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  1. Hi The two effects you mention do have the same dialogue box and would seem to do the same thing. I have a feeling that NCH might be working to add a randomise option for the Ken Burns effect so that the different presets can be applied randomly to a series of selected clips in exactly the same way as transitions can and it could be an interim step towards this. In fact it is no different to the Zoom effect used with keyframes. The original Pan and Zoom just had 1st/last frames and no presets if I remember correctly. Nat
  2. Hi Glad you got it working........Did you use the X transition or the fade out/fade in suggestion? If you have cropped the image and subsequently saved it to your PC then it will show white bands. (at least that happens here.) These are the transparent areas. I think if you load the image back into VP you will see them as checkered areas. It would seem that cropping keeps the original image size (VP is non destructive) and makes the cut off portion transparent. So if you take a snapshot (which is a png format and capable of retaining the transparency,) it will be the original full fr
  3. Hi "....I did that. It didn't work. ...." THAT (the alternative) doesn't work either?????? Very odd OK...Got to get something for that works for you.......Try the alternative method using the Transparency effect at the end of the first clip and at the start of the second clip. Use keyframes to start the transparency change 100 > 0 Opacity around 3 seconds before the end of clip 1 and then 0 -100 Opacity for 3 seconds at the start of the second clip. End of clip 1 Start ofclip2 The timeline should then look a bit like this.. Clip 1 fading ou
  4. Hi Fade through white works and exports here... "........I'm using the same version, it's 10.24. No transition is overlapping from my knowledge......" If you are adding a transition between two different video clips you should normally see a window that asks if you want to overlap the clips or use a still image from each clip as the transition image that fades in or out. The overlapping option shortens the timeline slightly but is smoother. You may the feature inactive in your Option/Editing Try setting it to "Ask Me" so you get the choice. It's odd that fade out -fad
  5. Hi I downloaded your .gif file and using VP 10.24 this seems to crop without any problems.. UNCROPPED (Clip/Sequence) in VP CROPPED in VP EXPORTED Mp4 in VLC This is using the steps I outlined above. "...It only cropped the last part of the video,..." This may have happened if you failed to select all the clips but nevertheless the cropped region should still have exported. All the gif clip I downloaded exported cropped but it was only one clip. Nat
  6. Hi You just sent the vpj file. This is just data for your project To check it out please include the missing clip.. Nat
  7. Hi Fade through white is working normally here with VP 10.24. What version of VP is being used and are you overlapping the transition? If it persists and you can't resolve it then one work around is to pull the clips to a higher track and place a blank white clip beneath the join and then fade-out and fade-in the upper clips. (FX list under fades)........ Nat
  8. Hi When you decided to start again, what were you trying to load? When you previously finished did you save your work before exiting the program? As Borate notes Save Project will overwrite previous saves and if you switch off before the process is complete the vpj file may be corrupted. If the system crashed then there will be at autosaved project file in Appdata/Roaming/NCHsoftware/Videopad that should reload. Nat
  9. Hi It's certainly a weird distortion. Are the the clip bin thumbnails the same? Your screen dump is not too clear? Also are images affected in the same way and is all the timeline affected or just certain clips? Nat
  10. Hi This is usually pretty straightforward. ... Place the clip on the timeline. If it is a 16:9 AR clip it will fill the preview screen. If it is a vertical clip or not 16:9 there will be black bars in the sequence preview and checkerboard area to either top or bottom of the image in the Clip preview area. Either way you are wanting to trim the top and bottom using Crop. Click the FX box on the clip and select the Crop effect. In the Clip Preview display pull the top of the crop rectangle down the required amount. (Use the top central handle) You should see a
  11. Hi "....Are we able to COPY and PASTE the effects of one clip into multiple other clips in the timeline? ...." Absolutely.. You don't use Copy/paste for this. Place all your clips on the timeline and edit your project. Press down the CTRL key and then left click the clips on the timeline that you want to apply the effect to. These will highlight in grey showing they have been selected. Click the FX box on the first clip Select and setup the effect you want to apply. In the effects window click the 8th tab along with FX on it.... Append effect chai
  12. Hi "...But yesterday it kept "stuttering" -- repeating 3-4 words of audio as video played normally, then (not every time) once audio stabilized the video froze for several seconds. ...." A possible explanation for the stuttering, jumping back of the sound with a periodical stop in the preview is sometimes seen when one attempts to play the timeline before the sound files have been properly retrieved from the cache. VP has not actually cut up any of the clips that are being used (it's a non destructive process) and during the reconstitution of the project on the timeline is, (presuma
  13. Hi if your titles with the scrolling text exported in a reasonable time to produce a "universal" title/intro/outro that you have added to a video and the result of exporting that video is taking ages it is most probably the export settings your are using. Apart from making the project that bit longer the fact that the contents are scrolling will have no effect as it is simply another clip added on. If on the other hand if you are adding new scrolling text to the project it can have an effect on rendering times. Clip size (resolution) can also affect the speed of export as will the P
  14. Hi GOSH! How many audio tracks are you using? For each track you don't want to hear just right click on the loudspeaker at the left end of the track. It will take no time at all to do a dozen tracks. Nat
  15. HI Uber ",,,I got that on the sequence preview window...." The chequered pattern being referred to is seen only in the CLIP PREVIEW window. The SEQUENCE PREVIEW will show black if anything is transparent (or else the underlying track image.) e.g. Clip preview left ..Sequence preview right. png of man with a transparent background. My The point was that any degree of fade will ... Show a checkerboard pattern on the timeline either complete or partial depending on the timeline zoom. Show a checkerboard pattern in the clip preview window relative to t
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