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  1. Hi Dave Your original VP Show and Tell clip (with car alarm turned down) played OK. Did you export it as a standalone clip? If you did It would seem that all you need to do is simply add it to your title section. Certainly your full file has a problem after the title section. With regards the title section I feel it needs to be twice as long (at least) i.e. slower to give the viewer time to read the scrolling text. What I did that you could try... Load full file to VP and split off and delete the section after the title Un-link the sound track and save as a separate file
  2. Hi I think this is what gdog is referring to....... Here a node is placed at about 1/2 way along the clip at 15 seconds. The clip speed is 100%.... The clip speed is now reduced to 50% (twice as long.) However the node does not move with the new speed to appear in the middle ....it remains at 15 seconds. ...... Although this might seem quite logical, try moving the node to a new position. As soon as you grab it a new node appears to left of this one...... Now try grabbing the grabbing the blue line away to the right. The cursor jumps to the grab positi
  3. Hi This seems to be a possible glitch. Setting an audio node in mid clip at normal speed does not move to mid clip if the speed is changed. e.g. halving the speed to 50, the node shows up at 1/4 instead of 1/2. Nat
  4. Hi Using VP 8.77 The imovie,mov gave a smooth playback with VLC. When loaded to VP the Clip Preview (played from the bin) was just as smooth even when the window was undocked. However, when played from the timeline in Sequence Preview there were continual "building preview" messages with consequent interuptions. I have to put this down to the format being .mov as mp4s and avis normally play smoothly in Sequence preview especially when the size is only 568 x 320 as yors is. The NCH.mov gave a very slightly jerky pan and zoom in VLC so this definitely seems inherent in the export
  5. Hi A look at your project would be helpful. In general however, as mentioned, videos on higher tracks will cover up videos that are placed on lower tracks. They all play simultaneously but the videos underneath can't be seen. However, if you make the upper clips smaller by Scaling them, then the lower videos will become visible. If some still overlap then you might add a Position effect to move them apart. This is often done to get a PIP (picture in picture) effect. Another way to make the tracks all visible is to use a split screen effect on each track and allocate each t
  6. Hi Pan and Zoom effects work best if the slide has a longish duration. In general set images to last for greater than 10 seconds and the effect will be a lot smoother. Image pans and zooms look quite smooth here with image durations around 14 - 15 seconds. Drag the ends of each clip out along the timeline, or right click on each one and change the Duration and see what happens. If the preview actually keeps stopping and starting it may be due to very large image files. Even so,you will probably find the export looks OK. Try just a few images and see what the result is. Nat
  7. Hi ".....In The newest version of videopad, the images in the timeline dont load...." If your images are on the timeline they have loaded. Do you mean that images from your computer won't load to the Image bin or images in the image bin won't load to the timeline? Images don't have associated audio so are you referring to clips? Nat
  8. Hi Place background clip on Track 1 Place insert (PIP) clip on Track 2 Add Zoom effect to Track 2 Add Scale effect to Track 2 Add the effects in this order. The PIP will zoom as requested. Use keyframes with the Zoom to set the start time and end time of the effect. Start.... End..... Nat
  9. Hi Aiella Not too clear on your description but I hope the following is a better explanation...... Things have changed slightly since the original post. In the original post (from last year) the user found that he had a file in the Sequence bin called Sequence 1 although he hadn't added any clips to VP. This had a clapperboard thumbnail.... I explained that this was quite normal and was a dummy file...in effect a space to hold the contents of the timeline. At the start the timeline is empty so Sequence 1 is also empty hence the clapperboard. Sequence 1 cannot be delet
  10. Hi The structure of the vpj file for earlier versions was different to the later ones. So you may not get the same result. e.g. with 2.41..... ...and with 8.77...... So you may not get to load you old vpj file to a later version of VP and get back exactly what you originally saved. I'm not sure which version was in vogue when the changes occurred. I thick the structure of the cache also changed around that time. Nat
  11. Hi "...it always stretches up and makes it look unnatural...." That doesn't happen here VP 8.77. However, what happens if you use the Pan and Zoom effect instead? Set your first Frame. Alter the rectangle for the end frame and set it. Clip will zoom from first rectangle to second rectangle. Note: The rectangle stays the AR of the clip or image. To avoid a Pan having just a Zoom, keep the rectangle central in the frame. The pan and Zoom effect acts on the whole clip and keyframes can't be used. Nat
  12. Hi .......... Otherwise just post specific questions and we'll do our best to reply. Nat
  13. Hi You don't mention the version of VP you are using. The bright green bar on the right side of the frame was a problem experienced with a previous version and was fixed as soon as it was reported. You probably downloaded VP during this short interval. Download the latest VP from the link Borate has provided. There are no settings to prevent this happening. Nat
  14. Hi Just check this.... Open the cache folder and delete the whole contents. Including the sound cache folder which you will also find there. leave the cache folder totally empty. Open VP and load your mp4 clip to the timeline. There should be a waveform visible on the audio track but wait until the clip has cached fully. If you don't see a waveform try to preview the clip. if it is still caching the you should see a message relating to this in a yellow bar beneath the timeline. If the mp4 previews OK but with no sound and no warning and you know that there should be attache
  15. Hi DIYMan A lot of work (and advice) and it's working OK! Congratulations! A lot of people looking at this small clip might not realize what a lot of work (and fun I hope) went into it. Well done!! Perhaps a bit of animation of the "fly down" figure would make it even better..currently that is a bit static. Now.....About the full movie....he's going to dash into the street now and lift a 10 ton truck up off a damsel in distress...Yes?? Nat
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