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  1. Hi If all the clips you want to move are on the same track try this.. Left click the first of the group of clips (i.e. select it) Hold down the shift Key Left click the last clip. This will select all the clips in between .Now Right click the last clip in the group and choose Group Selected Clips from the menu. Drag the group of clips up to a higher track to leave a gap in the original track. Add your new clips to the gap. The grouped clips can be moved left/right to any new position Nat
  2. Hi Probably the best way to do this is to film the event with two cameras. One set to show the whole scene and the other filming the dog in close up. The problem with using a single clip as that.. You need to copy the clip in order to have one copy to zoom. The enlargement (the zoom) will lose quality. The degree of enlargement may be limited as the PIP will have to be scaled back again. The principle is as Borate describes...... Place the wide angle clip on Track 1 Place the clip to zoom on Track 2 On Track 2 Use Zoom to enlarge the clip. Crop this to show just the dog.....This may be too large to use Scale the image back Use position to place the small image in the corner Here is the end result...... The effect is not particularly good as it is difficult to get a good degree of enlargement for the PIP. It would be much better in these cases to use the wide angle clip as the PIP and the enlarged dog section as the back ground. If colours make the PIP borders unclear use a blank black image to create a border as here. Place Wide ange clip on Track 3 Use Scale and position to reduce it in size and position to make the PIP Use a Black blank on Track 2 Use scale and position to size it slightly larger than the PIP and place it behind the PIP so showing a narrow border Place a copy of the wide angle clip on Track 1 Use Zoom to enlarge the area of the dog to suitable fill the frame.......... (Border is a bit wide here but you could make it narrower with a bit if scale adjustment.) The same effect can be achieved if you use the Picture in Picture effect for the wide ange clip. Nat
  3. Hi Check that you haven't inadvertently clicked the loudspeaker icon at the extreme left end of the silent track. This will mute the track and it will have a red cross on it. Re-click to activate it again. Less likely you have clicked the loudspeaker icon at the start of the track. (next to the FX box) This will have brought up a Clip Volume control with a mute option. You will not likely have done this in error. At the left end of the track below the group of icons is the Volume slider - check this is set to the right (100% volume) Check also the FX box - If it is blue then you have added an audio effect which may have reduced the volume. Nat
  4. Hi What format is this clip? Does it play OK in VLC player? It would be useful if you could share the clip so other users here could take a look. The instructions to do this are in the pinned section at the head of the forum...... Please include VideoPad version in your post. How to include a link to screenshots (or any file) in your forum post. For sharing a project see below. Screenshots can often help describe the problem better. Upload the image to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc. Copy (share) the URL and paste it into your post here. If using Google Drive, click on GET | COPY, and confirm that it's not RESTRICTED. The screenshot itself won't be posted, but clicking the link will display it. How to share your project for analysis: Share your project. Someone will take a look and come up with a fix. The process is easy, quick and can be done privately. Just follow these steps... Back up --- With your project on the timeline, click on MENU at the top-left. Click FILE|BACK UP PROJECT FILES TO FOLDER. Choose a folder and SELECT FOLDER. Upload --- Use a free server - Google Drive, MS OneDrive, etc.* - to upload the saved, numbered FOLDER. Do NOT upload the individual VPJ or export file. Get link --- Get a public link. If using Google Drive click GET SHAREABLE LINK. If necessary change "restricted" to "anyone with the link can view" Nat
  5. Hi If the tree has a fairly uniform background colour....say just blue sky or white cloud you can use the Green screen effect to make this area transparent. Juggle with the settings to keep outlines as sharp a possible. Place the text on the Track 3, the tree on Track 2 and then replace the sky with a blue blank clip on Track 1........ e.g. TB.mp4 Nat
  6. Hi Why not make a suggestion..... https://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/index.html Nat
