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  1. Even after all this time I still haven't updated from v7.03, because every version from that point on has made things more complicated.
  2. 6.26 is the latest Spanish version.
  3. Had this in mind for years now! ':D
  4. Audio scrubbing was not corrected when I tried 7.21. I could still hear audio that doesn't match with the current scrubbing point.
  5. Input file is a 1:1 aspect ratio picture. (1190 x 1190) Crop Center 16:9 Take Snapshot at HD 720p (1280 x 720) Output snapshot is 768 x 432. What? I have tried all the other options and they all gave out the same exact dimensions in the output file. I think I should just stay with version 7.03 of VideoPad forever. :/
  6. Well, you have 6 times more RAM than I do, so I don't know how fast you talkin' about. I can work on VideoPad just fine with only so much memory.
  7. I'm still using 7.03 until that option just goes away. Try that version and you'll thank me later.
  8. This wouldn't of happened if the Letterbox/Crop and Zoom feature was never invented. :/
  9. That's what I'm doing though! The thing is that both resolutions you mentioned at the top, are in an aspect ratio of 16:9. In my case, I had that property vary between sources. (I say "had" because I already exported my project successfully in 7.03.)
  10. Exactly what I did. I selected the YouTube 720p preset, and the options were not greyed out. Am I missing something?
  11. The letterbox/crop and zoom feature is BS. It was never necessary on older versions of VideoPad. :/ I'm trying to export a video in 1280*720 just like it's shown in the preview, but the auto-detected resolution is 612*576, and I don't like either result from the letterbox or crop and zoom options. Going back to 7.03 for now.
  12. This has actually been happening ever since I first started using VideoPad in 2014. I kept forgetting about reporting it.
  13. Skipping this version. It always seems as though one thing gets fixed and then another one breaks.
  14. The issue is resolved as of version 7.03.
  15. Well, I exported my whole project containing the sped up clips, and everything turned out fine. But it throws me off when I oversee unwanted behavior from the software even if it's only on the preview.
  16. Oh gee, you had way more problems than I experienced!
  17. By the way, I should also point out that the clip came out properly sped up in the exported file. Maybe it's because I singled it out from the whole project that I was working on when I found this bug, but I don't wanna risk exporting it all and then have to do it over again because the bug slipped by. :/
  18. Fatal flaw with VideoPad's version 7.01. Let's say you have this clip with the In point at 10:00, and the Out point at 11:00. Then you change the clip speed to 500%. The In point should now be at 2:00, and the Out point is now at 2:12. And... that's all that happens. Changing the speed of the clip literally just shifts the In and Out points to another position inside of the same clip that's at 100% speed, but it doesn't actually CHANGE THE SPEED of the clip. On the preview, you will see a completely different part of the clip instead. I open the Speed Change dialog again, and the speed appears to be 500%, but the duration appears to have been sped up to 500% again (as if the resulting twelve seconds was sped up 500% again, thus showing "2.400"). Yeah, I don't know what that's all about, but it's really weird. I might have to go back to 7.00 until this gets fixed.
  19. Happened to me as well when I updated to 6.32
  20. I too was kinda confused about the reduced size of the setup file. It was a little over 5 MB for how many years?
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