will live with it Nat
  6. Hi Borate VP 8.94. Using H265 on a short mp4........ H264 is fine. Nat
  7. Hi Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E4500@ 2.2GHz, 2.0 GB RAM NVIDEA GeForce GT 730. That seems about the speed and lag I get when setting the zoom on a 4480 x 2520 16:9 jpg image. At this image size it's a bit annoying but to be expected on my PC but then I mostly shoot 1080p Using a smaller 1280 x 720 jpg the zoom adjustment is normal with no appreciable delay at all. Using A 1920 x 1080 mp4 . again, no appreciable lag either with resizing or moving the zoom rectangle. I don't know how large your jpg image is but the speed would seem t
  8. Hi Uberprutser Relating to your H264 and H265 exports of mp4. I checked a 4 track timeline having distinct clips that could all be seen on export and this included a title text on Track 2. H264 Export.... All the tracks exported and the result was perfect with no missing tracks or other errors. H265 Export.... This failed to initialize the output and produced a Windows message on a white screen. saying that x265enc3.exe had ceased to function. Should the encoder have failed? ?Problem with 64 x 64 pixel blocks on the clips used? No idea. So can't com
  9. Hi Text, by default is placed on Track 2 at the red cursor line position. VP considers that unless you want otherwise it is to overlay the main track. If you don't move the cursor line and add a further text ...or the cursor line passes through your first text, VP will place it on Video Track 3 etc. If there is enough space in front of your first text and the cursor line position is suitable, a new text will also be placed on Video Track 2 otherwise it will be placed on Video Track 3 The rule of thumb is that texts clips are placed on the first available higher track a
  10. Hi "....And trying to set the grey outlines on the zoom effect ..." Regarding the speed of adjusting the Zoom rectangle (set at 16:9 for a zoom out... I assume you are referring to the dotted zoom outline) With a 12 meg image (and larger) the adjust showed a little lag and a lack of accuracy but this becomes easier and quicker almost immediately if you undock the clip preview screen. I presume that with the "reduced" normal preview window VP takes more time to calculate the zoom rectangle position. Also if the rectangle is very small the + to move it can't be shown. In the undocked
  11. Hi Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E4500@ 2.2GHz, 2.0 GB RAM NVIDEA GeForce GT 730. Old PC,yes, but VP 8.94 Zoom works fine with all sizes of mp4. No greying out, no flicker. and exports normally. It's the same for Crop and Pan and Zoom (ken Burns) All normal. 16:9 AR set and Zoom into a part of the frame, pause, then zoom out to another part of the frame pause and then in again to another part of the frame and pause. This Zoom effect only using keyframes. Even with my old PC and 1920 x 1080 mp4 clips there are no problems. Are you doin
  12. Hi Well, at least you got it back! Not sure though if it isn't a bug. One doesn't always examine the recycle bin contents when emptying it so this action in previous versions may have gone on unnoticed, particularly as when testing things I often delete vpj files manually that I create for testing and obviously THEY go to the recycle. But 39 does seem seem a lot! VP perhaps ought to Save Project to an Options designated folder that doesn't overwrite but just gives it an incremental number like Windows does with same named files. You would also know which was the latest. Nat
  13. Hi Flyer A few questions... What version of VP are you running..It's in the bottom left hand corner of the main screen What sort of video file are you trying out? (avi mp4 MOV etc.) Is the image (thumbnail) that you see in the clip bin on the left an image from the clip? Can you drag and drop it to the time line and if so what can you see there? Nat
  14. Hi After checking this out using 8.91... The reason you have vpj files in the recycle bin is that you originally just Saved your project giving it a specific name. (Not Saved Project File As) At some time later you again did a Save Project (not Saved Project File As). and possibly did this several times as you worked In using Save Project the old vpj is not just overwritten but actually deleted to the recycle bin as well. (I am not sure that it did that in earlier versions) consequently the bin accumulated each overwritten vpj file. In a lucky way as you hadn't empti
  15. Hi Checked this out repeatedly using 8.91 on a Vista PC. All exports and previews worked smoothly, both with multiple images, (30+) multiple clips (20+) and mixed. Set up both random and selected transitions but only on Track 1. The exports were all to mp4 1280 x 720p . and played OK in VCL Sorry, didn't find anything out of the ordinary. Sharing you project might give more insight. Nat
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