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  1. Hi Stephen, I know this doesnt help you much but what problems were you having with the zoom 3025c? I have the same modem and whenever mine connects to a call the modem click a few times then disconnects the call. On the phone you hear nothing. Just wondered if you experianced the same thing. regards Ed
  2. Ive looked on the Zoom website and I cant seem to find any older drivers. Does anyone know where to find them? regards Ed
  3. Runs through the simulation fine, just as soon as it gets to a call is when it falls down thanks Ed
  4. Thank you for the response, I really appreciate the help It was the one on the recomended list, zoom 3025cf i've looked for drivers but they are the same as what ive got. Is it to do with the sound side of the modem? I really dont know, the only thing that works is the caller ID function. Thats it! Cheers
  5. I am trialing IVM 4.05 I've bought the zoom Model 3025, when It receives a call it answers the call then does nothing. I have set up an OGM. When IVM answers the call the modem clicks a few times and thats it. Any adivce would be much appreciated. Thanks
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