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  1. ========================================= Svenninho Could you please provide a little more info ? In the Accounts tab -- options (menu bar=accounts tab) 1.listed an expense such as electric company Brad
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Melvyn Try the Enter New Order link on the quick links see the link for screen shot of New Order. [/img] BradUSA
  3. Melvyn On the Home Screen > View > scroll down to Customers > in the Express Accounts Customer window > Customer button > Import Customers from CSV BradUSA commercial office cleaning
  4. =============================================== Lee B The only year end that I know of are in the Reports located on the quick launch links on the home screen. I'm using an older version so maybe that is available in a newer version. Version 4.02 has added Accounts Payable Report. Looking thru the list of new or fixes in newer versions I don't see a Year End function. --Done in the Web version Fiscal Year End should have Date drop down-- I found this in the upgrades to version 4.00 So perhaps the feature you are looking for is in the web version ? BradUSA
  5. e20 On EA on File on the menu bar and from the fly out menu choose migrate data from Express Invoice. I haven't tried migrating since I have not used Invoice Express. BradUSA
  6. View (word) on the menu bar on the Home Screen > from the flyout menu choose Credit Note > There is a new note icon. Hope this is useful. BradUSA
  7. ================================= Brian Express Accounts doesn't show A/R A/P or at least not under those names or terms. If you sell a toy using an Invoice the Invoice is recorded and a debit or - is issued to that customer ( if you look at the customer list you'll see a $$$ balance for each customer ) When the customer pays for that toy that was listed on the Invoice, the Invoice is a assigned a Payment Reference # ( look in View icon > invoices to see a list of all the invoices paid or unpaid ). There are Reports for unpaid accounts, sales, P & L etc. Below is a link to a slideshow which shows some of how Express Accounts looks and some how to's. Also some data can be exported to excell for more tuning. Brad tutorial
  8. ==================== Brian I'll take a go at your question. I'm not familiar with subledgers & ledger accounts. To do an Invoice for customers... on the Home Screen click Invoices on the menu bar or choose Create New Invoice from the quick launch. There is a drop down on the New Invoice window titled Invoice Customer, from the drop down list choose your customer and then complete the rest of the invoice fields. If there is an invoice for vendors, I haven't found it, put them in the customer list ? I keep my vendors separate by writing them checks only. To view your invoices go to View (icon) and select invoices. I hope I answered your ?? In the invoice window if you select an invoice > hold down the shift key & use the mouse + left mouse button to select other invoices > the bottom of the window will display the # of selected invoices and the total amount. BradUSA
  9. --------------------------- Seth hmmmmmmmmmm bakery got any cookies ? The Pay To field appears when I write a check. So to see a list of checks go to view > checks. The other thing for the journal would be to type in Flour or United bakery in the memo field on the write a check window or in the payment & purchase window look for the Journal memo--- Payment/ add slash and type in United bakery or ? the memo field shows up in the journal list. BradUSA.....using ver.3.40
  10. From the Home screen click on the Options button on the button menu > click on the Company tab to set up a company. To set up a 2nd or another company click on File -- on the menu bar on the Home Screen . select Multiple Businesses from the drop down menu. BradUSA 1 head many hats
  11. --------------------- boggom If you go to the Express Invoice Invoice management Software (forum located in the business applications section) on the 1st page of the forum a post titled Not Free? there is a reply by MCGCS telling you how to continue with the free version. Just so you kow Express Accounts Accounting comes with an invoicing section / program that fits nicely with the other features of Express Accounts Accounting. BradUSA 1 head many hats
  12. ------------------------------------------------- Sarah I assume you have used the Tax tab found in the Options button / icon to set up the Vat Tax ? In the list of accounts found at the Accounts tab which is in the Options button / icon -- in the chart of Accounts or List of the accounts is there a listing for VAT Tax ? On the home screen on the left in the quick launch links (blue) look for view journal > in the journal window look for accounts: in the drop down menu will be a list of your accounts, if the VAT Tax is there select it + be sure to select the start & end dates. Select Report near the top of the window > from the drop down menu select save as csv. > give file a name Vat Tax > hit save. This should save/export the VAT Tax data as an excel file which you then can total up, filter the results etc. BradUSA BELOW is from the Help section of Express Accounts ver 3.30 Options ~ Tax Contents | Previous | Next Express Accounts Help v 3.30 This page is used to configure any sales tax, GST or VAT rates which are applied. Sales Tax System This is where you select if sales tax applies in your state or country and whether there are 1, 2 or 3 rates. Tax Rates Tax Name: Enter the name that the tax is called in your state or country (eg. Sales Tax, GST, VAT etc). Tax Rate (percent): Enter the default tax rate. Tax Name 2: This is where you have a second rate of tax. Note that the rates are not cumulative. So if the rates should both apply Rate 2 should be the dual rate. Tax Name 3: This is where you have a third rate of tax. Note that the rates are not cumulative. So if the rates should all apply, Rate 3 should be the combined triple rate. Tax Options By default items have this tax rate: Any new item will have this rate selected by default. Item prices are tax inclusive (presumed to already include tax) If this is ticked all items subject to tax will be priced and displayed as being tax inclusive. By default new customers are tax exempt If ticked any new customers will be marked as tax exempt (so no sales tax will be applied). Use this if you mainly export.
