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  1. It sounds like Express Scribe is moving the file to its local data folder on your PC: C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Application Data\NCH Swift Sound\Scribe\Current Note: Your data folder location may be slightly different than the one above depending on your system configuration. Try changing the Data Folder to the network drive location: From the main menu select: Settings > Files Go to the Data Folder section and then browse to the network folder location to set this as your default. Best of luck!
  2. Express Scribe seems to have trouble with some file formats and this also seems to vary depending of the version of Express Scribe you are using. Since Express Scribe is provided as a free application I wouldn’t count on a great deal of support from the NCH team in this particular instance. Also, if the version you are using does not, or can not load and play the file you want they won’t be able to do anything quickly for you. Suggestions: 1) Try playing the .mp3 file in Windows Media player just to make sure the file is not damaged 2) Try an older version of Express Scribe (if
  3. Thank you very much for the information! The DSS file thing could be a bit of a challenge but it’s best to know before hand. Also, thanks for the link to the revision history, I hadn’t spotted it before but it’s a great idea. Again, thank you!
  4. Hey, not sure if this will help but you might want to try reprogramming the F7 hotkey to see if it will work correctly. From the main Express Scribe main menu select: Control > Hot Keys Setup In the bottom portion of the dialog that pops up you’ll find the “System Wide Hotkey Assignment” Scroll down the list of hot keys until you find the F7 function, select that by clicking on it once. Remove this function by clicking on the Remove button. Your Rewind hotkey is now gone. To add something to replace it, click on the Add button, you’ll be asked to “Press key or key co
  5. Hi everyone ) I was hoping some of you out there might be able to help me in regards to using Express Scribe in a Linux environment so I’m going to throw this out there to see what happens. I am a dictation hardware reseller/consultant for a several clients in central Canada. One of my clients is currently seeking to transition (from tapes) to a digital dictation and transcription environment using Red Hat Linux servers and clients and they have 85 dictation/transcription users we will be installing; 12 of which are MTs. I have a fairly extensive background in digital dictation har
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