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  1. When can we expect the next version to drop. Whom do I contact about getting a refund?
  2. I will make sure when I record tonight that I am not recording more than 30fps, and I will try exporting again tonight. Why does VP not like it when video is more than 30fps when it will export at 60fps?
  3. Anyone else get the following error prompt: "x264enc7.ede has stopped working" at 4% completion. I am trying export some gameplay footage and audio recoded by Action! Myrillis using custom settings, file format: .mp4,resolution 1920 x 1080 - Youtube 1080p, Maximum Frame Rate: 60.0 Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. The final .vpj file looks and plays great, I just can't export it to .mp4 format, and I want to use that format as it is the best one I have found to work on youtube. I can provide lots of additional information, just let me know what to list. Thanks! *Edit: I've also tried .avi file type and the youtube settings for exporting and I get an "abnormal error caused VideoPad to crash Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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