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  1. Something worked. Please info if successful
  2. CHECK ALL THE BOX -Gmail: smtp.gmail.com -Yahoo: smtp.mail.yahoo.com or smtp.mail.yahoo.co.uk (if email address ends in yahoo.co.uk) -Hotmail/MSN/Outlook.com: smtp.live.com -AOL: smtp.aol.com -Comcast: smtp.comcast.net -Other: Contact your mail provider for your SMTP server address Enter your User Name, (e.g., youraddress@gmail.com), and your Password in the appropriate text boxes Enter your email address into the Default reply email textbox Click OK to save your changes. "EMAIL AUTHENTICATION USERNAME OR PASSWORD NOT ACCEPTED" Then UN-CHECK the box label Use SMTP to send email directly bla...bla...bla... Click OK again...... Please try............................ Check registry edit (Regedit) [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\NCH Software\ExpressAccounts\Email] "DefaultsSet"="1" "SendDirect"="1" "UseMAPI"="1" "UseSMTPHost"="0" "MailSMTPHost"="smtp.gmail.com" "SMTPUserName"="xxxx@gmail.com" "_SMTPPassword"=hex:XXXXXXXXXX (hidden my password ) "ReplyToEmail"="xxxx@gmail.com" "UseSSL"="1" "SetViewed"="1"
  3. finally I can send an email
  4. https://www.nchsoftware.com/accounting/kb/1136.html And can use multiple users as administrators or others
  5. Please inform here about recording the journal so that it is clearer .... Wherever, during the process the account transfer must not exceed the existing balance.
  6. only Journal Report is still not available
  7. It is impossible to see the cost price when I quote a job. There are several considerations that cause this, such as purchasing goods with a payment system directly to the supplier without entering items. In terms of making an offer, of course, a prediction has been made of how much profit you want to achieve through a data processing program such as Excel. And offers made are not necessarily 100% accepted by buyers. Creating a quote list may not necessarily be used as an invoice directly because there is no agreement price between the seller and the buyer. Sorry if the answer is not acceptable
  8. Can not. The item number is always the same when making purchasing orders or invoices
  9. cannot be uninstalled, because it is an integrated application. Only the shortcut can be removed .. Is the main file expressaccounts.exe "which adds the -EXTSUITE command
  10. Select Options > Payments > Fill in payment methods with "Credit Cards", (don't forget separated by commas if there are other payment methods). And on credit card gateways don't click and dont check for updates
  11. Correction.......... If the purchase payment cancellation Click TAB Purchases and Click on View > Select Payments of accounts payable and click on delete If the customer payment or invoice cancellation Click Tab Sales and Click on View > Select Payment and click on delete
  12. When creating an invoice, make sure it is filled in on the Customer PO Number tab. And of course it will automatically appear when printed
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