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  1. You are lucky atleast your reported bug is fixed.. I am using Version for MAC and when Web access is on, it takes huge memory (100GB+), crippling my complete machine. I reported it several time and nothing has been heard neither it is fixed. Regarding upgrade Charges. This is the cheapest invoicing software, which I found for MAC Machines, with CSV import and Web Interface (Many bugs in it, like memory hogging, you can't change currency and as I have two companies setup. you can't change that either. More importantly, There should be some kind of Archieve invoices option for sure. We sell on ebay, items costing 1-2-3Β£ so we have plenty of invoices and that slows down whole software.
  2. Thanks for heads up. I haven't even updated to bigslur just due to express invoice.
  3. You have to get fix IP from your Internet Service Provider. 99%, it remain same any ways.. so as far as your router is on, it have one ip address. Just select DMZ in your router to map global ip to local ip and it should work. I am using v8.11 for Mac and when enable web server for express invoice. It takes up 100GB of memory, crashing down everything. So you have to keep an eye on that part as well. Reported it to NCH team.. but no action yet.
  4. Unfortunately it is not from single customer. We recently started retail sales. (B2C sales), which resulted in 100 invoices per day, I can import them via CSV but then have to click and update each invoice and mark them paid. May by my tipping point is coming to move away from Express Invoice, been using this from last 4-5 years.
  5. Better wait https://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/33515-updated-mac-to-big-sur-os-data-gone/
  6. Is there any way to bulk mark invoices as paid? or add invoices as paid in first go instead of marking them paid separately. Thanks. It is quite a job to mark them paid one by one. thanks.
  7. I am not 100% confident but I would say, yes it should work. as Previous versions and Catalina have a major structural difference of elimination of 32Bit programs. Going forward it will be minor differences so should be okay but who knows. πŸ™‚ if you happen to try it. please post results as well as I will be waiting for a little while before upgrading any ways. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. Contacted them. I hope we will be able to resolve it. πŸ™‚
  9. Any answer on this please? When I import CSV for invoices, It don't import Shipping Cost and Tracking numbers. Rest everything is fine. Can you please help. It is very important as otherwise we have to open each and every invoice and edit it.
  10. I import Invoices via CSV but it does not import Shipping Cost and Tracking Ref. Can you please Advice? Thanks. Using Express invoice 8.11 for Mac
  11. If you need any information my side. Let me know. I can't attach any picture on the forum but I can send you whatever information required.
  12. It broke record today. ExpressInvoiceagent topped 198GB of memory leak.
  13. It’s certainly possible but I tried few times and it is damn slow. Not recommended. Good luck. πŸ™‚
  14. This is bug. We have to click on sort by invoice number/ date every time.
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