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  1. Thanks Paisley, I'll remember that if I ever move to USA. However that wasn't the question I was asking. I got an answer through support, which in case anyone else is wondering, the solution was to use the combined tax tab in options and set a separate rate for the fee. Cheers Windburn
  2. Hi Sandra, Not sure what version you are using or if it makes a difference,( I have stuck with V4.51) Go to View - Customers then find the customer that has the incorrect balance, double click the customer, in the next screen select the INFO tab then click the "recalculate balance" button. Good luck Windburn
  3. Figured it out. Use consecutive numbers when you set up the sub accounts, pity I didn't learn about this before I added transactions to the accounts. Cheers Steve
  4. Hi All, The following statement is from the help section of V4.51 regarding Header Accounts "If the account is a header account it means that nothing can be posted directly to the account but on reports the account prints the subtotals of all accounts below it with the same prefix." I assume by prefix they mean account numbers. Has anyone ever found which report/s actually display the subtotals of a header account. I have a header account 6210 with sub accounts 6220, 6225, 6230 etc, and haven't found a report that shows me a total of account 6210. tia Steve
  5. Does anyone know how to add a "credit card fee" charge to an invoice as well as GST/VAT. I have tried setting it up as a tax in the tax tab of options. It seems that I can only then select either "GST" or "Credit card fee". I then tried to set it up as an "ITEM" but this has to have a fixed value added to it and I need a percentage of the total. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, First I would check the help section in Express Accounts for instructions on how to do this. I set up a test CSV file to see how it works, you need to match up the data fields in your CSV file with the fields that are used in the Express Accounts Items list. The easiest way I found to do this is do a dummy list up in excel go into Express Accounts - view - items. On the top of the items list window click on the word Item - Import Items from CSV. Then navigate to the CSV file you saved and open it. From here you can see if you have matched up the fields that are required by Express Accounts. If you cant find the file then it is probably not saved as a CSV file. Good luck
  7. Hi, In Version 4.51, I can create an invoice WITHOUT typing anything in the Item field. I put a number in the first field - this is used to mutiply the cost I type in the Unit Value field, then type something in the description fied, then type in the cost of 1 item in the Unit Value field and it adds the total up including the tax which has been set in the default tax settings. I did the above and saved it as a draft and all seemed to work fine.. The heading of the fields can be changed to suit your needs. Hope this helps.
  8. I would try going into the Journal and deleting everything that is in there. Hope this helps
  9. I am using version 4.51 of Express Accounts depending on what version you are using things may be slightly different. Go to "Chart of Accounts" and see if you have an account called "Sales tax payable" if you have, double click on it and in the drop down box next to Default linked account for: select "Sales Tax Collected" - I can't recall if I created this "Sales Tax Payable" account or if it is a default account. The Sales Tax Payable account should be a Liabilty account (mine has all other boxes left unticked) At the end of the month run a VAT report to see the amount you have collected. (The wording VAT is embedded in the program and can't be changed to suit different countries ) Hope this helps.
  10. Hi Dave, Going back to your original post you said "at the moment there is just cash or cheque option" I would assume then that you only have a cash account and a cheque account set up. I would suggest you will need to create a new account by going into your "chart of accounts" and clicking NEW. Once you set up an account for a credit card (asset or Liabilty), See if the option is now available when you choose "Record with Payment". Disclaimer: I don't take payments by credit card, although I purchase items with one and when I go through the process the way you did I have the option to RECEIVE credit card payments. The suggestions I have made may not be the correct way to do this though. Good luck
  11. Hi Dave, If you mean you have Invoiced a customer and received a payment by credit card from that customer then I am not sure how you would process that. On the other hand if you mean you want to purchase something with a credit card from within Express Accounts then you need to create a new Account called Credit card ( a liability account) to show up as an option when you make a payment. If none of my answers help, maybe try to explain what you are trying to achieve in a different way !! Cheers
  12. You need to go into your "chart of accounts" and then edit each Income & Expenses account (that you wish to be included in the report) and tick the box labeled "Use in VAT report"
  13. Hi All, How do I change the VAT report to reflect the actual tax name which is GST in Australia. I have changed the regional settings to Australia and have GST setup in Accounts. I upgraded to hopefully better report GST received and paid for our BAS statement but can't seem to work it out yet. Version 4.51 Any help appreciated. Had a reply back from NCH help line. You can't change the report name from VAT to GST as it's hard coded into the program... Hopefully they will hard code that the regional settings reflect the different wording on the reports into the next release. Until then it's out with the whiteout - very professional !!.
  14. Thanks Brad, I managed to find one customer with a payment allocated against them without an invoice number. Once I deleted that transaction the balance returned to zero. Still can't find the reason for a negative balance on the other customer though, all the invoices match and payments seem correct. Cheers Windburn
  15. Express Accounts V3.04 I have a couple of customers in my customer list that have somehow ended up with negative balances owing. When I bring up an "Unpaid Accounts Report" these two customer balances are deducted from the total. Anybody have any thoughts on how this would have happened ?. I can correct it by editing the customer and putting the same amount as the starting balance and hitting "recalculate balance" but not sure if this will bite me somewhere else. Cheers
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