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  1. yes .... I'm also on an adventure to find a way to create custom report
  2. OK done.....there was a typo on date, it should be "/" not "-". For importing CSV, Quote should not be used, because it will cause additional items with the same item even though they are different letters. For example, when inputting the item description "NOKIA 8220", then the next quote is "NOKIA GSM 8220, it will be recorded as a Double in the data item. Likewise for the name of the customer. This means Mr. customer input" Jack Sparrow ", the next quote input text" Mr. Jack Sparow ", data from 2 people will be recorded even though they are the same person. Better to fill it directly from EA software
  3. You have indeed deleted customer data, but the customer who was deleted has past transactions. The deletion should start from the payment transaction where the customer data transaction that wants to be deleted is started. Next, make sure the customer deletion has no related transactions. Go to the view tab, select payment and customer old transactions for which the plan will be deleted There is no relationship creditnotes data files with customer data files. Do not delete subfolder C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ExpressInvoice if you don't understand. Because it will result in errors in the Express Invoice data storage process for subsequent use.
  4. 1. login yahoo account https://login.yahoo.com/ 2. Go to settings then select security. 3. Go to generate password 4. select another application and input the application name, for example Express Invoice 5. This is your application password for Express Invoice 6. Return to the Express Invoice setting email, then enter the username and generate the password earlier (not the password on Yahoo) 7, Done
  5. https://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/31672-emailing-invoices-not-working/?do=findComment&comment=94708 for yahoo, there is a separate step
  6. In my opinion, the TAX RATE and ITEM TAX RATE columns don't need to be used, especially for the TOTAL column .... it's better not to use them. It is better if the tax rate is set from the beginning on the options. For the success of importing CSV, don't use the DATE column, because every time I use the DATE column, be it DD-MM-YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD format, import always fails. Importable data that is sufficient for quoting is as follows: Quote Code, Customer (Required), Sales Person, Billing Address, Ship Address, Qty, Item, Description (Required), Unit Value, Discount, Comment, Private Comment
  7. import csv file to where ... a bit confusing the question
  8. @SMelanie, whether the problem of Adding Classification on an account is resolved ?
  9. all account will be reconciled and updated to the last date of reconciliation. For example, a savings account that has been reconciled on the last date, then on that date the balance will match the savings book data in the bank, can be traced day by day, will be the same as the balance between EA and the Bank
  10. Better to go directly to https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html Has anyone tried out there to apply for technical support.
  11. Keep continuing the reconciliation and it will adjust to the updated journal data if there are changes to previous transactions. However, it still ends at the last date of reconciliation until the next future date
  12. https://www.mediafire.com/file/pqjkk9sdtbkjhhk/Customer.mp4/file If that's your problem, reinstall, but backup the data first. https://www.nchsoftware.com/accounting/easetupfree.exe
  13. Yup, that's right. However I don't know what the problem is ...... Still don't get it .... Jane Doe is deleted and doesn't need to be filled in
  14. Maybe this is the answer in question ..... https://www.mediafire.com/file/04t4ga79yychjlp/Delete+1310.mp4/file Goto to windows explorer Folder C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ExpressAccounts\Accounts and delete account number. Make sure that the accounts are not linked. For safety, please backup.
  15. upload images in clouds (google drive, or similar) and share a link so I can see what's going on. Because I see customer data usage has not been a problem so far. Customer name is required, Contact Person and contact first name is not required, then what problem do you mean https://www.mediafire.com/view/qi4rlorlxdatmlx/Screenshot_2021-01-28_223840.jpg/file
  16. Recording Statement / Proof of Transaction into a Journal: * Money received from the bank as a loan is recorded in the journal as follows. Cash (Dr) xxx - Bank Loans - (Cr) xxx * Paid / installments owed to the bank, are recorded as follows. Bank Accounts Payable (Dr) xxx - Interest Expense (Dr) xxx - Cash - (Cr) xxx Everything can be seen in the journal or in the reports menu option But what is problematic for me is the custom reports, especially on the Simple Expression type fields, which allow the user to perform arithmetic operations. In fact, the name of the field I made was very simple, without symbols or special characters Information that appears "Unable to substitute the expression. Unrecognized field name(s) detected."
  17. Please, Attach images with Upload or insert images from URL so that I can see more clearly
  18. You can add a classification. You delete the opening balance, it can also add a classification and can then add the opening balance back. For safety, please try the backup first.
  19. If the chart of accounts that are interrelated (there are related transactions), the classification of the accounts cannot be deleted, unless the details of the entire transaction are also cleared. Of course this will cause a high level of complexity. For all assets that are unlikely to have a balance below ZERO, the status of replenishing the balance on the opening balance can be changed repeatedly. However, for accounts that have a negative balance (minus balance), changes to the opening balance are not allowed. Just do journal data corrections or do journal adjustments
  20. The question is not very well understood. Attach images with Upload or insert images from URL
  21. I can't send email anymore, but I changed the previous IMAP configuration settings to SMTP configuration. And it runs normally again ... I think this is a coincidence ... Because maybe I change the 2-factor verification on my Gmail to be inactive and allow less secure applications in the google account settings ( https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps )
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