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  1. OK, looks like using v4.00 solved it. Thank you all!
  2. Ah, I see! As for your question, I...... don't think so. After exporting the video, the blank frames are included in the video, and they are noticeable, but it can be easily found when played frame-by-frame. I'll see what happens when I attempt to do the same thing in v4.00 while playing it with VLC and Windows Media Player (which I heard wasn't the best option for playing videos).
  3. I am using version 3.85, and no, the clips do not have an applied effect that tells them to start nor end with a blank frame if that's what you're saying. In fact, the clips don't even have an effect applied to them at all. The only thing I changed in many of the clips is their clip speed, varying from both speed-ups and slow-downs. I may have the same problem as Ivan187.
  4. I had placed A LOT of clips in a single video track, and when playing the sequence, there tends to be a completely black/blank frame whenever the video begins playing the next clip, despite none of the clips having a set transition nor being placed apart from each other. Because of the numerous clips added in the project, those blank frames pop up constantly, but does not pop up at EVERY split in between clips. At first, I thought this would be ignored after exporting the video into a movie/video file, but it seems that those blank frames somehow were included in the video. So what I attem
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