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  1. Hi Brad, thanks for the reply. i mean all accounts. all the ones listed with Command-A. best, rob
  2. I am new to 4.05. Can someone tell me how to reset all account balances to zero. Some accounts contain numbers that where merely for trial purposes. I would delete the account and start over but I have created a custom set of accounts already and don't want to lose that work. best, rd
  3. Hello, Can someone tell me the functionality of Header accounts? I do see some header accounts in the default list and i can see the ability to create additional accounts including header accounts. My query is this: 1. Do header accounts add up all the sub-header accounts that one posts expenses too? 2. if so, then how does one make sub-header accounts that will feed the header accounts? Is it the numbering system.ie. 6600's all feed into one header account? i tried that but doesn't work for me. any help is appreciated. best, rd
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