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  1. Good day all. I've been EVERYWHERE trying to solve this problem. IVM is working fine but when the message has been recorded and we email it as an attachment, it does not get anywhere. "Unable to send message". I've used SMTP, with and without exchange. I've used the "secret" meathod, "Username:Password:email@address" Everything I try, including, Unfortunately the terrible support that we paid for, to get this emailing the voicemail to the reciever. Have you guys found the same problem and if so, please, what is the fix ??? I'm a computer programmer, and general geek (30 year geek) so I kinda know whats going on, but this, without some "Intervention" is nagging at me and my customer. Anybody with any Ideas, please ??? Many thanks to all. Take care, Rob
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    Good day all. Here is the short of it. Everything is working fine in IVM answering attendent other than emailing the mailbox holders with the wav file as an attachment. I've tried smtp, with and without the username:password@.........., Sending using another (read few) accounts. The SMTP itself, SSL, basicly everything. I would think that the SMTP would be simple enough. Anyone run into this problem ??? Windows XP Outlook/office 2003 Lotsa Ram/HD Space I can ping the SMTP host Outlooks Email works fine (Pop3) Passwords verified, and all permutations of the User/Pass tryied Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. rgandy4b@telus.net Thanx
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