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  1. Hi there, Issue 1 I hope somebody can help me. I am looking for a way I can record a cash injection from my personal account to top up my business account.. I don't know where to go to add it to my account in express accounts. It isn't an income as i will pay tax on it. It is purely a cash injection or a top up. Issue 2 How do I record a credit from my supplier. I returned some products and cant find any option to record this credit from supplier back to my account. Please help Thanks
  2. Morning, I am not sure if it is possible, but is there a way I can see cost prices when im quoting a job? Basically when I am quoting I am wanting to see cost prices per item and overall profit. It would be helpful as I can apply some discount and know exactly what I am making. Any help would be great. Thank you
  3. Hi, Thank you for your reply. I have done all of this, as i mentioned it works perfectly when the software is (unlicensed) but as soon as I (Licensed) it the feature stops working... I get a error message of "Error while trying to send email. Email address may be wrong or your SMTP server may require a username or password. Please check address again and see Email settings. (550): ##Email im trying to send too##" Its frustrating and putting me off the software. Thank you
  4. I have set up my email so I can send quotes direct from Express Accounts. this works fine when the software is unlicensed. As soon as I activate the software I get issues sending emails? I cant explain it any easier. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi guys, I have synced Express Invoice with Inventoria. do I have to manually click update every time I adjust stock in Inventoria?? is there a way this will update automatically? also is there a way the items will show in express invoices even if i dont have stock? (better for when i do quotations) Thanks in advance
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