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  1. You may try to look at their website to see if they have a newer driver that may work better. Don
  2. What I found on the internet didn't show that modem as TAPI compliant. It may be but it didn't say anything about that in the specs. That's the first thing to check. Don
  3. I figured out the IVM because it is easy to see when you set up lines it asks how many channels. Axon was my question and you answered it. Thanx Don
  4. When you edit the OGM file about half way down it says "End of the message", after "THEN" is the details button. click that and you will see there is a box for 'use special mailbox menu'. Make sure it is ticked and that should work. Lemeno Don
  5. So I guess what you are saying is that once the call has been directed to an extension, the Axon line is available again for another call. I'll buy that. Seems that someone would have done this and know the answer for sure. BTW: I did find that the IVM handles it different. You set up 1 number for however many cahnnels you want. Real simple and understandable. Thanx Nancy Don
  6. First, I don't work for NCH. Sounds like you have a real problem. I have been using IVM for a few years now and I think it works great. I have had a few issues over the years but found they were mostly my fault. Have you contacted tech support? If you purchase tech support I am sure they will take care of you as they have me. I purchased tech support for the first few months to make sure they would help in case of initial set up problems. They did. This is nothing more than a discussion forum for people to talk about user issues that others have had to help work out those issues and it has been very helpful to me. I think if I had your problem I would count more on tech support than this forum. That being said: If I remember correctly, I tried to move the folder that IVM was loaded in at one point and it caused all kinds of problems. Even using different folders for the OGM's caused problems if I remember. Somewhere on your computer there has to be the file that you are hearing. Search for all audio files (mp3, wav) and listen to all that you don't recognize. My guess is you will find it. The IVM mey be pointed to a file that is in the wrong place and is playing the first file it finds. If you want to backup your IVM and send it to me I can look at it for you. May help, may not. I have not upgraded yet but plan to after the first of the year because if the SIP support and a few other things (if they are still in business).
  7. I am having the same problem with CallCentric but only with Express talk. I use MSN Messanger and the CallCentric softphone and don't have the delay problem. I have the new version of Etalk and never used the old version so don't know if that had the problem or not. Seems to me to be an Etalk problem, maybe not. Don
  8. I used to get the the "unable to detect public IP" message also but I opened all ports from 5000 to 6000 and 8000 to 8020 and I don't have that anymore. The stun servers don't report back once in a while and I get an error but they do register eventually and it always works fine. Don
  9. But my question is: If I have received a call on the CC External line I have designated in Axon, that port is busy. Now I receive another call. How does Axon know? Don
  10. Close, but no cigar. Thanks for the reply but most of what I see in those are for Express Talk. I understand that the Express Talk has 6 lines and you can answer up to the 3 lines that CallCentric (CC) allows because all 6 lines are configured the same. My question is, how you do this in Axon. I only set up 1 external line with my CC number and therefore assume I can only receive one incoming call at a time. Do I set up 3 external lines or will this cause a conflict at CC: or if I set up one external line will Axon see a second call coming from CC and pass it to another extension in the group? I also assume that this would be the same configuration for the IVM without Axon as it also uses the same basic incoming line scheme. In most of my applications I will only need the IVM as a stand alone running 15 to 20 SIP lines and not use Axon. Hope this clears things up. (laughing to myself) Don
  11. I see in the CallCentric information that you can have multiple channels with the same inbound DID. Has anyone ever done that or does anyone have information on how it would work with Axon? Don
  12. Make sure you have the tones turned on. In the options menu / other there is a box on the top right to enable key tone. Make sure that is checked and you should hear the tones as they are sent. Don
  13. I did get it working last night. I was expecting a window to pop up to show my camera output so I could make sure I stay in frame. I have seen this feature on other softphones. My fault. I did notice however that during a conversation, the lag time in my voice continues to build the longer I talk. It starts at a couple tenths of a second but may build to a full second or more after a couple of minutes. I assume this is a CallCentric problem but is there a way to prevent that. There is NO documentation on the video as to how it works or what to expect. In fact most of your documentation is good unless you don't understand something. Then you just explain the basics but not how to fix it. That makes me have to think and I don't like that. Thanx for the help. Don
  14. Is there any documentation on the video? There is NONE in the help file. I have a camera installed that I know works but I don't see any 'free floating window' when I open the phone. I have installed it on 2 computers and still nothing. Dfritz
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