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  1. I recently found that I could save certain rows from Inventoria to a CSV. Great, now I can do a simple formula and increase the sell price by 15%, all was working good until I realised the only cells downloaded (currency type) were unit cost value and line total. I need to somehow export the sell price data so I can do an update and reload the new pricing. Hoping someone can chime in with a suggestion Thanks
  2. I'm trying to add some payments in the immediate payment or purchase screen, using this as I don't have accounts with any suppliers and pay up front for all purchases. This was working before and I added several payment but now it is throwing an error "Out of Balance" and also "You can only record a balanced transaction, please add an account to apply the amount to. Im now stuck, I don't understand what is wrong, but my bank accounts have funds in them but they are both out of balance, I tried to do a reconcile but that wouldn't work. can anyone help on this one please
  3. Thanks Shogun, just checked and it is set. Should be good to go
  4. Just wondering on how to start a new financial year, at the end of this month (for Australian users) we need to start a new year. Wondering if this is automatic or do I need to do something. Also wondering if anyone is operating with multiple currencies. I see in the instructions it says to set up multiple businesses but just wondering if anyone has experience with this Thanks in advance
  5. I have used express invoice for some years now. really only to keep inventoria stock levels correct as it is not my main book keeping software. However, it has a 10 year history of every sale I have made and is starting to run slow, would like to just start a new financial year so it doesn't have to troll through every invoice every time I make a new entry. Thought of doing a back up and just deleting all previous invoices but is there a better way? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi All I'm a long time user of inventory and just about to update to the latest version since I have just purchased a new Mac. My problem is, at least from studying the free download, that I still cannot run an order report that outputs the suppliers part number instead of my own. In the past I have had to print out a purchase order, then convert all my own part numbers to supplier part number, and then type all the order out manually. Is there some way of doing a sort by supplier part number, which in my case would be held in one of the custom fields (customs field 1) Thanks in advance
  7. Interesting. I wanted an extra field in the drop down for Paypal. Could never work it out til I read this post, On a mac, go to preferences, at the bottom of the page you will find "Payment Methods" Just type in whatever you want to display, possibly add more than one option seperated by commas. Hope this helps, it did for me. Cheers
  8. Dont know if this will answer your question but whenever I add a new item to inventoria it wont show up in express invoice. Bit of a pain when you do an invoice and the new item you just added isnt there. What I do in this situation is go to items list in express invoice, delete everything and then click on the migrate from inventoria option. This brings everything over from inventoria and you are then right to go back into invoicing and type away. I also found if you try to add an item that is zero stock in inventoria the whole thing crashes so its a matter of shutting down express invoice, adding stock to inventoria and then going back to express invoice, deleting everything in the items list and do the migrate thing again. Hopefully these issues will be adressed in later versions. I am running Inventoria version 3.37, Express Invoice version 3.71 on a Mac Pro OSX 10.6.8, in Rosetta
  9. I had a problem where the software will crash if you are linked to inventoria and the stock level is nil. You have to go back to inventoria and add stock, then search for your original invoice which will have a prefix of DNF (or something like that.) Delete the invoice and start again.
  10. Yep, I wanted to print out orders based on supplier part numbers. I assigned custom field 1 to "Supplier Part number" but so far am not able to print orders using this field. There may be hope though, if you pray to the gods of NCH they may look at releasing a new version in the future that addresses your problem. Cant hurt
  11. deep six

    Data Export

    You may need a later version, my version doesn't do this but I think an upgrade might help. Hope this helps
  12. Would really like to be able to print out purchase orders using supplier part number, currently can only print out orders with item number and all my suppliers use thier own part numbers, not mine. (running version 3.37 on mac pro in rosetta)
  13. Yep, would like to know also, at the moment my turnover is under the threshold of $75000 so I don't need to do a BAS but would be good for future use. Earle, you can still get a copy of the ATO E Record, it will do your bas for you and its free,
  14. Thanks Guys, I have gone back to using express invoice and put express accounts on hold. My express accounts version is 4.60, my epress invoice version is 3.71. My inventoria version is 3.37. Was originally running on a Mac Power PC but have recently upgraded to a mac pro so now running these in rosetta. (I do see new versions available for mac with Intel processor which is what I now have) Thinking about upgrading to the latest versions but don't want to shell out the dollars if its not going to work any better (maybe worse) I do like the suite, I think they have great potential, just hope they get it sorted out.
  15. Hi all. I have been using inventoria along with express invoice for some time. Once I sell an item in express invoice it deducts the item from inventoria. But recently fired up Express Accounts so I could utilise all the book keeping functions. But... When I create a new invoice in Express accounts it does not deduct the stock from inventoria. I cant see any way of importing inventoria data into express accounts like you can with express invoice and inventoria. I tried importing all the data from express invoice into express accounts hoping I could just continue to create invoices in express invoice, have the inventory deducted from inventoria, and just update express accounts every so often. This doesn't work, every time I import from express invoice it recreates the chart of accounts in express accounts. Its maddening, I cant find a way to get this system to work. An email to technical support yields no help whatsoever, even though I purchased a support package. This whole package should integrate together but seems to be sadly lacking. Any ideas?? Cheers
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