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  1. In this case, it is better to contact the NCH Software support service team to get better assistance on this particular issue.
  2. Hello BrutusIn9, you may want to disconnect and reconnect the pedal to your computer, open Express Scribe, go to Options > Control, and run the Controller setup wizard, make sure you set each pedal to do the command you want. For example, the Middle pedal to be Play, the right pedal to be Fast Forward, and the left to be Rewind. Once you have set the pedals you may Click on Finish and test the pedal.
  3. Hello Tom, you can find the multimeasure rest in Crescendo under the Notations tab > Rests > MultiMeasure Rest.
  4. Hello @Socratease, you stated you exported the customer's list as CSV, and the try to import transactions. The issue here is that your customer's list, will only include the information about your customers, it won't include the transactions linked to the customers. Sadly, there is no way to transfer all your data from QuickBooks into Express Accounts, because the formats are different. If you are able to convert the data to CSV, you should be able to load transactions directly to the journal in Express Accounts. But, you must be sure the data includes the require fields (Journal, Reference, Description, Account, Debit amount and, credit amount).
  5. This feature to monitor through headphones is limited by the soundcard on your computer. If your soundcard does not have the option to output multiple channels, you wont be able to monitor through the headphones.
  6. Express Accounts does not offer the option to undo reconciliation beyond the last one. You cannot edit or modify reconciliations you did past the most recent one.
  7. The open hi-hat is indicated by a circle above the note head. You can add the circle by clicking on the note, hover over the green circle, and select the circle sign. Repeat the same steps for all the notes you wish to add the signs.
  8. Have you tried reinstalling the program? Also, you may want to run the program as admin, and to do that, you may right-click on the program's icon, select run as admin, and test the program again.
  9. This is an issue that has been reported to the NCH Software developers. Currently, there is no estimate when the issue would be address. If you wish to get notifications of when a new version of the program is released, you may signup to the NCH Software newsletter here Newsletter Signup
  10. Chris75

    Latency Issues

    In this case, it may be better if you contact the NCH Software team directly to request support on this matter. You may contact NCH Software through this link Software Technical Support
  11. Currently, Crescendo does not offer the option to add the finger marks as the image you sent. If you wish to share any improvement suggestions with the developers, you may follow this link NCH Software Suggestions and Feedback
  12. Hello Paul. This issue seems to be very specific and it may require closer attention from the NCH Software support team, as this forum may not be the best place for support.
  13. Have you tried reinstalling the program, I have not been able to replicate this issue. Also, you may want to check if this issue happens with all files, or with specific files, and contact the NCH Software support team for further assistance.
  14. Have you tried exporting to a different format, or using a different sample rate or bit depth for the Flac files? Also, you may want to check if this issue happens with other projects, and contact the NCH Software support team for further assistance.
  15. DeskFX does not offer an option to automatically load a preset on start up.
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