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  1. Yes I have been able to add the Classification. Thank you so very much
  2. So the unreconciled entries will get reconciled in the next month?
  3. So the unreconciled entries will get reconciled in the next month? I am very very new with this program. I really don't want to mess something up and have to start all over again. Thanks for your assistance
  4. If when doing a bank reconciliation and some of the items posted in that month not go thru the bank and show up on your statement until the next month - do you go ahead with the reconciliation and then they will still be there to tick off the next month?
  5. SnC I deleted the opening balance but I am still unable to add a classification. Do you have any other ideas??
  6. I do not want to delete a classification to a chart of accounts account - I want to add a classification . But it will not let me - that option is grayed out. I just wondered if I delete the beginning balance it would let me add a classification and then I add the beginning balance back in. So far the accounts that need a classification added do not have any other transactions associated to it other than the beginning balance
  7. I have a question regarding setting up Chart of Accounts. I have entered some asset accounts and an opening balance. I did not select a classification. It will not let me do that now as a transaction has been made. I am guessing this transaction is the opening balance I entered. If I delete the opening balance, can I delete that account and recreate it correctly with a classification?
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