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  1. Hi B Your test played OK A bit of a learning curve here. I had previously widened the tracks by sliding up the white bar. When at the widest the clip bin area becomes scrollable with all the bins present one above the other.(I hadn't noticed this before.) With the tracks made less wide the normal separate bins turns on. Importing the clips from the text project places a non transparent clip in the Sequence bin since the project sequence is imported AND a transparent text image in the Image bin. As I had the tracks at their widest (which default scrolled to the Sequence section)
  2. Hi B Yes that works OK but text doesn't seem to retain the transparency even when the scenario is... Text placed on track 2 alone..track 1 empty Saved as a project (text.vpj) A new project is created and clips (the text clip) are loaded back from the text project ..they are no longer transparent. Nat
  3. Hi B "....And Bikegoddess should get the same result with any clip that has a transparent bg, whether it be an image or video...." Are you sure this is correct? Text has a transparent B/G so I exported a simple text image as an mp4. Reloaded it back into VP on Track 2 over a clip but B/G was black. When Bikegoddess mentioned he couldn't get a transparent B/G with mov I did the same. The clip I used was an mp4 and had a greenscreened transparent area which I exported as a mov but when reloaded the mov, the formerly transparent area was black. Nat
  4. Hi Borate For some reason this example played here. Normally I just see an "Unavailable" notice. Did you load it to the forum in a different way? Also was your last character an emoticon (Emoji) from the smiley button - as I only see a tiny square? Nat
  5. Hi "....so that I can add my time-lapse music intro etc and it will always be immediately available to me when I open a new project,...." Starting a new project from scratch always has empty clip bins. If the music in your intro is a single clip then it can be saved to your PC by right clicking the audio track and selecting Save Audio Clip As a New File. If, as is probable you have created the audio intro from several clips then click the + which follows the words Sequence 1 x at the left end of the timeline. This will create a sequence in the Sequence bin. Right click the sequence
  6. Hi Currently an "Upgrade" or "Latest" version of VP is made available in the light of users finding problems or bugs in the current version which, in some situations might be a show stopper. IMO these "Latest" versions perhaps ought to be more correctly called a "debugged" version. A true "upgrade" would be a version that works just as before (i.e. without major bugs) but has some enhanced features for example that follow suggestions made byusers or in which parts of the program have been rewritten to enhance the way it works. As Borate rightly points out a "debugged" version
  7. Hi Forum is for discussing NCH products. Best to keep to questions and advice regarding VP Editor rather than 3rd party apps. Nat
  8. Hi The mask is independent of the image so.. Place the image on video Track1 Create the mask around the part of the image required and UNTICK the Mask inside box. Add a Transparency effect and set the Opacity to 0.00. Only the masked area will now be seen. Right click the Clip Preview screen and select Take a Snapshot of Clip option. The image of the masked area will now appear in the Image bin (or Image Media section of bin depending on the version of VP being used). The transparency will be retained. Delete the image clip from the timeline. Now place
  9. Hi Nothing as yet. The workaround still remains using a suitable drawn template image and creating a mask around that and then saving it as a template. Nat
  10. Hi Oh yes..the f is not present in the right hand part of a split clip.....I think it ought to be. However the gap is not needed as after splitting the clip you can use FX on the right hand portion and then select Fade In from the effects. This acts in the same way as if you had used the f. Nat
  11. Hi Even simpler! See..More ways to skin a cat even when sitting in a dish! Nat
  12. Hi Using VP 10.02 srt subtitle files e.g........... load with the correct timings...... Does the VP subtitle list (like above) show the correct timings?? What version of VP are you using? Nat
  13. Hi A stand alone clip can be faded in by clicking the f at the left end. Use the Transparency effect with a start keyframe showing 0% Opacity and a second keyframe at 100% Opacity positioned where you want the fade-in to be complete..... If you are doing this over another clip on a lower track then you may have to use a black blank below the fading in clip. Alternatively split the clip where you want the fade in to start and then add the fade-in to the second half of the clip BUT you have to fade in from something and this is usually a different clip consequently
  14. Hi Set up the text with Left justify and then use Position effect to place it in the centre of the screen. Nat
  15. Hi Once the text has been generated it is automatically placed on a track, usually the overlay track. This can be viewed either. In the Clip Preview screen with the chequered transparent background, or In the Sequence Preview screen against the underlying clip on the track immediately below the text. Usually I find it easier to monitor the text position by setting VP to display both preview panes. Go to Options/Display and tick the box labelled Show dual previews. Nat
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