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  1. I have just installed WavePad and can NOT find how to PAUSE a recording or playback. I have never seen a recording software without a PAUSE button. Have I overlooked something? Dance
  2. I have an audio CD and want to capture that audio and bring it into WavePad and then place some music over it. Do I first bring it into the cptr? If yes, should I just use the CD player in the laptop? Or play it on an external juke box and cable it in? Once it's in and I have the file, do I just bring it in to WavePad? -OR- is there some way to bring it in DIRECTLY to WavePad? That would be the eaiest and preferred way!! I would appreciate your giving a lot of details. I'm new to all this audio recording 'stuff' . Thanx for any help - and if it's no problem - can you PLEASE send the answer direct to me at: dance55@ix.netcom.com T H A N X - DANCE
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