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  1. Wait no longer... https://www.nchsoftware.com/download/videopadsetup64.exe Official release, being phased in. Under the hood, significant changes that better utilize GPU, for faster response. Give it a thorough workout and report any glitches.
  2. That's my experience. Increment 30 times and you should see the counter advance 31 frames. Record_2021_02_27_16_04_40_203.mp4
  3. Yes, the smallest available via a shortcut. The cursor counter displays the increments, which look to be about 33/34ms.
  4. The frame bump is the smallest increment. However, by expanding the timeline via the slider (bottom-right), precision can be improved. As for those 'parts' - let's take a look. Upload a sample project for analysis, per the instructions in your other thread. Use the edge buttons for insertions to ensure that the edit is being made at the junction. To see gaps or fragments on track one, switch to Storyboard mode. Did you test the latest version?
  5. The frame buttons offer the most precision... or use the right and left arrow keys. The edge buttons go to the next clip join point or use <shift-right/left arrow keys.
  6. What version is being used? Try the latest. For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months from purchase date. After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest. Retain your old install file and registration info. No better? Sharing your project is the best way to solve the issue. The process is easy, quick and can be done privately. Just follow these steps... Back up --- With your project on the timeline, click on MENU at the top-left. Click FILE|BACK UP PROJECT FILES TO FOLDER. Choose a folder and SELE
  7. If this is a recent phenomena type RESTORE POINT in the search box (far-left on the taskbar). Click SYSTEM RESTORE. Tic CHOOSE A DIFFERENT RESTORE POINT, then NEXT to see if there is one that predates your issue. If so, restore your system back to that time, keeping in mind that files added from that date to the present may be lost. Back them up on a separate drive. The process takes time - be patient - and may seem to hang. If the restore fails, Windows will revert to its pre-restore condition. Consider installing an imager, such as Acronis TruImage, Macrium or
  8. Not necessarily, though that seems counter intuitive. Again, drop by a buddy's home and test your 7.03 or 10.15 on their machine.
  9. Releases, by the same #, do occasionally change. The copy downloaded a few days ago may not be the exactly the same as that available today. Suggest that 10.16 not be installed until the root of your issue is discovered. Try 10.15, which was a stable release under somewhat different architecture. Still, doubt that this is going to help, as your old 7.03 is lame. While an existing app may not "deteriorate" it can conceivably become corrupted, as can the Windows O/S on occasion. Refreshing it is another thought.
  10. Tough to say why only VP is bogging down, but others have not reported that here. And my test with 7.03 is normal - response is instantaneous. So it's doing it "for some reason" but that reason doesn't appear to be the program itself. Download a fresh copy... http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/videopad-7-03-2019-02-26.exe
  11. Click the Sequence tab, above the preview window. That gives snapshot of sequence option. Clicking MENU | FILE, then the Clip or Sequence item also has a "freeze frame" choice.
  12. Well, if you have tried most suggestions above, then another PC would be the next test. The issue doesn't seem to be Videopad; it doesn't change. Reinstalling should purge the cache, but this can be done manually under OPTIONS | DISK tab, Clear Unused Cache Files. You might try this free utility to more thoroughly uninstall. Select all registry entries that it finds as well, then reboot and reinstall - perhaps the above linked 10.12 release.
  13. Preview res is based on monitor. You can, however, change the size of the preview window by dragging the white bar shown below. Hi-res screenshots of preview or sequence are available via a right-click in the preview area...
  14. In Videopad, click OPTIONS | DISK tab and Clear Unused Cache Files. Go to https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx Type in your driver and operating system version. Then install the latest game ready driver. If issues arise, right-click the start button, click Device Manager then double-click Display Adapter | Driver tab. Roll back to the earlier driver.
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