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  1. EricH

    I hate dark mode

    Just upgraded to 12.47 on Mac. Please tell me that there is an option to get my nice white background and I'm just not seeing it.
  2. EricH

    FInd Peak Level?

    To those of you following this thread, I can report that NCH has issued a beta version that fixes this particular problem. You can get it here: https://www.nchsoftware.com/beta/wavepadmaci.zip This is showing as version 9.02, but it is not a finished product. For example, when I try to Save a file? The program hangs and I have to do a Force Quit. Nonetheless, in addition to the fix to Find Peak, I am seeing some pluses and minuses in this version. Pluses The distracting window which shows all other NCH products? You can now close that window. The program now seems to be more Mac compliant. When you double click on the edge of a window, the window now expands in that direction. Minuses The Playback controls have changed. You now have to to do Opt-P to start playback instead of Enter. Why? You still cannot close or minimize the Playback Controls or File Info windows You still cannot separately edit individual channels.
  3. Ben - Version 8.42 is only available on Windows. When will this be available on Mac? Thanks.
  4. EricH

    FInd Peak Level?

    Thanks Ben. Are we also going to add multi-channel editing to the Mac version - since it already works in the Windows version?
  5. Unfortunately I cannot paste an image in here, but just click on the Edit Menu, then Split File - and the option there works for me. I'm running latest version of Wavepad on Mac
  6. EricH

    FInd Peak Level?

    That is not the case - I have the paid version. Just to update the situation, I finally got a response from NCH support a few days ago. They have acknowledged that there is a problem and (to quote) "have already reported your issue to our software developers". If I get any other responses I will post them here.
  7. EricH

    FInd Peak Level?

    LENNONOLOGY - The correct link for opening up a support ticket is https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html (I.e., remove the trailing " ") I opened up a support ticket nearly two weeks ago.. I got one response that they had a large number of support issues and was I still having a problem. I responded that I was still having the problem, but since then I've heard nothing. This is all very discouraging as Wavepad is a good product. I would gladly be wrong, but from all that I can see it appears that NCH is abandoning the product - at least for Mac.
  8. N_C_H_Josh - To put it mildly, this is very mis-leading. Why would anyone put multiple links to download a Mac version of a product if that product is only available on Windows - and to top it off there are NO links to the Windows version or acknowledgement that this feature is only available on Windows Meanwhile - what's the story with Mac support? The last Mac version that went out - 6.6.4 - was in 2016; that's over two years ago. However, the Windows version has gone through multiple upgrades and is now at 8.43. Is NCH is giving up on Mac support? I've been thinking about getting Mixpad, but I'm finding this very discouraging.
  9. According to this blog post: https://nchsoftware.blogspot.com/2018/11/introducing-multi-channel-audio-editing.html WavePad now has the long needed ability to edit each channel of a stereo recording separately. However when you click the "Download WavePad for Mac" button you get the same old release - 6.64 Has anyone successfully obtained this apparently new release?
  10. EricH

    FInd Peak Level?

    According to the manual, Ctrl+Shift+P should find and select the Peak Sample. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but this is not working for me. I've tried it with selecting the whole file as well as with selecting nothing. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. You are not alone in asking for NCH to remove this distracting behavior ?
  12. Is there any way to permanently hide the File Info, Playback, and -especially - the "Masters Edition" controls. These are unnecessary and they take up valuable screen space. Ideally yiou should be able to toggle them on/off in the View or Window menus, but that is not the case. You can shove them off into the corner, but then they come back whenever you re-open Wavepad
  13. Is there any way to hide the unnecessary control windows: "Masters Edition" menus (especially this one!) Playback Controls File Info FWIW I'm running latest WavePad Mac version.
  14. It is a strange that after all the years that Wavepad has been on the market that you cannot select from one channel and not the other. I believe there is a workaround. You can split the file into it's component channels (that's an option under Edit->Split File). This will create two new files conveniently labeled left & right. Boost your left channel by 15%, then join them back together.
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