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  1. Express Accounts v8.10 on Windows. Recently had an issue where we were using a "Free for 5 employees or less" version of Express Accounts (for evaluation) which suddenly claimed that it was only a "demo" and we needed to purchase. I raised a call but before any answer, I removed and reinstalled the software which seemed to do the trick.That was several weeks ago. Decided this was a glitch and that we would use this software for the new business. Carried out all the config and loaded several hundred customer records etc and yesterday raised first of 100+ invoices due to go out 1st July. After raising one invoice, the software decided it was a "demo only" version and is refusing to raise any invoices. I need urgent help with this please. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you but had already tried this too with no improved result.
  3. Thank you but all this was done before I raised the question in the first place. Any further ideas?
  4. EXPRESS ACCOUNTS configuration completed with SMTP info. All verified. Option to use MAPI (in my case OUTLOOK) is switched off as it didn't work. Sending invoice by email (clicking RECORD AND EMAIL) returns a 553 error suggesting invalid recipient (which it isn't) or missing SMTP server login details (which are not missing). Any help gratefully received.
  5. SOLVED. Reinstalled the EXPRESS ACCOUNTS on wife's machine and it all works same as mine now (small business is OK).
  6. I am sure this must have come up but my searches have been fruitless. I downloaded a copy of Express Accounts (v8.05) and having "played" I decided that I would use it. During the trial period, I was pleased to see on start-up that I was offered a choice of "free" if my business has less than 5 employees (it does - it has one - me). Having now downloaded (v8.05 again) onto my wife's laptop (where we will operate it for real) all has gone well loading up customers etc BUT she is not able to create invoices and is, instead, being told at start-up that she can either continue with a demo version (limited functionality) or pay a licence. Am I missing something?
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