  7. Hi Normally the text has a transparent background and doesn't cover up the image. It usually will appear like this... In this example it is set to appear at the bottom of the frame. If it is covering up the image then check that in the text editor you haven't set the text background option. If you want it to appear in a blank part of the video..say it the bottom. You should crop the bottom of the frame, Place a blank black clip on Track 1, the video on Track 2 and the text on Track 3... This loses a little of the frame at the bottom. You can also keep the same tracks but use Position to move the video clip up above the text. This achieves the same result apart from losing top of the frame. The text can be positioned either in the text editor or the text image can be positioned where you want it with the Position effect. There are other ways such as Scaling the clip (not AR) but that will introduce borders on all sides. These are probably the simplest. Nat
  8. Hi As Borate notes....Don't bother with f11. The first thing is to probably create a folder for your preview captures.(If you are going to create a lot). That way you can name it what you want and put in a place that you know....e.g. My holiday film images on the Desktop If you are dealing with lots of images (snapshots) from different projects, it's always best to be orderly..create an image folder for each project and alter the Options/disk default destination for them.(See below.) It's easy to lose where they have gone otherwise! Now open the VP Options/Disc page.... You will see a box about 6 down entitled Save snapshots to... This will be a VP default folder if you have never changed this. Use the Browse button on the right hand end to navigate to the folder you just created. That's where your snapshots will now be stored. With your project on the timeline move the cursor line (or play the project) to the point you wish to save the image. It will now be visible in the Sequence Preview window. If you have just a single clip on the timeline the Clip Preview window will show the same image and will also behave as follows... Right click the preview window Select Take a Snapshot of the Sequence (or Clip) Now select the size/AR of the image that will result... e.g. HD 1080 (1920 x1080) The Image will now appear in the Image bin with the default name of Snapshot-1.png (Screen snapshots will be pngs) A copy of this snapshot will also be saved to the folder you created. If you wish you can rename this snapshot in the bin. This doesn't, unfortunately rename the copy in your new folder. If you now repeat the procedure for any other part of your project, VP will name the images Snapshot-1 Snapshot-2 Snapshot-3 etc. and copies will appear in the image bin as well as your named folder. It's up to you to change the names for better identification. It would be useful if VP changed the names in the save folder as well....But it is as it is......Once saved outside of VP they are on their own! Record_2022_05_23_19_16_16_893.mp4 Nat
  9. Hi Alternative.. Put complete project on timeline Play or drag cursor to start of first section to save. Split track Play/drag cursor to end of first section to save Split the track Grab section to keep and pull it up to Video track 2 Repeat for other sections. Delete Video track 1 Close all the gaps in Video track 2. Edit further if needed and export. Nat
  10. Hi Add text at suitable size and position and use typewriter effect. Increase the speed so pauses due to "space" key is less noticeable e.g...... Test.mp4 Use a screen shot of suitable duration (e.g. 1 second) to pause the text. This example is on a single track. Make multiple lines using texts on higher tracks (First text on top track with a longer image pause. Second text on a lower track with suitable pause image Third text on lower track with suitable end pause.(etc.) Use the position effect to move the individual texts into the position required. e.g. Result is something like this.... Text 2.mp4 Nat
  11. Hi Here is another approach if the songs you want are all on the same video but mixed with others you don't want..... Load the Video Move to the start of first song and split the timeline Move to end of the song and split the timeline. Drag the song you isolated up to Video track 2 Repeat for the other required songs. Now delete Video track 1 and Audio track 1 Click on and close all the gaps. Your required songs will all be on Video Track 2. Now export the timeline. Nat
  12. Hi First thing would be to separate out the song/songs you want from your videos..... Open VP and load a music video (in a compatible format). Once on the timeline and fully cached, move the red cursor line (or play the timeline) until you arrive at the start of the song you want to save. Now split the timeline. Right click the section to the left of the split and select Delete(ripple) from the menu. This removes that section. Continue to play the timeline (or move the cursor) up to the end of the song. Split the timeline once again. Now (provided you don't want to save any songs further along the timeline) right click on the section to the right of the split and Delete (ripple) this. You should now be left with the required song which you can export as a stand alone clip. Once you have done this for all the songs you wish to save from the different videos, you will have your songs on separate clips. You can now open VP and load all the exported clips, rearrange them as you wish, add transitions/titles etc. and finally export the whole as a new video. An alternative to splitting and deleting bits of the video (which is logical and akin to handling cine film) you can preview the video in the Clip Preview window. and then use the Start and End markers (red and blue brackets) beneath the window to isolate the section you require. The timeline will automatically show only that section and can be exported as mentioned above. This has the added advantage in that after the export you can re-adjust the Start/End brackets to isolate a different section of the same video and export that. Nat
