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  1. Hello knx.332014, Thank you for sharing your experience and your improvement suggestions. If you wish to share any other feedback about the program, you may follow this link NCH Software Suggestions and Feedback
  2. Hello Marshana, the program does not offer the option to save or export elements from one project to another. You can only export the whole animation as Video or HTML5.
  3. Hello Shalabyer, sadly, the program does not have an option to limit the access for the sales person to the level you need.
  4. Hello, the program has an option to link or create sub-accounts, you can have parent and child accounts, but the parent or header account will only work for subtotals and it won't accept cash posting directly to it. Keep in mind that the program would only use the predefined type of accounts: Asset, Liability, Equity, Income, and Expenses. You can create sub-accounts on any of these categories, but you cannot create new categories or account types.
  5. Hello Peter, Debut has a limit of 10 hours continues recording, after the time limit is reached the program offers the option to create a new recording and continue or to stop recording. You may want to check those settings under Debut > Options > Record > Limits. Also, keep in mind that recording continuously may create a file to large for your computer to handle. Also, video recording maybe an intense process for your computer depending on the format you are using to record. You may want to try using different formats and encoders to find what your computer can handle bette
  6. The only free versions offered by NCH Software are the ones from the link posted before. If the trial period has ended on your computer, sadly, there is no way to extend it.
  7. Hola Guardian, La licencia que adquirió en 2016 le funciona con cualquier versión del programa que haya sido publicada hasta 6 meses después de la fecha de compra. Para poder utilizar la licencia en el nuevo ordenador, seria necesario que desinstale el programa del ordenador viejo, si es posible, o simplemente instale en el nuevo ordenador la versión del programa que funciona con su licencia. Si necesita ayuda para localizar la versión del programa para su licencia, por favor contacte al equipo de suporte técnico para que le puedan ayudar.
  8. Hello, sadly the program does not have the option to create a blank card. You will need to manually delete the information. Also, the program does not have the option to adjust the text direction to vertical.
  9. Hello italiangen, if you wish to test the free version, you may follow this link and download the program there https://www.nchsoftware.com/software/free-downloads.html
  10. Hello Hk. Riaz, sadly, there is no way to add information to that summary you see on the program's main windows.
  11. Hello Tez, you may want to confirm you both are using the same link and confirm if your router allows incoming connections from the internet. Also, confirm if there is any firewall that may be preventing the connection from Canada to be established.
  12. Hello Noor18960, sadly, there is no way to edit the received date on the program.
  13. Hello Tlinetrader, the lame.exe file is related to mp3 encoding. Are you recording the audio in mp3 format? You may want to try using a different audio format or reinstall the mp3 component on your computer. You may follow this link to download the mp3 components http://www.nch.com.au/components/ You may want to download and install mp3el.exe, and mp3el2.exe from the link above.
  14. Hello Deep Six, sadly, the program does not have an option to show the information on the reports.
  15. Hello Titho, If your images are not 16:9, what the program will do is to use the black boxes at the sides or top and bottom of the image to fill out the blank spaces left by the original image's aspect ratio.
  16. Hello Manyponies. in this case, you may want to test exporting the slideshow to your computer and test if the exported video works as expected. Also, you may want to save the project and restart the program. Test creating other slideshows and confirm if the issue happens only with that one slideshow you are working with. If the issue remains, you may want to contact the NCH Software support team for assistance.
  17. Hello adelcoluna, and in this case, you may want to set a user in the program to start using the speech to text. To set up the user you may open Express Scribe and click on options > Speech to text, click on Add select a profile ID and the profile you want to use. If you do not have set any specific user, then you can use the ID "0" and the default profile.
  18. Hello Nikola, currently, the program does not have any other option to show the order number, other than creating an order first.
  19. Hello vroberts, this is a very specific issue and you may want to contact NCH Software support team for assistance on this particular. To contact the support team you may want to follow this link http://nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html
  20. Hello Alt18, however, if the files you are working with were not saved properly due to space limitations, then there is nothing in the program or that we can do to help you retrieve information that is gone. What you can try to do is to confirm you have enough space in the drive where you are saving the audio files.
  21. Hello Roger, Sadly, Express Invoice does not offer the option to edit the text on the email sent with your invoices.
  22. Hello Guitarzan, in this case, you may want to open MixPad, go to options > General > Audio playback and select the Asio driver so you can set the output options from your interface device. Once you are using the Asio driver you should be able to monitor the playback or recording using the headphones icon on each track, just make sure you select the right Asio channel for each track you want to record.
  23. Hello iogurte, the only way to stop the horizontal scrolling is to zoom out on the waveform all the way. This will make the waveform to look clutter but will show you the whole track length horizontally.
  24. I tested the latest SoundTap version 6.03 but cannot replicate the issue you are reporting here. One thing you can try is to reinstall an older version of the program and test if it works. You can try using this link http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/soundtap-5-05-2018-04-12.exe Also, keep in mind that the best way to get support on issues like these is directly from NCH Software team.
  25. Hello SimoneU, when you load the PDF files on Pixillion, are you able to view the preview of the PDf file. You may want to check if these issues happen to all PDF files and if you convert to other file formats. In case the issues remain, you may want to seek assistance from the NCH Software support team directly.
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