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  1. Hi, and thank you for the feedback, NCH Software currently takes improvement suggestions through this link NCH Software Suggestions and Feedback
  2. Hello, it is strange indeed that just half of the video will be mute. Have you tried using a different encoder to record the screen. For example, you can try recording in mp4 and select the encoder as MPEG4 and see if that helps.
  3. Hello, in this case, you may want to try launching the streaming source first, then launch Voxal and test the program.
  4. Hello, to change the amount on the columns after you click on Split transaction you may simply double-click on it and then enter the number you want to enter.
  5. Hello, if the program is skipping some files, you may want to place all the files you want to convert into a single folder and then select the option to convert the whole folder on Switch.
  6. Hello, this is a known issue with the program. The issue here is that the last version released for BroadWave is from 2016, so the support service available for this program may be limited. You may want to contact NCH Software support team for more assistance about this.
  7. Hello and if the backup file is corrupt there is nothing in the program that would force open it. Also, if you created the backup file using an older version of FastFox and you are trying to open it with a newer version there may be a conflict depending on the years difference between both versions. In any case, if the backup is corrupt NCH Software does not have any tools to recover the backup.
  8. Hello Harold, we apologize for the confusion, crescendo offers the option to insert guitar chords on the music sheet and this is what could be confusing. In this case, you may want to consider using different voices to enter the quarter notes if you have issues placing them together.
  9. Hello Geh, this seems to be an issue with your Windows. You may want to confirm that you have all the Windows updates installed on your computer or check with Microsoft for assistance on installing that component.
  10. Hello FTC2021, could you test using the latest version 9.05, you can download that version from this link https://www.nch.com.au/components/switchsetup.exe After you have reinstalled the program please test it and if the issue remains you may want to contact the NCH Software support team.
  11. Hi KiwiDerek, I just tested version 7.11 and I was able to resize the text box. You may want to try reinstalling the program from the NCH Software page directly and test it again.
  12. Hello Serg. While you are recording on Debut, the camera overlay won't show, and the cursor would look like the normal cursor pointer. This is the way the program is intended to work.
  13. Hello ScottB, and yes, the mobile version of the program does not include the volume slider as the volume is managed by the phone's volume control.
  14. Hello Mark Clark. The aspect ratio will depend on the original video settings. For example, if the original video is 4:3 and you select the output to be 16:9 then the image will be stretched to try filling up the widescreen aspect ratio, and this causes the black borders on top and bottom. If your videos are originally on 4:3 aspect ratio, it would be better to keep them that way when you burn it to avoid distorting the image. You can also consider using a video editing software like VideoPad to edit the videos and try changing the aspect ratio without distorting the image too much.
  15. Have you checked and confirm that there are no effects applied to the screen capture? You can check that by clicking on the Color and Video Effects. If there are no effects applied to the screen capture, then you may want to contact the NCH Software support team for further assistance.
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