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  1. I need to close Dividends Paid to Retained Earnings and then close Retained Earnings to Shareholders' Equity at fiscal year end so that we have a clear picture of the current state of the equity and the annual performance of the company. I believe that Express Accounts uses a "rolling year" and so both Retained Earnings and Dividends Paid are cumulative since the start of the company. I could handle the problem using journal entries and a couple of new accounts if only Retained Earnings and Total Equity were actual accounts that could be interrogated and modified. However, they are not. It
  2. Hello, I am using Express Accounts version 8.16. I am puzzled why how the credit-card account works. I tried to post the interest ($0.26) charged on a very small purchase by using Account transfer in the Accounts tab. I tried to transfer the amount from Credit Card (balance of -$165.19) to Interest Expense (balance of -$0.16) for the date 2018-01-08. The transfer was refused with the message "This account does not have an adequate balance." while pointing to the Credit Card account entered in the "Transfer from account:" window. I thought that the whole point of a credit card w
  3. Hello, I have two problems, as follows: 1. I don't know how to see my checking account balanced transactions other than by trying a reconciliation and then aborting it before the actual reconciliation. How do I do this? It is necessary for finding problems in my books. 2. I was using the approach of attempted reconciliation and then aborting it when I hit the "continue" button by accident. How can I undo a reconciliation? Sadly, this is extremely urgent. All help will be gratefully received. Best regards, Peter
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