  13. =============================== Boshy Here is what I suggest for the PO # for the invoice form you can type in any number you want, example 08-11 is what I will fill in for all August invoices or you use what ever # you want. For the invoice number go to Options > Invoice. Invoice number example 1100-the 1st two number will stay constant if the number of invoices I print or send don't go over 99. 11- tells me the year of the invoice, use what ever numbers work for you. Numbering Prefix box I use 08 - this number will appear after the 1100 when viewed in the invoice list. 08 - tells me this invoice is for august. my invioce list looks like this Date Invoice 2011-08-01 o8-1136 BradUSA
  14. ============================================================ Boshy Not sure if this is the answer to your question but here goes: on the Home screen on the left side ( blue shaded area) at the bottom look for: Add New Item > this will open the Item box/window, you can do this action for each step or part of your product. Invoice would look like: Qty Item Description Unit value Line Total 1 sugar white cane $1.00 $1.00 1 butter no salt $1.00 $1.00 1 cake butter w sugar $2.00 $2.00 BradUSA My link
  15. ========================== Windburn Version 3.26 offers this -Added Reconciliation report that show all reconcilied transactions up to the date of the report not sure if your version lacks the above fix done for newer versions. I would suggest have you gone back and matched up payments with invoices or customers ? Did only a partial payment or miss typed amount get applied to a customer ? When adding several charges or fees to a receipt transaction such as: Number Name Amount 1111 paint $10 DR 1112 brushes $9 DR Is DR is listed by both purchases? Have you looked thru the Journal for those transactions ? I have the same issue with a customer payment showing a negative balance when there shouldn't be 1. BradUSA
  16. ---------------------------------- Rob I am not familiar with Command-A. You can delete accounts from the List / Chart of Accounts then restore the deleted ones if you need to add them back. There is a check box " Also show recently deleted accounts " The simple way for other accounts banking invoices payments would be to just delete those and start from the beginning time period of your choice. maybe print out the current recorded accounts before to keep as a backup. I maybe off the mark regarding an answer to your question. The other option might be to ADD a New Company using the new company to correct the mistakes or trials you made from the 1st company. BradUSA
  17. ----------------------------------- RD Which accounts are you wanting to set back to 0 ? checking / bank accounts ? invoices ? payments received ? or do you mena accounts from the list of accounts accessed from the Options button > Accounts tab. BradUSA
  18. ------------------------------------------------------ RD "This type is intended to be used as a title of a group of accounts. Header accounts are used only for grouping accounts that have a similar purpose." 1 definition of a Header Account. To keep it simple.... New Header Account -Test - 0000 then Create New Account called Test Supplies non header account 0001. So when you look at the List or Chart of accounts you will see at the very top : Test account Type-expense Header-y Bank-no. Under Test account you will see Test supplies account if you make a 3rd account Testing equipment 0002 that would be just under testing supplies in the list or chart of accounts. To add up or see all the costs or figures for each account Testing Supplies or Testing equipment then go the Journal to see a list of the expenses for each Account. BradUSA
  19. ------------------------------------------- Jason If you go to Options from the Icon menu and select the invoice tab -- about 1/2 way down on the left side of the window look for Logo Height (inches) there will be box which you can type a size into such as 1.00 or 1.50 - 1 & 1/2 inches. If your logo is still not looking right = fuzzy, light colored, etc. Try retouching it up thru a photo program like Irfanview or try MS Paint or ? Also note that making the logo bigger it will/may push the near by text over to the center of the page. BradUSA the cleaning guy
  20. ___________________________________________________ On the Other tab found in the Options tabs towards the bottom of the window there is a box next to Permit transaction recording beyond the current fiscal year. By checking that box my 2010 recorded entries still appear in View Invoices, View Payment etc. But it MIGHT-Maybe keep the 2011 from displaying in the 2012 entries. A suggestion 1. email NCH tech support and ask them if or how this can be done. I've had good luck with emailing them. BradUSA
  21. ------------------------------- Anothy I'll take a try at your questions. Log on from a 2nd computer check out the web access portion from the Options menu--tool bar. You can print / write checks. Transactions on the menu bar > write checks from the drop down > view on the icon bar > checks > from the list of checks select 1 then print. My guess would be in the Accounts section ( from the Options tab) set up the employee deductions as Accounts and go from there. BradUSA Sorry I can't be more helpful
  22. =================================== shreyas Is this what you are looking for ? On the Home Screen > click Reports button or the Quick Launch links by the Reports icon > select Balance sheet or ? > a pop up window will ask you select a date > from the drop down menu select End of last year. Different reports have similar or added year end choices. BradUSA My link
  23. -------------------------------------------- Aaron Thanks for the reply. I do not use any type of inventory software in my business, as I do not sell products outside of the services I offer. In Bold below is a list of inventory options--taken from the Help section from Express Accounts. BradUSA 1 head many hats Manage the inventory stock levels Tick (Check) this if you want to manage the inventory stock levels. Current Quantity: This is the current quantity of the item. Ideal Quantity: This is the ideal quantity of the item. Warning Quantity: This is the warning quantity of the item.
  24. Aaron While I have not used Express Invoice, Express accounts will let you migrate data from Express Invoice. Express Accounts will: Track invoices paid or unpaid Add a logo Items list--use this define or list transactions or billing separately = Line 1 floor buffing $1.00. Line 2 floor waxing $1.00 Payments list received & unpaid Customer list of paid or owing invoices Track payments by type = cash check cc Brad bdjanitorial.com invoices can be printed, saved, emailed, faxed I like the customization of the invoice as I need to add 1x services for some customers
  25. ---------------------------- What file type is your logo ? a jpeg ? vector graphic ? a photo ? also what size or how big is your logo 600 x 800 pixels ? What type of printer are you using ? a laser printer or ink jet ? does the printer offer adjustments to printing photos ? I print photos from Istock (use them for the logo option Express Accounts ) most of the Istock photos print out pretty good but some don't such as scenes with small objects or of trees taken from a distance. Irfanview offers a free photo program which can easily reduce, sharpen, change a photo to grayscale etc Brad bdjanitorial.com
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