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  1. it should be like what Fred28 explained, so I won't give an example ..... the point is if there is no solution, then just use notepad to edit the chart of account file.
  2. Use notepad ++, usually I use this if there is a problem that cannot be solved .... I'll give an example later.
  3. Can you be more specific about the question
  4. I don't think so. This happened when I wanted to switch to busy accounting software, but Busywin 21 was told to change the regional settings. So from that I feel I have to make changes to EA as well.
  5. https://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/36971-how-to-use-custom-report-with-simple-expression/?do=findComment&comment=98013
  6. Finally the solution was solved. Recommended Windows Regional setting in [English (United State)].
  7. Up to the latest update 9.00, still unsolved problems here..... Have I made an error in filling in the entry field so that the error message always appears?
  8. Simple Expression: This allows user to perform arithmetic operations. The allowed operators are +, -, *, and / for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division respectively. E.g., Field1 + Field2 gives you sum of existing fields Field1 and Field2. I have problem the custom reports, especially on the Simple Expression type fields, which allow the user to perform arithmetic operations. In fact, the name of the field I made was very simple, without symbols or special characters Information that appears "Unable to substitute the expression. Unrecognized field name(s) detected
  9. Frankly I need to use this function, but it always fails and there is no solution. Who can help on this forum? Thanks
  10. This cannot be done, because the payment that has been received will reduce the receivables based on the issued invoice. Here you can only see the difference between taxes collected and taxes payable. It is possible to do it manually to find out with the help of Excel through a journal stored in a CSV file
  11. As long as the asset or equity exists, it can be displayed ..... but if the asset or equity does not exist, then nothing can be displayed
  12. Surely you can do it. And it's easy to apply if you understand a few basic accounting basics in the use of journals ... Regards
  13. non invoiced cash sales are transactions that occur directly, by inputting sales items using the cash payment system. If you only fill in the journal, then what is recorded is the transaction value and does not reduce the stock of goods. So if there is a sales transaction process that cannot be inputted directly (delayed by manual recording, collected first and then recorded) it can still be done on the next day, but just change the date in the journal according to the date of the transaction. This is better, because by recording non-invoiced cash sales, it can reduce the stock of goods that have been sold.
  14. Non Invoiced Cash Sales entries, already using the same date when data entry. For date adjustments, it can be changed in the journal.
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