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  1. You would think so, yet I have have edited everything possible in options and my order preview still shows up standard. Yes I am a little confused
  2. I cant seem to be able to change any format of the Purchase orders I am creating. I can change multiple things regarding Invoice, Receipts and Quotes. But not PO's. Can anyone help, even things like the "note comment", "foot comment" and logo height.
  3. I have just recently downloaded Express accounts for a trial as I have just developed a new unique saleable item. My finished item requires the conjunction of 7 separate components. Does Express accounts have the capability to purchase several products and then account for them by merging them into 1 item. Like a bill of materials. MYOB does it, yet I am not a fan of MYOB. If Express cannot do this could someone please advise of free or cheap business software that can. I just need to be able to purchase it, build it and then sell it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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