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  1. I have now posted a very long time and till now never received any single answer. For what is this forum here? only to leave the poor people without any answer for their problems? Again, I have no outgoing sound on expresstalk softphone, the free version, but I have incomming sound, on Linux, so at least someone could answer here, this is a very bad way to not recognize other people needs!!!
  2. com on people, this can not be that noone answers to the problems here, really!!!!
  3. I use ExpressTalk with Linux under Wine, all is ok, it is ringing, I have outgoing sound, but no incomming sound. I forwardet the ports on my router, but still no incomming sound. On windows xp it works now with outgoing and incomming sound, I have the same configurations on Linux on expresstalk and router, cause it is the same laptop but just no incomming sound. I tried it with all configurations i could think of, nothing helps.
  4. I have the same problem, only skype works wonderful on Linux and on Windows, why I can`t hear anything, but they hear me good? Help.
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