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    Not able to open certain wav files

    Hi MikeF, I suspect that the files you are trying to open are not true .wav files. It sounds like they probably have a proprietary GoldWave header format which WavePad is not able to read. If you would be happy to upload one of these files to a service like DropBox or similar then I'd be happy to take a look for you. Just PM me the download details. Regards, Ben
  2. nchBen

    Selected region not at expected location

    Hi Trevor, I am not able to reproduce the problem you describe. It's possible that this was an old bug and is now fixed. I would suggest downloading the trial of the new version and seeing if that solves your problem. If you still experience the problem then let me or support know. Regards, Ben
  3. nchBen

    Exported clip has reverb added

    Hi MixBoy, Thanks for the update! Regards, Ben
  4. nchBen

    Random delay happens.

    Thanks for the update - I don't think we have done much testing with Voxal in conjunction with Voicemeeter. It could be that the 2 drivers are not playing nicely with each other. I will have someone look into it. Regards, Ben
  5. nchBen

    Limited Recording

    Hi Jennifer, There is no internal restriction on how much audio you can record with WavePad, so something else must be wrong. Are you getting any error messages from WavePad when the recording stops? Does it always stop at the same recording time? Regards, Ben
  6. nchBen

    Selected region not at expected location

    Hi T. Hanson, Can you please let us know what version of WavePad you are using? WavePad should always play from the cursor position and never from the last played position. Regards, Ben
  7. nchBen

    Effects not active on exported file

    Hi LJR, MixPad has two different types of export option. 1. Export the project 2. Export a clip If you choose to export the project any effect on a track will be applied to the clips on that track in the final mixed output. If you choose to export a clip, none of the effects on that track will be applied. Regards, Ben
  8. nchBen

    Exported clip has reverb added

    Hi MixBoy, Can you describe the process in a bit more detail? How many tracks are in your project? Do you have any effects added to any of the tracks? Are you just exporting a clip or are you exporting the project? Does the playback sound correct when you play the project from the main window? Regards, Ben
  9. nchBen

    Fade Point popping sound

    Hi djjohnz, Are these fade points occurring at the end of a clip or somewhere in the middle? Also, at what level have you set the fade points? Regards, Ben
  10. nchBen

    Random delay happens.

    Hi merlinthetank, After how long do you start to experience the delay? Does the problem eventually go away or are you required to restart Voxal to fix the issue? Regards, Ben
  11. nchBen

    Installation kills -all- audio drivers.

    A quick note on this topic to anyone experiencing this issue. All NCH drivers are signed for use on all windows platforms. If you are getting an error message from Windows saying that the drivers are not signed then the most likely situation is that you are running Windows without automatic updates turned on. Microsoft some time ago changed some of their certificate signing requirements. In order for your computer to be compatible with these changes you need to make sure that it is fully patched. Please note that if you are using a non-registered copy of Windows, then automatic updates will not be available to you and you will need to manually patch the updates.
  12. nchBen

    Long notes with Beat Designer

    Hi Thor86, Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, the beat designer was not created with this situation in mind, however I can see how it would be a useful feature. We are currently working on a range of improvements to the beat designer, and I will make sure this idea is put forward. Cheers, Ben
  13. nchBen

    Looking for a "Glitch" effect plugin.

    Hi Ynaught, Hey great idea. I will raise this for a future release. Regards, Ben
  14. Hi owenw23, Voxal doesn't currently support this feature. I will raise it as a suggestion to be considered for a future release. Regards, Ben
  15. nchBen

    Should I buy Voxal?

    Hi McVeganPants, My advice would be to download the trial and check that it does what you want. Voxal should be able to do everything that you are describing, but you should make use of the trial to check it works with your hardware setup first. Regards, Ben
  16. nchBen

    VST`s..Cant configure

    Hi Adam Blight, Where are your VSTs stored and how have you specified the search path in the MixPad settings? Regards, Ben
  17. nchBen

    All my audio is gone!

    Hi akashdeep, Please note that this thread is nearly 2 years old. If you want assistance I would recommend starting a new topic with a clear description of what has gone wrong. We will do our best to help you. Regards, Ben
  18. nchBen


    Hi There, You can change the title of your work by going to the following menu item: Score->Set Title Regards, Ben
  19. nchBen

    Recording issues

    Hi john_trypaluk252, Can you give a bit more information about your laptop? What OS are you using and what method are you using to record (eg inbuilt mic, USB interface etc)? Also, could you please explain what you mean when you say the sound gets "messy"? Regards, Ben
  20. nchBen

    mp3's extremely slow to open in WavePad

    Hi KMNJ, How long are these mp3 files you are trying to open? Regards, Ben
  21. nchBen

    Zulu? Playlist Selection order - v: 3.70

    Hello IDB, Unfortunately it appears to be a bug. We have it noted and it will be fixed in the next release. Regards, Ben
  22. Hi GINGER20, What you are trying to do is what Crescendo refers to as multiple voices. For something like guitar music, it is common to have a bass line and melody line written on the same staff. In Crescendo you write these two parts as two different voices. Voices in Crescendo can overlap each other. To change which voice notes belong to, go the "Voices" menu and select Voice 1,2,3 or 4. Any notes you add to Crescendo will now be part of that voice. If you have already added a note and you want to reassign it to a different voice, then you can right click on the note and go to the "Voices" item in the pop-up menu and select the correct voice. Regards, Ben
  23. Hi mainer104, I'm not sure what the problem could be - it is working for me here. Are you making sure the notes are selected? They should be high-lighted blue when selected. From there you should be able to just right click and change the direction as described above. Regards, Ben
  24. nchBen

    Installation kills -all- audio drivers.

    The currently released version available from our website contains the fix.
  25. nchBen

    Bit Rate Dis-appears

    Hi TommieL, Can you give me some more detail on the format of the file you are editing and what format you are saving it to? Regards, Ben