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  1. mike F

    Punch and Roll

    in many other DAWs when recording and a mistake is made one can initially establish an automatic pre roll, say of 5 seconds, that automatically starts playing 5 secs before the mistake, enabling one to listen to the five seconds before the mistake and the DAW autmatically goes into recording mode at that point. This enables one to listen to the end of the previous recording so one can "seamlessly" in terms of tone record again at the exact point, cancelling out the mistake. this also means much faster editing. Mike Fraser PS I use wavepad because it is the easiest and quickest of editors, which makes up for a lack of speed of rendering and additional technology. I then take my edited file (audiobooks BTW) into the more sophisticated software. This pre-roll would really make WAVEPAD worth using for more voice artists narrators.
  2. if you are windows then go to options in wavepad and then to recording and then open windows mixer and check that whatever speakers you are using, headphones or whatever are enabled
  3. mike F

    Punch and Roll

    Anyone out there know if Wavepad Audio has "punch and roll" for audiobook editing?
  4. Another way to do it is to ctrl1 at the head of the selection and when you enter ctrl 2 at the tail , the selection is selected for whatever you wish to do with it.
  5. mike F

    Why WBM

    Since updating my masters edition software to 10.17, everytime I save a WAV file, a WBM is also saved. It is cluttering up my folders. Why is it happening? Is it necessary and how do I stop it . Anyone out there has the same problem??
  6. Save each file to your default setting. I assume that is WAV, and when you have finished just Batch save all the files in one go as MP3. Batch save is the answer.
  7. obviously not, so have downloaded a Nugen noise meter which tells me that the noise levels after each word take seconds to drop down to the floor level. Yet my wavepad release is set at 50 millisecs. Is anyone else out there having frustrations with wavepad tech support. I am just not getting any replies even though I bought a masters edition AND platinum tech support. Am I alone?
  8. Hi, Is there anyone out there who can recommend noise metering plugins which are compatible with NCH Wavepad Audio. Thanks.
  9. You need to have a mic connected with headphones. In windows 10 sound control panel click on playback and enable your headphones
  10. I had a chat with support and they tell me the scale from 0 to -45db is standard and can't be changed. Which is crazy as noise floors are so important and normally need to be checked that they don't exceed -60db. with a scale only registering down to -45db, I can never tell if my noise floor is coming in between -59 and -48 which would be too high anyone else had this problem please?
  11. Yeah. I dont understand why they havent updated me, or is there something I am not doing
  12. sorry. thats masters version 8.03 anyone know if that is the latest wavepad audio version?
  13. My Decibel bar at bottom of the screen only measures to -50db, actually -45db is the lowest actual number. I need to see that my noise floor is no louder than -60db but cant find a way of seeing as low as this on any scale on the screen. Any thoughts anyone?. I have a masters 5.03 version of wavepad.
  14. I have recently, on my masters edition of wavepad, used the speed change to speed up a voice recording keeping the pitch unchanged. The speed up worked, the pitch remained unchanged, BUT the result sounded as though it had been recorded inside a giant tin, and was therefore unusable. I have tried again and again and get the same result. I am using a Lewitt 440 lct Mic, focusrite scarlett 2i2 interface and Wavepad software which up until this has been a terrific companion. Help anyone?
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