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  1. Thank for the update. Mine's set to 8000 on all three machines
  2. I've had it work on Win2k, WinXP, and Win2003 Standard Server. You need SR 5.11 with SP1 and the Feature Pack
  3. Thank you very much for your response. I've already done that. In the VOIP properties, I've tried it with the default OGM, as well as specifying the appropriate OGM by using the override OGM option. Neither of these options work. Also, to rule out any problems with my Answer OGM, I also made several other OGMs as being able to start and tried using it in the Override OGM option. None of them worked.
  4. Very strange....Service unavailable sounds like something is not registered.... When I call the IVM, it announces the caller (caller-id announce feature) before answering the call... however, I'm unable to hear the announcement via Express Talk... I can hear it through the external speakers on the IVM machine. In the Audio tab of the IVM settings, my Play Device and Volume & Call Announce abd Call Screen Device Volume both say "Default Sound Out" The other options that are available are ( a ) my actual sound card ( b ) my 4 dialogic analog lines. This is getting really frustrating as
  5. It is very possible that the issue may be with network issues. Here are some more details: AXON SERVER: Local Sip Port to listen on: 5060 Local RTP ports to listen on starting from: 8000 IVM SERVER: Local Sip Port to listen on: 5070 Local RTP ports to listen on starting from: 8000 (I've also tried 9000) ROUTER SETTINGS: Port # 5060 is forwarded to the AXON server Port # 5070 is forwarded to the IVM server. Is this setup correct?
  6. I'm posting a log so you can see the call is being detected, but no OGM plays 22:34:38 SIP Private IP is: 22:34:38 SIP Public IP is: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5070 22:34:38 SIP Number: 101@ 22:35:04 SIP Private IP is: 22:35:04 SIP Public IP is: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5070 22:35:07 Attempting to register sip:101@3t-ivr80 22:35:07 Registered as: sip:101@3t-ivr80 22:35:07 Incoming SIP call 22:35:09 Ringing on Line 101 detected. Waiting until ring number 2. 22:35:09 testivr 106 [Answered] 22:35:09 Answering call... 22:35:18 Call has disconnected 22
  7. chinoy

    Data Entry

    See if you can send it to by Private Message... from the "My Controls" option. My Id is Chinoy I'll try to look at it tonight... Does it work well from the simulator?
  8. chinoy

    Data Entry

    Did you look at the log? Anything strange there.....? Also, is anything else slow? Can you create a NEW OGM ( not a copy) and check to see if that is also behaving slowly? Any other OGMs slow to respond as well. You mentioned that there is nothing else running on the server....try having the task manager up when you are inputting the numbers, and check to see if there's any unusual spike of memory or cpu usage at that precise time. If all else fails, I'd be happy to look at your IVR file, and plug it into my test machine to see if I have the same issues
  9. chinoy

    Data Entry

    This may sound silly, but the only time anything like this (or close to it) had happened, when I had accidentally flicked the switch on my phone from Tone to Pulse. Also, you can limit the errors caused by missing numbers by (a) defining maximum digits ( B ) requiring the user to press # after the entry ( c ) read out the numbers back to them to confirm. My 2 bits. Ray
  10. chinoy


    Another thing... you can also choose to override the answer option (# of rings) from the same place. Answer Mode | Override Default Options... you can increase the number of rings Ray
  11. chinoy


    This is how I would do it. Create an OGM that links to whatever mailbox you desire... in your case 101. In IVM, go to the settings , then choose the Telephony tab. Go to the properties of the VOIP line in question, and choose "Override Outgoing Message for this OGM"... choose the newly created OGM here. You can configure the notification options from the mailbox settings for 101. Hope this helps. Ray
  12. I have an IVM system with a 4-port dialogic card that works great, as long as I connect an analog line to it. (I have to use Dialogic, as I have several of them purchased several years ago) Everything works well. I want to start using an IP based PBX with IVM. I have set up the pbx system with several IP phones including 2 Express Tal stations. Everything seems to be configured ok. All the phones can talk to each other. ExpressTalk can talk to other Express Talk systems as well as other IP phones and vice versa. However, when the IVM machine is called, it does not work. On the IVM syst
  13. Sorry if sounded like I was questioning your help.... actually, I was praising it!!! I see that you have replied to many posts, and I was expressing my appreciation !:-) Thanks for your help.
  14. Since a lot of work goes into creating complex .ivr files, I think there should be a way to either encrypt the source files, or otherwise enable the developer to make it unreadable to end users. Also, when this option is chosen, individual .ini files should not be visble either. Any thoughts or suggestions? Ray
  15. I'll submit this an as idea....I know many developers would feel they are in the same situation as myself. Charging them a bit more would not help me in this matter..... at least not for this customer...... they resell / give it to their customers.... and having a copy of the source could potentially deprive me of several other systems.... I have to figure out something. Thanks. You seem to have helped quite a few people in these forums.... do you have any comments on my other two questions: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=8618 and http://nch.invisionzone.com/
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