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  1. Yes, I'm aware that a data DVD can be burned. But, alas, I do need a movie disc that's playable. I've read somewhere that it is possible to burn a 1920x1080 DVD movie disc, as long as the file is small enough to fit in the available space.
  2. Is it possible to export a full-HD 1920x1080 file to DVD using VideoPad (so that the file on DVD is still 1920x1080)? I just burned a DVD from such a file, but the resultant file on the disc was reduced to 720x480. The video file to be exported is quite small (104 MB) and would fit on DVD in full 1920 resolution. Is there a way to tell VP to retain the full resolution?
  3. I just tried a 4K file, and this one played fairly well in preview... I don't know why I still got "Building Preview" when I tried it the other day. So, it does appear to be working better- thank you for this much appreciated improvement !!
  4. 4.44 hasn't improved playback of 4K videos, which I don't believe are really supported yet, but nonetheless can be edited and at least exported as 1080p. Still get "Building preview".
  5. Dazzray

    DVD problem

    Sam, That appears to have solved the problem. Thanks very much for your quick response!
  6. Dazzray

    DVD problem

    Sam, Can you give me an idea of when the dvd fix will be available? I need to get this video burned soon... thank you!
  7. Dazzray

    DVD problem

    I did try EXPRESS BURN ... same thing happened, but at an earlier point in the dvd. Very frustrating... after all these years, what seems like the simple task of burning a dvd and I can't do it. Why is it that in the world of video production, progress is so hard to achieve? Every time I try to produce one, whether in VP or another vendor's product, there is ALWAYS a roadblock! As a retired software writer, I can say that my career would have been a lot shorter if my work had resulted in so many failures. On the positive side, I will say that NCH is very attentive to its customers, and quite responsive... I do appreciate that!
  8. Dazzray

    DVD problem

    I used VP 4.40 to just export a 32-minute mp4 file to dvd (imported the mp4, then exported it without any edits/modifications). Upon playback of the dvd, the video plays ok until a particular point at about 8:30 minutes, then freezes. This occurred on two fairly new, identical Sony dvd players. It also happens when I play the dvd on my new desktop (which created the dvd). The mp4 file itself plays just fine on the computer (including a youtube upload), but the dvd has the problem. When I burned the dvd, I made two copies, and both have the problem, so it doesn't appear to be a defective dvd blank. Suggestions?
  9. Ooops, sorry Borate, I didn't see that. Thank you, that's great.
  10. Why not have the option to export only the segment between the in and out points of a sequence? That way, you could export the entire sequence (if the in and out points were set at the beginning and end of the sequence), or any selected portion of it.
  11. There is an option in VP to unlink an audio track from its video track... is there a way to do the reverse (link audio to video)? That would be quite nice to have, to prevent accidentally moving the audio out of sync with video.
  12. This is one of my main issues with VP too. I like the product in general, and I think the developers have been very responsive to our questions and complaints, which I appreciate very much. When I asked about this issue a while back, NCH said that, because VP is still a 32-bit program, it can never make use of more than 4GB of memory, no matter how much is available in your computer. That may be part of the problem. They also were working to speed things up in other ways. I now shoot 4K video all the time, and that really compounds the problem, because the file sizes and bit rates are huge. I had to buy a faster computer just to be able to play a 4K clip without it hesitating all the time. But I think NCH has to really consider changing VP to be 64-bit, among other things (they said they're resisting that change so that VP could be used on virtually any computer. But maybe it's time to move ahead?)
  13. I'm not crazy about the new effects dialog either... I found myself stumbling around looking for the "Apply/Cancel" buttons...
  14. What O/S does this apply to? I don't see it yet on the download page. In your future posts announcing new releases, it would be helpful if you indicated what O/S the release is for. Thanks for the continuing improvements!
  15. Hi Sam, Yes, that seems to have worked ok. Thanks for your quick response! That's something I really appreciate about you guys.. you read the forum complaints and questions, and you're very responsive and quick. Many thanks.
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