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  1. It broke record today. ExpressInvoiceagent topped 198GB of memory leak.
  2. Kim 1318 and Tech support. Did you even read my question?
  3. It’s certainly possible but I tried few times and it is damn slow. Not recommended. Good luck. 🙂
  4. This is bug. We have to click on sort by invoice number/ date every time.
  5. Make sure you are going back in invoice section and there are no filters setup there (date or customer name etc). It works fine for us.
  6. I guess change system date and then create invoice. It should make it from older dates.
  7. Thanks Chris, it works in when we create invoices manually. What we have to type in CSV when importing multiple invoices via excel?
  8. What value do we have to give in Tax Rate, I tried 20%, 20, Default but it does not seems to be taking it. Any advice?
  9. Yes reported it already but don’t think they take it this serious. And for sure that is not how it should work. It is not password. It is just customer name. Dann or dann. :-)
  10. Hi, Is there any way to stop case sensitivity for Express Invoice for Mac. It consider "Customername" and "customername" as two different entities, same is with "Item1" and "item1". It is not the password that it have to be case sensitive. Can it be fixed Please?
  11. Hi, Express invoice eats up too much memory (Sometime). Today it was 100 GB. Can you please advice, how to fix this?
  12. First thing first.. Fire your sales staff. He don't deserve a minute at your place. If you have evidence. I will strongly suggest to report it to Police as well to make his life bit more painful. Secondly try to report it under bug section to NCH. https://www.nch.com.au/software/bug.html. I strongly believe they won't do much but what to do. You get what you pay for.
  13. If it is default setup of the program. then why there is Clear Assigned headers? Currently using Version 8 for Mac. Previously I was using version 4.53. In older version, we don't have to map fields on every import. As assigning one by one is bit of a job to do. Thanks.
  14. Can you try taking local backup first and see if it works? it is to isolate problem that it is network issue or Express Invoice (I am confident it is Express Invoice issue, but double check is good. )
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