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  1. That thread is completely irrelevant to what I'm talking about, after reading it all the way through.
  2. I don't want to spend like 4 hours calculating for perfect values to make those curves. I prefer the Ease InOut feature that I originally explained.
  3. I think animation keyframes should have an "Ease InOut" feature which defines what percent of the time the animation is accelerating and decelerating. For example, if I use the "Position" video effect, add a keyframe at the beginning of the clip with any value, and then I add another keyframe at the end of the clip with a different value, it will cause a jerky motion. So, with this new feature, I set the Ease InOut value to e.g. 20%, and the animation will quickly accelerate for 10% of the time at the start of the clip, move in a constant speed for 80% of the time, and decelerates the remaining 10% of the time at the end of the clip. If the Ease InOut value is 100%, the animation will always either accelerate or decelerate. What do you think? NOTE: I'm not talking about making curves!
  4. Not just the sound processing. The VIDEO processing as well!
  5. If I try to export a video with one or more clips still processing, will I get the same result as if all the clips were finished processing?
  6. I can hardly wait for the new version, but I guess I have to be patient.
  7. Ivan187

    Combine Clips?

    Copy and paste.
  8. Can't wait for the new version! I hope it has this problem fixed!
  9. Ivan187

    Combine Clips?

    I wanted this since I first used VideoPad in early 2014.
  10. I had this problem since late May/early June. I didn't want to post a topic about this because then I get told about video card/drivers, and I can't deal with that.
  11. It only happens for that particular video. Well, it actually did happen right after starting to export other videos, but it wasn't such a problem because the BSOD didn't happen a second time.
  12. It's only 1 second long, and all I'm using is images for the snapshot, not a video clip. You can't reproduce this problem probably because your computer is better than mine.
  13. I've just tried to take a snapshot on HD 720. It did work, but that's not the resolution I want.
  14. Every time I try to take a snapshot on HD 1080, the green dots on the bar start to lag, and then it gives me a BSOD for a second, restarting my computer. After the 3rd time this happened, I tried re-installing VideoPad, I tried deleting unused cache, uninstalling useless/unwanted programs, and it still doesn't work. I'm using the latest version on Windows XP.
  15. I know this is useless but the original post has a picture with yellow letters, and I don't know what is the name of that font; it looks cool.
  16. Ivan187

    4.05 is up

    This isn't the Professional edition that I used to have!
  17. I experience this 90% of the time when I speed the video up. There's a black frame when the sped-up clip finishes.
  18. Before it used to be 1000%. I was expecting the future of VP to have an increased limit for those REALLY boring videos, but I was never expecting the limit to be reduced from 1000% to 800%. I know you can export the sped-up video and then increase the speed again, but nobody wants to waste a lot of time doing this. One single change of text is enough.
  19. I always export at 29.97fps when it comes to gameplay videos.
  20. Here: http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/versions.html
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