  13. Hi The Start and End tabs are found under the Clip Preview window and affect only the clip selected. You can re-select the clip in question (only a single clip can be adjusted at one time..not the whole timeline) and then drag the Start tab (red) to the left and the End tab (blue) to the right which will reset the clip in question to its former length. You can also do this with current sequence in the Sequence bin which should comprise the whole timeline. The logical thing, and often stated on the forum, is to regularly Save project File As regularly giving a suitable different name each time. This will create a vpj file which can be used to reopen your project as it was at the save point. If you pressed the tabs not too long ago then you may be able to backtrack to before that point with the Redo arrows at the top left of the top toolbar. Nat
  14. Hi "..... I drop in a clip and make editing changes to it ....." So far so good. You have loaded a clip and edited it. You now have two ways to save it.. As an EXPORTED file.......i.e a finished video clip in a suitable format e.g. mp4 A vpj file which is a text file that holds all the information regarding your project...the clips and images you have used; their names and location; the edits you made; texts you may have added etc. As Borate says, this is not your edited project. It is a text file that VP can read and from it reconstruct your project. You create a vpj file by clicking the Save Project tab. From the menu choose Save Project File As since this will allow you to use a name of your choice and the save will not overwrite any other save you may have made. In this way you can make multiple saves at different stages of your editing and place them in your own designated folder.. A vpj file can be activated by double clicking it. This will open VP which will read the data and load the files it contains and the edits and texts and so reproduce you project exactly at the stage that it was saved. In fact, as you work VP automatically saves a vpj file in the background in case your system crashes for some reason. This is removed if you close VP in the normal way "......However, if I go up to "open" right under "menu" and click on the arrow....not the word "open" but the arrow to the right of it, it will show me the last couple things I have worked on and I can see the project easily (since I only work on one at a time) and I can click the file path and the project will open with the changes made and supposedly saved last time. ..." If VP is already open this procedure will list all the vpj files you made and you will have the choice of which one to open. An alternative is to simply drag the vpj file of your choice from the save folder to the VP icon (on the desktop?) and drop it which will do the same thing. In all these scenarios VP will (or should) open your project at the point it was saved. If it doesn't something is amiss. Occasionally the vpj will not be able to find your clips if you have renamed or moved them. In this case VP will tell you so and ask you to relocate the files or resolve the problem Nat
  15. Hi Lemonade. " 4. A simpler shortcut for cutting clips from a sequence. ..." With your clip(s) on the timeline set the red cursor line at the start of the deletion. Grab the stem of the cursor line and drag it right (or left) to the end (or start) of the unwanted section. This will produce an area highlighted in blue. Right click the area and select DELETE from the menu. The selected area of the sequence will be deleted and gaps closed......... Deleting a section of the sequence.mp4 Complete clips are simple.......just right clip the clip in question (to select it) and then Delete (ripple). Selected clip is deleted and gap in the sequence is closed. ".....3. Animated motion based on points/markers. ...." As Borate says, use keyframes to animate. Most of the VP effects can be animated. This example uses just Position and Scale to move the Rose png about the background.... Animated rose.mp4 basic keyframes move the object in straight lines between the frames but the graph line can have curved trajectories as well. If you are unsure regarding the use of keyframes post to the forum and someone will explain. Nat Nat
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