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  1. For these couple years that I've been using VideoPad, the default subtitle size has always been 18. This size is way too big. I suggest the default size to be somewhere between 5 and 8. Big sizes are only good for YouTube thumbnails.
  2. Right click the H264 file, and in the menu that shows up, select Properties. Go to the Details tag, and you should find the bitrate there.
  3. Interesting. I have only tried using H264 but now it looks like it's worth trying out MPEG4. Though I think the reason for the drop in size in MPEG4 is because you may have specified a way smaller average and maximum bitrate. This number was much bigger when you used the H264 codec.
  4. Do you have unnecessary keyframes added?
  5. Any topic about a new release is a Windows version.
  6. Well, my last resort is to take a snapshot of the masked, unedited image so it has the transparent background. If I load the snapshot in VideoPad, I will then be able to change the masked image's position without leaving a double.
  7. Try uploading it from YouTube, not from VideoPad.
  8. This is happening to me as well. It restricted me from being able to make good videos and pictures.
  9. It is by lucky occurance that they appear on the preview window.
  10. 4.31 DOES have the zoom video effect. I saw it when I first tested this version.
  11. Okay, so I checked if an extra frame is on the rendered video by putting a 3.000 second image in the sequence. Then I try to export the video on 1280x720 resolution (not that resolution matters) at 60 frames per second. Constant frame rate is checked (not that that matters either). I open the exported video on VideoPad, the length is 3.017. If I export on a smaller frame rate, this extra frame will be bigger. Say that I now try to export at 30 frames per second, the length is 3.067.
  12. The extra frame in the exported video is STILL there. Since this version is still in Beta, I figured I'd take the chance to report the problem again.
  13. Okay then, I knew I should've downloaded WavePad for that
  14. I would like to have a new audio effect called Phone. It basically makes the audio sound like someone is talking through a phone line.
  15. The Shake video effect worked like the video was really shaking before. And now, there's a still preview behind the shaking video, and I don't have anything else on another track. This could be a big problem with text clips.
  16. It doesn't show the new version until another version is released.
  17. I have just updated to version 4.3, and when I checked, the extra frame in the exported clip was still there.
  18. Now I can't even add shadows at all! When I add the shadow, then I click Apply, the shadow is never added. It gets turned off again.
  19. I did try that, but it's still a time consuming process.
  20. What if you're making a highlights/best moments video and you want all the clips to come at a random time without having to move them manually? You should be able to select the desired clips, and shuffle their positions with this feature. I could not word this out better to be honest...
  21. I've put subtitles with shadows in my saved project. If I open the saved project, the subtitles won't have shadows and I'll have to add them all over again.
  22. The Shake effect is very cool to use, but I feel like the video shakes too slow, so I want to specify how fast should the video shake. Kinda like what happens with the Old Film effect.
  23. Ivan187


    Two errors on this new version: 1. Text/Subtitle shadows are not shown in the exported video. 2. The extra options for Wave effect are not there.
  24. From my point of view, the Waves video effect could really have some improvements, and it's been like this ever since I started using VideoPad on early 2014. How about making the waves vertical, how wide and dense (dense as in adding 2+ wave effects) should they be, and how fast should they move without changing clip speed? Surprisingly, no one has talked about this before.
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