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  1. Hi Ben Thanks for your reply that's exactly what I was hoping Cheers
  2. Hi so I've been using Mixpad free over the last month or so and today have received a popup saying I have to purchase in order to continue using. I wasn't even aware there was an expiry date. Now when I load my songs I obviously cannot edit them nor does there appear to even be any recordings there, which is extremely worrying. If I purchase Mixpad will I be able to retrieve them?
  3. Hello everyone I'm using the Mixpad free version and having a strange problem. Everything I record when played back is in a lower pitch to what it's supposed to sound like. When I'm recording everything sounds fine and as it should. I thought it might be playing back at a lower speed? I've tried a number of different things and cannot figure out why this is happening, can anyone help? Thanks
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