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  1. I am having trouble staying logged into the web wervice. I can log in the first time no problem. When I select any function(extensions, dialplan, ect.) it asks me to log in again. Whne I do it takes me back to the main web page, not the page I am trying to log into. Ver 1.31
  2. Depends on the bandwidth of your internet access. Each line uses 60 to 80k so if you have 100k of upload speed, 1 call will work fine but the second will break up. Don
  3. No. You can select high or low quality. That will select a codec for you. Don
  4. Use a program that will copy a file from one subdir and rename it to another subdir overwriting the old OGM.
  5. Sorry. Didn't see that the first time. ETalk is designed to work with the Yealink but I will assume it works with others. Did you make sure the audio device is set to USB Phone? Don
  6. I assume you are using a Yealink USB Phone? If you are, set the audio device as a USB phone and it should work. Sometimes mine has to sit for a few seconds before the handset kicks in. Don
  7. I had the same problem. Axon would drop the call a 4:10 seconds every time. I stopped using it because they said it was the provider but it does not happen with any other system I use. Don Fritz
  8. I am having the same problem. 4:15 and the call drops. If I program the ATA directly it works okay. I am using callcentric also but the calls only drop with Axon so I don't think it is CC. Don
  9. DonFritz

    Can't email

    I have to check the 'server requires authentication' and fill in the name and user info I received from my internet provider. It took me a few tries to get it working. Don
  10. If that is what the website says then they are wrong. I have told them I would like to see that and never received a reply. Don
  11. That is something that I have been complaining about for a year now. Why don't they show the CID of un-answred calls in the log. I have never received an answer so I can only say that that's the way it is. Don
  12. I can't believe they require no info from you. So anyone can just plug your number into thier softphone and use it? Don Fritz
  13. I'm not sure as I don't use Axon yet (which I assume is the PBX you are using) but I don't think Axon will interface directly to the CAHTA board. The IVM will. Don
  14. I get really tired of people saying this forum sucks. IT IS A USER FORUM! If no one else has had this problem than you may not get a response. Maybe running the software on a platform is was not designed to run on could be the problem. And then YOU are having the same problem and you don't chime in to ask what he has tried and compare notes, but the forum sucks. When I have user questions, the forum works well but may take time. When I have a support issue, I have paid for support and expect them to help me. Maybe it's not the forum that sucks but what you expect of it. Don
  15. If you are waiting for NCH support to 'junp in' I doubt they will. This is a user forum. If you have paid for support, leave them a message on the support page at their web site. They do not provide support in the forum. Don
  16. Yes, you can have each line with it's own OGM or assign any line to any OGM. Don
  17. The only other thing I thought of was: Do you have MP3s or wavs as your message? I have found some wavs don't work right and don't play audio. Since you don't have a soundcard you could not tell that. Convert to MP3 and try if they are wavs. Don
  18. I did the same thing. It appears they have the wrong download in the free area. Hopefuly they will see these posts and correct the problem and let us know. Yathink? Don
  19. Does it work okay when you run the simulation? Does the audio come thru then? Don
  20. Is this modem TAPI compliant? If so, look for updated drivers for modem and try again. Don
  21. Just leave it closed until you want to use it. Then open it. It will register and you can make calls. When you are done, exit and turn off background operation. Don
  22. I don't think there is really a pause button. The esc key will stop and hold until you push play or F9.
  23. I'm sorry. Did they delete the file or did you? There are ways to contact them and they will help you activate it.
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